Bad Idea

Translated by Ada
Edited by Ada


As for the journey to this place, she could not remember at all.
She only remembered that she slipped and fell down from the mountain, and then she fainted when her sight turned black.
When she woke up, she was already in the dense forest, where she met Ryan.


Ryan caught her and said with amusement, “Even if you are in a hurry, you have to put on your clothes first.
You want to go out naked?” She thought he was not willing to do it.


When Tian Xin looked down, she was naked.
She couldn’t help but blush and pulled the animal skin next to her to wrap herself up tightly.


Ryan hugged her from behind with the animal skin.
He licked her earlobe and teased, “You can be naked in front of me.
Anyway, I’ve touched and tasted every inch of your skin, so what else to cover?”


“Ah! You son of a bitch, stinking lion, pervert!” Tian Xin turned around in annoyance while cursing and threw herself on him to bite and beat Ryan.


Ryan laughed and let her loose.
He rolled over and pinned her underneath him when she went too far and kissed her.
This made her breathless, with no strength to spend anymore.


While she was dazed, Ryan got up to boil the bathwater and carried to bathe.
He wanted to help her wash and then take some benefit, but he was bitten and kicked out by Tian Xin.
He rubbed his chin and turned around unwillingly to make dinner.


Tian Xin bathed, changed clothes, and came out when Ryan had already made dinner.
She had a few bites and hurriedly pulled Ryan to find Moussa.
However, Ryan disagreed unless she ate two more meat and a few fruits.


It was vital for him to find a way to make her stronger for his future welfare.
These two nights, she fainted several times before he even came.
He was afraid that there was something wrong with her body.
Today, he went to ask Karida and was told that there was nothing serious, and it was just that her body was too weak.
He was somewhat uneasy and ran to ask Chelsea again and got the same answer.
He said that Moussa was also like that at first.
She should eat more, build up her strength, and then be nourished by his essence for some time.


Tian Xin did not know what he had in mind and only wanted to get to Moussa quickly.
So she compromised and picked up the meat and started.


Seeing that she had obediently finished the meat he had cut for her, Ryan nodded in satisfaction and took her little hand to Chelsea’s house.
Although Chelsea may be making love to Moussa at this time, and it was really not the right time for them to go, the little thing beside him would not give up without a trip.
She might mess with him for a night, and for his welfare, it was better to take a chance.
Maybe she could learn some experience or something, Ryan thought wickedly.


As he approached Chelsea’s house, Ryan’s excellent hearing could hear panting and moaning faintly coming from inside the house.
They were really making love.
Pulling Tian Xin on the stairs, he whispered, “Let’s go back and come back in the morning because they are busy.”


Tian Xin thought he was deliberately stalling.
She glared at him and barked, “Nonsense, what can they be busy with?” This wasn’t modern times–no homework or papers to catch up on–what could they be busy with?


Ryan laughed and explained in her ear, “They’re busy with what I did to you last night.”

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