Lost in the Vampire Kingdom

CHAPTER 4: Painful as hell

Slowly pieces of her memory came back to her. She remembered packing her luggages and running towards the bus only for the bus to drove off fast leaving her behind. Thinking it was some kind of prank they were pulling on her, she chuckled; picking up her luggages and run along chasing the bus and waving her hands in the air yet they didn stop.

Thinking that she will be able to get another bus that will convey her to town before she picked transport to the airport so she decided to take the only track which she only remembered walking with few of her friends during their medical outreach and campaign here.

She had walk miles following different routes thinking she had find her way only to end up inside a wood.

Trying to find her way back to the camp lodge but she end up arriving at the same place inside the wood.

She tried as much as possible to find her way out of the wood but it seems she is only rotating round a circle because she keep returning to the same place, no matter how she tried, then it dawn on her that she has lost her way. Scared as she looked around the wood which was full of mangroves and other thick tress she can fathom exactly the type they are. She looked at her phone which not only lost connection but the battery was slow that the touch light won last longer than an hour.

She feel horror and fear enveloping her but she tried to shrug all of it off at the back of her mind.

”I will find my way out ” she encouraged herself picking up her luggages and continue walking the path she neither know the beginning nor the end.

”Argghhhhhhhh ”..she yelled as she feels sharp scratch on her leg. Bending down to examine herself she saw blood gushing out of her leg.

”Where am i ” she heavy a sigh looking around to understand her environment.

Seeing the blood still dripping, she decided to treat herself making her ways towards one of the trees. She opened her bag bringing out her FIRST AID BOX, she applied the methylated spirit on the wound and badge it up with a gauze to stop the blood flow.

Immediately she finished treating and packing up her stuffs, she heard some footsteps coming towards her direction and thinking she had find someone to ask for help only to meet angry men glaring at her.

Their eyes filled with bloodlust and the evil smirks they give to her sends chills down her spine.

She turn and looked at them, her eyes widened in shock when she saw the hulky men approaching her slowly with a small axe on their hands. She swallow the lumps on her throat; listening to the thunderous heartbeat, she was very scared, dropping her bag and slowly moving back with her eyes scanning their moves.As if timed she took to her heels as fast as her leg can carry her.

Running through the thick trees as fast as she could but was dragged back immediately she tried jumping a hollow in her front.

”Bastard!! How fast can you run ”.

She was dazed and lost her focus as she feels her body hitting on the floor and she scream in pain.

”Ahhhhhhhhhh ” she scream trying to stand up but before she could finish putting herself together, she was yanked back as she felt a strong hand grabbing her neck and lefting her up to the trees. She kicked and kicked, scratching the arm holding her yet it all seems futile as the silhouette image of the man gripping her neck is hundred times stronger than her.

Her eye become blur and blood dropped from her mouth as the man tossed her aside.


Back inside the forest a group of elites men were seen patrolling at the forest. The ten able men were lead by one who mere looking at him without being told is the leader. As they patrol the forest, their work is to check for any intruder be it beast or any intruding movement. They rode fast across the wood but halt instantly they saw the three different luggages on the ground.

One of the riders came down, inspect and pick up the luggages and run back to their group.

”I think we have an intruder ” said one of the riders named Samie immediately he dropped the luggages facing his fellow comrades.

In their mist stood a man who never said anything as they debate on what to do with the luggages.

Not even his handsomeness can stop the aura he gives out which is of a murderous rage coupled with his phoenix golden eyes that shoot out flames of fire.

His eyes scanned through the forest, as if he felt a presence coming.

”Keep those luggages safe ” he command with a hoarse voice, horror shooting out from his eyes. He moved to his horse, climbing on it without looking at his men. ”We move North ”. Without a care in the world, He rode off, leading the direction without even throwing a look at his comrades.

”Boyld take this luggages home and secure it. ” One of the men who looked like the second in command instruct the youngest of the group.

”I thought we are going North ” Boyld cut him off as fast as possible.

His eyes blazed as he looked at Boyld who only bow as if scared by his look, picking up the luggages, he carefully stacked it up on the horse and rode off as the remaining men join their leader heading North.

Her voice cracked and her throat burned. She opened her eyes immediately she felt the cold water been splash on her face. She sprang up to her feet, squinting around the environment trying to find her bearings. She looked around and realized the place was empty, dark and surrounded by mangroves. The owl cry, scaring her the more. She tried to move her hands but it was backwardly tied together, tried as hard as she can but she can untied herself. Even her leg was lacking strength, since three nights now she hasn taste anything, her tummy ache and her mouth thirsty for water.

After laying low and managing to drag herself up, she lift her eyes up and it dawn on her that she was dropped inside a transparent cage like a monkey. She struggled within herself to atleast free herself but her body is too weak to respond, hot tears clouded her eyes, streaming down her cheeks and she slowly fall back; watching the men setting fire like they are preparing dinner.

”It seems the bitch is awake ” one of the men with his hulky voice said.

She feels shivers all over her body,her shoulders shakes in fear. His hoarse bloodlust voice send a bang to her heart and her breath speed up and she felt her heart beats in her ear.

One of the men approached the cage and in her very eyes ripped the cage off, shooting her a blood stained teeth which brought loud scream from her.

She shut her eyes tight as the man leaned towards her, instead of grabbing her neck as she had thought earlier. She feel her hand free and as she subconsciously lifting it, she ended up hitting the man.

She gasped as her hands land on his face. Cupping her mouth with her hands, she tried to plead for mercy but the man already grabbed her neck and tossing her outside like a piece of cloth. She screamed in pain, coughing out blood as she feels the pain pierced through her heart. With one shaky legs and hands, she grasped on her heart trying to stop the excruciating pain.

Trying to stand up but fall down due to her lack of strength and stamina.

Sprawling on the floor and thoughtlessly looking up as the cyclone start, followed by thunderstorm and lightening. Helplessly she feel the heavy rain falling on her, and she opened her mouth atleast to quench her thirsty. Her whole body was drenched, she felt the pain, shocked and a whole lots of emotions laying down there and hopelessly staring at the hulky men who held her hostage. Tears rolled down her face, her heart bleed and her head ache from all this pain as if that wasn enough, she struggled with her everything left within her power, anything that makes her a whole human to stop one of the men who approached her amidst the heavy rain, dragging her out and sitting her up on the horse, tying her again.

And this time, she was tie with her front laying down on the horse back like she is some kind of wood, like some kind of load. Not even a single human empathy, making her wonder if actually they are humans. She doesn have any strength left again, all she do was mumbled prayers upon prayers as the men climb on the horse with her body dangling on the house back, they rode off through the narrow wood to God knows where.

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