it maybe it will help me. ”

*************** FlashBack

” Siya my baby I want you to keep this necklace with you all the time…It will help you whenever you are in trouble. ” Tina said with red eyes, hollowness filled her chest, knowing that the man she trusted with all her heart was planning to kill her and take her daughter away, and used her as his moneymaker, all she could do was to protect her daughter because she could not protect her self because of her age.

A seven-year-old Siya raises her eyebrows as she took the necklace from her mothers hand, what could be the reason behind this necklace, she could only wonder. ” Momy are you going to leave me? ” She asked.

Tina forced a smile as she nodded her head in disagreement. ” No dear… Im not going anywhere but please keep it, you will need it in the future. ” She said

” Oh okay, Mommy I will keep it. Thank you. ” Siya smiled sweetly at her mother.

****** Flashback ends ***

Without waiting for another second Siya whore a necklace and closed her eyes, she chanted some words in her mind. After a few minutes, she turned invisible. ” Will anyone see me or not? ” She mumbled in confusion, she could not trust this necklace however, she had no other choice but to trust it. She unlocked the door to her room and left heading outside the house. She walked past a few housekeepers by their behavior Siya knew for sure that they could not see her. With a smile on her face, she left the house without anyone noticing her. ” Silly girl. Why didn I think of that in the first place? ” She scolded herself as she keep on walking without anyone seeing her.


Ziggy came out of her room and headed to the dining room, reaching there she sat down like a queen. ” Servants. ” She called nonchalantly.

In a few minutes, all the house helpers were already in front of her with their heads bowed.

Ziggy raised her eyebrows when she did not see the sight of Siya. ” Where is Siya? ” She asked indifferently.

” She must be in her room, the last time I saw her she was cleaning. ” The head of the maids replied.

” Go and call her now, ” Ziggy said.

Without wanting to be scolded the maid ran as fast as she could.

In no time she was back. She bowed her head and said. ” Maam, she is not in her room.

Ziggy jerked to her feet, sending the chair flying over the tiles and making a satisfying bang sound as Ziggy stormed out of the dining room to her room, she knew for sure that Siya must have escaped but how? Because the place was highly protected.


It was already evening when Siya reached city A she kept on walking with no one seeing her, it was like she was a ghost walking in the city of humans. Her happiness knew no boundaries, she was finally out of that hellish place even though she had no place to go half of a loaf was better than nothing, she would figure out what to do.

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