Angry Siya.

” Are you okay now? ” Omer inquired, his eyebrows raised.

Siya nodded her head without uttering a single word. She wanted to stay as far as possible away from Omer. He was bad news to her, she had disguised herself for 8 years and no girl has ever kissed her. But today she met him and got kissed by a girl. Never in her life had she imagined herself being kissed so deeply by a girl. It was just a nightmare that she would never forget. It was all because of him that she got such a bad life and she was going to stay away from him. ” Thank you for helping me, I will leave now. ” Siya told him.

Omer clamped his lips together, he did not want to upset Siya even more. By her behavior, he could clearly feel agitation in her mood; he did not want to add more of it ” Uh. ”He cleared his throat. ” Why are you sad… isn it normal for a guy to get kissed by a girl? ” Omer innocently inquired.

Siya glared at Omer offering him a glassy stare, was it his nature to ask many questions to strangers? Siya regretted not going home sooner, why did she have to wait? if she had gone home sooner, she wouldn have had to meet with this guy. Now she was paying the price of being foolish. ” I – I… Im… I mean to say that Im gay..uh-I … thats why I don like girls kissing me. ” Siya stammered as she blurted out, without giving Omer a chance she ran away from him as fast as she could.

Omers eyes brightened, he was now sure that she was a girl, not a male. He watched her run with a wide grin on his face. He took out his phone from his pocket and dialled his assistants number, in two rings the call was picked up.

” I want you to find me a room next to a guy named Siya. I don know her… I mean his surname. But find me a room next to him. ” He said and cut off the call.

” You are mine now. ” He mumbled as he followed Siya.

Siya reached her compartment fuming in anger, she went straight to the bathroom and brushed her teeth. When she was satisfied with the smell in her mouth she came out of the bathroom.

” Siya, why didn you greet me today? Did I do anything wrong? ” Her blue parrot asked in confusion, Siya always greeted it first before doing anything but today she didn .

Siya sauntered to the cage where her parrot was. ” Im sorry Milly, Im very angry. Just imagine a girl kissing me, I mean a really deep kiss. ” Siya complained, she was both angry and annoyed at the same time.

Her parrot Milly burst into laughter. ” What happened, please don make me laugh. ” Milly said.

” Laugh all you want, I won stop you, ” Siya said, she went straight to her room and slammed the door closed.

”Im sorry. ” Milly yelled regretfully.

…….The next day.

Siya opened her eyes, it was still 6:30 am. Not wanting to be late like yesterday, she rose off the bed and went straight to the bathroom.

Filling the tub with water, she pours some salt into the water. Taking off her clothes she got on inside the tub and sat inside the tub. She started playing with the water, like a kid who was in the candy shop. As she bathed herself, shimmering purple scales appeared on her legs. She touched them as they left a pattern. She turned 20 on the 8th of May but she hadn learned how to hide them so she kept on bathing with salt until someone taught her how to, but who would teach her because her mother was dead? She knew nothing about herself at all.

Shortly after the salt dissolved her scales disappeared, she rinsed herself and came out of the tub. She wrapped a white towel around her body and flashed the water she used for her bath. After that, she brushed her teeth and went back to her room.

Upon reaching her room, she applied her body lotion and wore a blue sweater and white jeans. When she was done dressing up she tied her hair into a ponytail and hid it inside the cap. She walked out of her room as soon as she was done heading to the kitchen.

” Good morning Milly. ” She greeted me as soon as she reached the kitchen.

” Morning, how was your night. ”Milly greeted trying to hold back her laughter.

Siya forced a smile and said. ” You know what Milly, laugh if you want to okay, go on I gave you my permission. ” Siya said, she took her back and left her compartment.

She was only a few feet away from her door when she heard someone calling her name. She turned around and saw Omer running towards her. ” Oh my gosh! Why is he following me. ” Siya cried, unfortunately, no tears came out. She could only curse her bad luck.

” Good morning Siya, ” Omer greeted with a charming smile.

Siya sighed with exaggeration, did she really have to deal with him now, why can he just leave her alone? She really feared that because of him her secret might be revealed, she wanted to stay away from him but how would she do it if he followed her like this? ” Why are you following me? ” She inquired without greeting back.

Omer gave Siya a half-shrug, as he displayed a wide grin. ” Lemme just say I liked you and I want to make you my girlfriend. ” He said straightforwardly.

Siya widened her eyes in shock, he wanted to make her his girlfriend, but how cause she told him that she was gay so what was he saying? Did he find out the truth about her or what? Siya pulled herself together and asked. ” Didn I say that Im gay yesterday, then? ” she inquired.

Omers eyes glowed, and he shook his head in amusement. Why did Siya have to be so dramatic? ” I like you because Im also gay, I don like girls but guys. ” Omer told her.

Siyas complexion turned pale in a minute, she wanted to run as far as possible from Omer and hide. But she could not leave her studies before she can even start, she regretted telling him that she was gay. Why did she have to meet such a person who would trouble her like this, what was she supposed to do now? ” I- I… we are late. ” She said and ran away from Omer.

”You can never escape from me, dear. ” He mumbled following behind Siya. .

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