Cold War

Translated by Midas
Edited by Midas


Ivy immediately started a fire, roasted some meat, took some wild fruits, and handed them to Moussa.
Moussa thanked her and ate without ceremony.


Ivy waited for her to finish eating, helped her clean up, and then excused herself to pick wild fruits.


Moussa had eaten enough.
Looking at the mess on the bed, she felt the sharp pain in her *sshole.
The more Moussa thought about it, the more aggrieved Moussa was.
She teared up and sobbed again.


When Chelsea returned, Moussa hurriedly wiped her tears and turned her head away, pretending to sleep.


Chelsea smelled the roasted meat in the house.
He guessed that Ivy had just been here and knew she had eaten, so he was relieved.


Without saying a word, he picked her up and put her on the bed in the other room.


He did not speak, and Moussa ignored him as well, keeping her eyes closed and pretending to sleep.


Chelsea looked at her and sighed softly.
Then he repaired the broken bed, took out the animal skins ravaged on it, and washed and sun-dried them.


After leaving enough food and herbs to stop the pain and bleeding at Moussa’s bedside, he turned around and went out hunting.


The rainy season was coming soon.
Chelsea had to hunt more prey and store it back to safely survive the rainy season.


For the next few days, the two remained in a cold war.
Chelsea did not talk to Moussa.
Moussa also ignored him.
When he went to bed at night, Chelsea tried to take her into his arms, but Moussa broke away and rolled to the corner of the bed with her back to him.


Chelsea also turned around with his back to her in anger.
The two of them went to sleep with their backs against each other for several days.
When Moussa’s injuries were almost healed, and she could move about, she simply moved to another room.
Chelsea was so angry that he nearly destroyed all the furniture in the house, but he silently cleaned it up again the next day.


He was angry but did not force Moussa to go back and live in one room.
Moussa refused to come out of her room when Chelsea came back, causing him to kick in the door and bring her out for dinner.


Moussa quickly swallowed a piece of meat and then returned to her room.
Chelsea looked at the closed door in front of him.
He gnashed his teeth but told himself that she was a fragile female and could not lose his temper with her, which would hurt her.
If he hurt her, it would hurt him.


The two had been at a standstill until the rainy season was about to arrive.
According to the customary practice, every year before the rainy season, every tribe with a serious shortage of females would hold a three-day welcoming party to accommodate the arrival of the tribe with more females, that was, the fox tribe.
The welcoming party was full of tricks to make more females stay in the village and spend the rainy season with them.
It would give more opportunities to have contact with the females to win their hearts.


This year was no exception.
Before the rainy season arrived, the people began to prepare for the arrival of the foxes.
As the season approached, the village became increasingly bustling, especially for those males who had reached adulthood without a partner or were about to reach maturity.
They spent days following males who already had partners to get tips on how to draw the attention of the females.

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