Chapter 142.1

I Love You Very Much

Translated by Ada
Edited by Ada


Ryan tormented her in different ways.
Throughout the night, Tian Xin cried and shouted.
Eventually, she lost the strength to cry and shout and became a soft humming.
It wasn’t until almost dawn that she fainted that Ryan let her go.


When Tian Xin woke up, she couldn’t speak the next afternoon, and her body was sore.
She turned her head and looked around, but Ryan wasn’t around, and he was probably already out hunting.


She barely managed to get up and went to the bathroom to freshen up.
She had just finished her bath and came out of the bathroom when she saw Ryan coming in through the door with the prey in his hand.


Tian Xin subconsciously flinched and clenched her clothes.


Ryan looked at her without saying a word, carrying the prey to the storage room.
Then he took some cooking ingredients out and started cooking.


Seeing that he hadn’t said a word, Tian Xin was unsure.
She didn’t dare to provoke him for fear that his anger was still burning.
Obediently, she came to his side and gave him a hand.


Ryan still ignored her but did not shoo her.
Soon dinner was ready, and the two sat around the table and ate quietly.


Before, Ryan was very enthusiastic about her, and he kept coaxing her to eat more during meals.
Although they had a conflict, he didn’t ignore her.
This sudden coldness towards her made her a bit uncomfortable for a while.
The more Tian Xin thought about it, the more uncomfortable she felt.
So she couldn’t help but take the initiative to lean towards Ryan’s side and call out in a low voice, “Husband.”


Ryan looked up at her and opened his mouth to say something, but did not say anything in the end.
He only said in a low voice, “Eat.”


That simple comment made Tian Xin feel the urge to shed tears.
She gave a small “mmm” and then lowered her head and stuffed a piece of roasted meat into her mouth.
She chewed carefully, and tears fell down the corners of her eyes.


Seeing her silent tears of sorrow, Ryan sighed and stroked her hair.
He said softly, “Eat well.
We’ll be fine.
9 months is 9 months.”


Tian Xin cried and jumped into his arms because she could feel how aggrieved he was.
However, he swallowed this grievance for her, which moved her.

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