The theme song was filmed smoothly, and surprisingly, there was a lot of free time left after filming.
This gave the contestants a chance to catch their breath and have a half-day break.
Although they couldn't go out or contact anyone, they could rest freely and even sleep, which was still very precious.

During this time, Luo Xin finally applied for the right to use his phone, which was a bitter experience.
Due to the program team's careless operation, Luo Xin had to endure wearing the clothes provided by the program team.
Not to mention the size issue, the clothes they prepared for him to change into were all the same style.
Even if he changed clothes these few days, in the eyes of other contestants, it was like he didn't change at all.

Shang Lin reminded him several times: “After all, we are idols, and we need to pay attention to hygiene.
If you don't have time, you can give me your clothes, and I can wash them in the washing machine for you.”

This drove Luo Xin crazy.
He loves cleanliness and it looked like he wasn't changing clothes every day just because they all looked the same!

Now that he had a little bit of free time, Luo Xin took the opportunity to protest to the program team.
Since the program team had a new director and staff who were reliable, they quickly conveyed his protest to the higher-ups.
After many twists and turns, Luo Xin finally got his phone.

The staff was very cautious when giving him the phone: “Don't let anyone find out that you have this phone because you're not supposed to use phones once you're on the show.
If someone finds out, you might be disqualified.”

How could Luo Xin not know about this?

So he nodded seriously and said, “I know.”

However, after the staff left, Luo Xin quickly opened Weibo and took a quick look at Shang Xiangchen's profile.
Then he quickly liked more than a dozen positive posts related to Shang Xiangchen.

The basic territory of an idol is their profile.

The profile is the page that appears when you search for a celebrity's name on the search page.

For popular and normal celebrities, their profiles are usually filled with beautiful pictures, recommendations, achievements, and recent work promotions, making sure that every visitor knows that they are an excellent person.

However, for celebrities with negative news, their profiles are usually mixed with positive and negative comments, and at first glance, it may seem like a mess.

Sometimes fans will argue with each other and post insulting photos and disgusting pictures under the celebrity's name.

Therefore, by looking at the profile, sometimes you can tell a lot about what's going on.

Before the collapse, Luo Xin had always worked hard to maintain Shang Xiangchen's profile and keep his reputation.

But it had been so long, he didn't know what it was like now.

The situation was better than he had imagined.

Time can dilute everything, and although he didn't want to admit it, Shang Xiangchen was a bit of an unknown, with not many fans.
Even when he was on the trending list, there weren't many negative comments about him.

After all, who knows him?

It's been so long and no one pays attention to the news about him anymore.

So now in the square, there are all kinds of talk and occasionally a few scattered fans reminiscing about the past.
The atmosphere can only be described as mediocre.

This peace is only temporary.

Luo Xin thinks that the program will start soon and all the contestants will be hyped up.
Things will get messy here soon.

But that's all in the future.
Luo Xin will probably be in the competition himself and won't be able to do anything about it.

He can only take advantage of this short time to quickly log in to his hundreds of small accounts and manage Shang Xiangchen's profile.
Then he will top the comment section of the program's official account with the message “Looking forward to Shang Xiangchen [heart] [Shang Xiangchen's edited photo]” and go to various marketing accounts to occupy a spot and give Shang Xiangchen enough presence.

Finally, he opens WeChat and places a huge order with a studio he has worked with many times before.

The deadline is the last episode of the competition.
He will vote for Shang Xiangchen according to certain standards beforehand, but if Luo Xin himself is eliminated early, then all the remaining money will be invested in Shang Xiangchen.

Of course, he also took this opportunity to order a phone and instructed the store to hide it in a pile of fancy clothes.

When the half-day is over and he hands over the phone to the program group, Luo Xin reveals a smile that hides his true intentions.

Actually, he wanted to create a “Constellation CP” fan site, but since the program hasn't been promoted yet, it would be too suspicious for an unknown person like him to suddenly have a CP site with Shang Xiangchen.

Everyone knows that shipping CP [imagining a romantic relationship between two people] requires attention to detail and a natural approach.

If you add even a little bit of artificial sweetness, it won't attract fans, but rather haters.

So, this plan for the fan site can only be put on hold for now.

But, whether it was intentional or not, after Luo Xin handed over his phone, the program group suddenly started a large-scale promotion, recruiting a large number of marketing accounts to spread the word and create buzz, and even released the preview for the first episode.

As mentioned before, a considerable number of contestants in this show are “comeback kings.”

So, in the early stages, the program group is promoting this as a gimmick for the show.

“In many people's eyes, we are seniors who have already debuted.” In the preview, Shang Xiangchen helplessly speaks to the camera.

“But only we know that the competition is the peak, and after the competition, we are nowhere to be found.” Another contestant who has already debuted speaks to the camera with red eyes.

Then, more “comeback kings” speak:

“I haven't been on stage for a year.”

“I want to sing…”

“I want to dance…”

“I want…an opportunity.”

With tear-jerking speeches, combined with the gimmick of already debuted artists and a lot of memories from previous talent shows, it has to be said that many people were moved to tears after watching this preview.

Even on social media, it ignited the audience's collective memories of the talent shows of recent years.

Although there are variety shows every year, the audience's passion for watching and voting is genuine, and the tears shed on the day of the finals are real. 

Memories, of course, are also real. 

So, taking advantage of this wave of nostalgia, “Super Idol 001” quickly gained a lot of popularity.

However, the director was a ruthless person and felt that this little bit of popularity was not enough.

Moreover, not everyone likes to watch “old players”, so after the talent show nostalgia, he quickly followed up with a preview of “youthful spirit”, incorporating some new faces from the production team. 

They faced the camera awkwardly, smiled shyly during breaks, were serious during practice, and left behind sweat… 

Dream-chasing, youth, passion… 

These key words combined with exciting background music echo recent hot topics and are very positive. 

Although the hype was a bit less than the previous trailer, it is suitable for TV broadcasting, and many viewers who like traditional talent shows have become interested in the program. 

“Youthful expectations” is not just talk. 

And of course, Luo Xin is also in it. 

Although he only had a two-second shot, his noble and glamorous appearance still attracted the attention of a small group of fans.

There are countless talent shows, and over time, many viewers have become aesthetically tired.
Unless there are highlights and topicality, it is difficult to attract people to watch new talent shows.
There are many examples of poor performances.

So, in order to ensure the first episode's program and topic, the production team inevitably played some tricks.

For example, they released a preview of a so-called prank segment from the first episode.

As a result, the “300 fans” who follow the talent show were surprised to find that after releasing two previews with different styles, “Super Idol 001” quickly released a comedic version.

In the preview, some familiar and quirky contestants took turns to appear, making people feel like they were watching an X-rated live stream instead of an idol selection program.

Is it tacky?

It's very tacky!

Is it funny?

It's funny!

With the help of marketing accounts (paid for) and many bloggers who don't mind stirring up trouble, some funny clips from “Super Idol 001” quickly spread on the internet and gained visibility among viewers of all classes.

“Super Idol 001” was already popular before it even aired, and sponsors were laughing all the way to the bank, quickly investing more to have popular contestants shoot commercials for them.

Because of all of the above, before the first stage competition even began, the popular contestants already had their first job.

Although the voting channel hasn't opened yet and everyone's popularity hasn't been quantified, various comments on the internet and other places can still differentiate between who's more popular.

The seven members of Class A, with their rich experience and early careers, plus the backing of their economic companies, definitely have their share of advertising shoots.

Next up are the other popular contestants, who are basically all previously debuted.

After all, compared to those amateurs, they still have materials that can be dug up.
Having materials before the program airs means having fans to attract, naturally giving them an advantage in the early stages.

Watching the popular contestants happily go to shoot advertisements, the rest of the contestants had envy written all over their faces, feeling a little disappointed in their hearts.

Except for Luo Xin.

His inner world was completely unaffected.

Inserting ads like this, besides the fans of the contestants shooting them, do ordinary people even care?

When he was chasing variety shows back then, he was even annoyed by these ads.

So he didn't care at all whether he had a job now, because it was obvious that even the later ads may not even air, there are only a few episodes of the program in total, which can't be fully broadcasted.
Plus, the popularity changes so much in the later stages that many people are even eliminated before their ads can air.
Shooting ads in such a hurry is basically useless.

Thinking like this, he continued to focus on his foundation classes, making sure to leave an impression on all the teachers, and the 24-hour filming cameras also faithfully recorded his presence in class.

Before the next competition arrives, he must work hard to strengthen his skills.

Only then…

will he be qualified to perform with contestant Shao Xiangchen from Class A.

The future of the “Constellation” CP is guarded by him!

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