Her beauty seemed wanton and arrogant at this moment!

She was someone who dared to be so smug in front of Fu Sinian.

Shi Qian was definitely the first to do so!

She was smiling.

But her eyes were red.

There were tears.

Fu Sinian even felt the tears in her eyes shine brighter than the diamonds.

His heart trembled involuntarily!

Fu Sinian averted his gaze and looked at the old master.

The old master looked at Shi Qian with only one expression.

He was loving and doting.

It as though if Shi Qian wanted the stars in the sky, the old master would not hesitate to pluck them for her!

Fu Sinian felt that something was wrong with the old master.

Shi Qian suddenly leaned towards Fu Sinian’s ear.

The girl’s fragrance entered his nose forcefully.

She was warm and close to him.

Fu Sinian’s body tensed involuntarily.

Shi Qian pressed her lips to his ear.

“Young Master Fu, I bought so much today.
Are you satisfied? If not, I can continue to buy more tomorrow.”

With that, Shi Qian retreated.

The tension in Fu Sinian’s body did not ease.

In fact, he was even more tense.

“Qian Qian, take a look at these things and choose some to leave behind.
I’ll send the rest to Riverside Villa.” The old master stood up and walked towards Shi Qian.

“Grandpa, send these to Riverside Villa.” Shi Qian didn’t want anything.

She felt so tired.

She wanted to get out of here.

She missed her mother.

She tried to control her emotions to stop the tears from falling.

When Fu Sinian threatened her with her mother, she really felt terrible!

“We can send everything to Riverside Villa too.” The old master nodded.

“This is a sanatorium after all.
It’s not convenient for ordinary people to live here.
Qian Qian, let’s move to Riverside Villa tomorrow, okay?”

“Okay,” Shi Qian agreed without thinking.

As long as she couldn’t see Fu Sinian…

Anywhere was fine!

“Grandpa, I still have something to say to Young Master Fu.
We’ll go back to our room first.” After Shi Qian finished speaking, she walked to Fu Sinian.

Whether he agreed or not, she pushed him away.

As soon as she returned to his room, she asked Fu Sinian.

“Now, Young Master Fu should believe that I’m not playing any tricks, right?”

Fu Sinian couldn’t argue.

“I want a divorce as urgently as you! But it’s useless to do what you say!” Shi Qian’s tone was filled with resentment.

“Young Master Fu, you’re young and promising.
You’re like a human glass ceiling.
I know that you have the capital and confidence!”

“It’s not an exaggeration to say that you think all the women in the world will pounce on you when they see you! However, I really know my limits and won’t do such a lowly thing!”

Fu’s identity doesn’t belong to me.
I definitely won’t exhaust my schemes and occupy this position!”

Fu Sinian let Shi Qian vent.

In all his life, only the old master and his mother had dared to speak to him in such a tone.

This was compensation for his misunderstanding.

What was her little grievance?

What about the grievances he suffered?

What about what she had done to him?

Fu Sinian didn’t want to nitpick.

He concluded that Shi Qian did not dare to say it, unless she really did not care about her reputation at all!

So what was she unhappy about now?

His patience had reached its limit!

Shi Qian vented and felt much better.

She was only worried about agitating the old master.

No matter what, she had to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau with Fu Sinian tomorrow!

From what had happened today, she really understood how much the old master doted on her.

Fu Sinian started the wheelchair and went to a cabinet.
He opened a drawer and took out a folder.

Shi Qian took it and realized that it contained a divorce agreement.

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