With Ryan leading the way, they were talking, walking side by side.

Moussa quickly picked many wild fruits, but she didn’t find the seeds she wanted.


What a fool, Moussa chided herself.
How could there be seeds in the spring? If she wanted to get seeds, she would have to see them in autumn.


With Ryan beside her, she was always on the lookout for wild fruits.
She inquired when he looked down, “Does any soft, fluffy white grow in a boll here?”


Ryan thought for a moment and walked around, searching for a while.
Then he pointed out some plants and said, “I think that’s it.
We call them ‘white dango.’ They produce soft and white fruits, and the birds like to put them in their nests.”


Moussa was thrilled.
It should be cotton, shouldn’t it? Although she did not know what the cotton plant looked like, his description sounded right.


Immediately, she knelt and dug the small plant together with the soil.
And then, she was cautious in putting it inside her basket.


Ryan watched her movements and asked curiously, “Why are you digging those? They are not food.”


Without lifting her head, Moussa responded cheerfully, “I am not going to eat them.
I want to make clothes.
Wait until I succeed.
I will also make a set for you.”


Even if he did not know the difference between what she said and the animal skin he was wearing, he was glad that she wanted to give him something.


He secretly noted it in his heart and planned that when he went out hunting in the future, he would dig up every white dangos he could find for her.


Moussa had just finished digging out the white dangos when she saw something by accident.
She shouted excitedly, “Sweet potatoes, sweet potatoes.
There are sweet potatoes here.” She knew those.
The orphanage had quite a few in the garden.


She was so excited that she dug up all the sweet potato with her hands and feet.
Moussa was happy with the rich yield she had that day.
When the basket was nearly full, both chatted on their way back.


They didn’t get far, so they soon returned to the village.
Moussa didn’t eat anything in the morning, so she was kind of hungry.

Seeing that Ryan’s hand was still injured, making food wasn’t convenient for him.
So she invited him over to her place for a meal.


Ryan willingly took the offer.
Moussa made a soup pot with bone marrows in it.


She squeezed a few fruits in season, sprinkled the juice on the sliced fresh meat, and carefully roasted on the fire.


Ryan sat down and watched as she went about the food.
The guy was a little jealous of Chelsea.
He was also jealous of how good a partner Chelsea had without him doing anything.
He saved her, and she was supposed to be his.
But why did he allow Chelsea to have her?


Moussa quickly prepared the food and gave it to Ryan.
She also provided him bone stock in a wooden bowl.
Ryan tasted the roasted meat and exclaimed gently, “Hmm.
This is really tasty.
This is really great.”

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