Fruit Wine

Translated by Ada
Edited by Ada


After some time, he let go of her, panting.
Tian Xin was kissed dizzy and forgot to continue to argue with him.
She was weak and nestled in his arms.
She was caressed by him on her back, and she fell asleep in a short time.


Ryan looked down at the little sleeping thing in his arms and felt satisfied.
He took her into his arms and put his chin against the top of her head.
He put his arm firmly around her waist, and soon his breathing evened out.


“Baby, wake up.
Get up.” Tian Xin was woken up.
Rubbing her sleepy eyes, she looked with an unhappy attitude at Ryan, who woke her up.
The bastard, the son of a b*tch, who didn’t let her sleep after tormenting her, what did he want to do?


“Chelsea just called us for dinner to celebrate our victory.
She said Moussa made some fruit wine and asked us to try it.
After we eat dinner, we’ll go back to sleep, okay? Hmm?” Ryan’s good-natured voice softly calmed her wake-up mood.


Tian Xin also got excited after hearing that Moussa had made fruit wine.
Could this fruit wine be made from wild fruits? She had never had one.
So she got up from bed in a flash, dressed quickly, ran into the bathroom, and rinsed briefly.
Then she followed Ryan to Chelsea’s house.


At that time, Moussa had already made dinner.
There were roasted meat, stewed meat, bone broth, and some green vegetables that could not be named.
In this other world, this was a very sumptuous dinner.


Moussa warmly greeted the two people when they came in and sat down.
She asked Chelsea to open the big barrel next to her, and immediately, a rich and alcoholic fragrance wafted out.
Tian Xin couldn’t help but swallow.
Wow, it smelled so good.


Chelsea poured the four wooden cups in front of them, and Tian Xin couldn’t wait to hold the cup and take a sip.
Hmm, it was sweet and sour, overflowing with fragrance, and it left an aftertaste.
She couldn’t help but exclaim, “It’s so good.”


Ryan and Chelsea also took a sip from their cups, and they couldn’t help but nod that it tasted good.
Seeing that all three of them liked it, Moussa felt a sense of accomplishment.
She never thought that the experiment would be successful.
At last, the fruit that could not be eaten would not be wasted and thrown away but could be made into fruit wine.
She could also teach the process to everyone so that everyone could make it together and drink it.


Moussa secretly planned the work.
Tian Xin had already finished drinking the wine in the cup and raised her cup to look at Chelsea, asking for a refill.
Moussa hurriedly stopped her and advised, “You are pregnant now; drink less.” Although sweet and sour, the fruit wine still contained alcohol, and she was afraid that drinking too much would not suit the fetus.


When Ryan heard that she couldn’t drink more when she was pregnant, he hurriedly grabbed the cup and drank it all.
Tian Xin was a lightweight, and she had just had a drink and was already slightly drunk.
She became irritated when she saw that he had grabbed her cup, leaving her with nothing to drink, and remembered that he was the culprit for her pregnancy.
Tian Xin went to grab his cup regardless of whether there was anyone else.
Ryan deliberately teased her, holding the cup up high so she could not reach it.


Tian Xin’s stubbornness came up as she had to grab it.
She knelt on his lap and reached out to grab it.
Instead, Ryan pulled her legs apart and let her sit on his lap, holding the cup in one hand and dodging to the right and left to prevent her from grabbing it.


Tian Xin only cared about grabbing the cup from him, and she didn’t notice how ambiguous their posture was at the moment.
Moussa and Chelsea watched the interaction between the two and smiled at each other.
The two seemed to be getting along well.

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