ditional wizard families.

They have produced many talented wizards.

Roy’s older brothers and sisters are especially good wizards, and she compares herself to them and lacks self-confidence.

“Because it’s okay, see.”

“What? All that scattered luggage is already gathered! How!?”

I had used a Body Enhancement to strengthen my body and collected them in a jiffy.

Are you hurt anywhere?”

“Oh, yes… I’m fine…”

The carriage hasn’t left yet.
You’d better get on the carriage as soon as possible.”

[Translation] I don’t want to have anything to do with you, so get the hell out of my life.


“What’s wrong?”

Roy had a blue face and raised her voice.

“Oh, Skinny is…”

“Yes? Skinny is… Oh! That hamster familiar?”

Roy has a hamster familiar called Skinny.

This guy is involved in the main story… Oh, shoot!

“What? How do you know… Skinny is a hamster…?”

That’s right! Oh shoot! I just slipped up.

That’s right, how would anyone but her know that there is a hamster familiar!

“Oh, let’s see… look! That! That basket!”

Among Roy’s belongings was a basket with iron bars.

It had a nameplate that said “Skinny’s”.

“Eh, but…”

“Agh! I’m going to find Skinny! So you get in the carriage!”

“What? What?”

“Just get in the carriage! Okay?”

I use my body enhancements to get away from Roy.

Damn… I almost made a mistake again.

It seems that the forces of fate are strong enough to keep the story going the way it was written.

I hid in a back alley and took a breather.

“I’m in trouble, really…”

Roy got that old hamster… as a hand-me-down from her older siblings.

But the hamster has an important setting that puts Harris and his friends in trouble…

It is a development that is revealed in the third volume of the original story.

In other words, it takes place in the future.

“Not that it’s any of my business what happens to Harris… but that hamster is going to lead to Noir’s resurrection.”

Noir, the great wizard of darkness.

My Heart’s main antagonist.

Because of his resurrection in the middle of the original story, the world became a disaster and many people died.

Among them, Marcoy also dies…

In other words.

“Noir’s resurrection must be prevented.
One of the best ways to trigger that is to… crush Skinny.”

It’s just a means of self-preservation.

It’s not about helping Harris.


“What is it?”

A naked little girl appears in front of me.

This is Milz.
This is the will that resides in the great sage’s red stone, which is in my left eye.

I remember that the Great Sage’s Red Stone has a skill called [Searching for Enemies].

This red stone has an optional skill attached to it other than its nearly infinite magical power.

Searching for enemies is a skill that detects enemies… in the vicinity, or more specifically, magical power.

“Run a search along the area with a surrounding map.”

“Got it!”

A map of the area appears in my vision.

My left eye is red stone, so this is how it appears.
It looks like a car navigation screen.

There are several arrows, and this is the owner of the magic power.
It’s the same as in the anime.

“Well… and…”

I watch the arrow movement and discover where the [Enemy] is.

I jump up with my body reinforcement and head through the roof to get to that guy.

At the back of an alley a short distance away.

“Don’t move, traitor [Peter Petensy].
If you move… I will kill you.”

I said to the hamster crawling on the ground, pointing my cane at him.

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