The unfamiliar beastman looked stunned at first, then she smiled kindly at Moussa, saying, “Hello, are you Chelsea’s partner? I’m Philo from the Fox Tribe, and I lived in the village all winter last year.” She then peeked at Chelsea for a moment and said somewhat shyly, “I owe it to Chelsea for taking care of me.
Today I brought some fruits to thank him.” While saying that, Philo raised the fruits in her hand.


But then she said, “But he wouldn’t take it.
Moussa, please accept it for him, okay?” And she passed them to Moussa’s hand.


“Oh, thank you then.” Moussa accepted them smoothly.


Philo smiled happily when she saw Moussa accepted it.
At the same time, Chelsea glared at her fiercely before turning his head away, sulking.


Moussa was baffled when he glared at her.
This was just fruits, so she took it.
It wasn’t anything valuable.


When she was thinking it over, Philo came and deliberately took out fruit from the basket and told Moussa, “Moussa, try this.
It’s delicious.”


“Hmm, okay, Thanks.” Moussa nonchalantly accepted it and rubbed it on her clothes before taking a bite.
Living in this different world, she had been influenced by this unrestrained beastmen without making a fuss.
Anyway, pesticides did not exist here, and the fruits were not washed nor dirty.


“Well, it’s really yummy.” That fruit was really not the same as those she usually ate.
It was very juicy but also had a sweet and sour taste which was very tasty.
Moussa could not help but praise it when she got a bite.
“Thank you, Philo.”


However, she found that Philo’s expression was a bit stiff after saying that.


Moussa looked at the fruit in her hand and wondered if she was not eating it the right way.
But the skin of this fruit was very thin, not like the kind you need to peel to eat! However, she found that Philo’s expression was a bit stiff after saying that.


Somewhat puzzled, she looked at Philo and asked, “What’s wrong? Is there something not right?”


The fruit that Philo specially handed to Moussa was a challenging kind to pick.
Being able to pick it was a great honor for a female, and she was expecting Moussa to be amazed.
But Philo didn’t expect that Moussa would eat it without saying a thing about it.
For a moment, she was a bit overwhelmed by her reaction, and when she heard Moussa’s question, she shook her head a bit awkwardly and said, “Nothing.
I have to go back, or they would be worried.
Moussa, Chelsea, see you tomorrow!” Then she walked out quickly.


“See you tomorrow.” Moussa waved her hand at her back.
She was confused with her sudden departure.
Did she do something to frighten her?


As she was thinking about it, she heard Chelsea’s low voice saying, “Fool.”


Moussa looked up and glared at him before walking towards her room with the fruit basket in her arms.
She slammed the door shut in front of him and leaned against it, cursing silently at the fruit basket, “You’re the fool.
Chelsea is a big fool and an *sshole.”


Chelsea stared at it with burning eyes from outside the door that could burn a hole through it.


He wanted to drag out the little person behind the door, who had been distracting him all day and shake her awake to ask her what she really wanted.


He just took two steps forward and forced himself to stop.
He desperately told himself to hold back, not to lose his temper, and not to have a fit with Moussa.
She already considered him as not as gentle and considerate as Ryan.
If he lost his temper again, what if she really left him and ran to Ryan? There was no history of such a case in the tribe, but the elders of the tribe valued her so much.
They might really agree if she proposed to change her partner.


Chelsea wanted to kill someone when he thought of Moussa, naked, underneath Ryan’s body, crying and moaning.
No, he could not allow Moussa to be with another.
No one could be with her.
So he had to find a way to make Moussa change her mind about him as soon as possible.


Wasn’t it just being gentle and considerate, huh? He didn’t believe he would lose to Ryan.

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