The direction that I was trying to escape towards had no ground.

Cus the only thing there was a steep slope.

So I slipped on dead leaves, crashed into trees, and basically just fell.
I fell very hard.

——And that is where my memory blacks out.

According to what I was told later, apparently I had hit my head.
My consciousness did not return even after a full day, and I had been toeing the very fine line between life and death.

“I’m very sorry! I’m really sorry that my fart almost killed you!”

Bekt, the hunter, my mentor, cried while apologizing to me.

I answered with “That was my mistake.”

I knew that it was a steep slope next to me.
That was the terrain that I was traversing, following Shishou and killing the sound of my footsteps.
Upon suddenly being assaulted by a world-ending roar and poison gas, it was me who dodged towards that side without thinking.
It was my mistake.


If I am to really speak my mind, what I wanted was not an apology for farting, but an apology for the fart directly hitting me and its smelliness.

Well, perhaps the smelliness was not something that he could have done anything about.
But at the very least, the accuracy of the hit was definitely on purpose.
Premeditated, even.
That’s the kind of ossan that Bekt is.
The kind of ossan that likes to tease and prank kids.
That’s why I am 100% sure that he was targeting my face when releasing that attack.

But before the sight of a grown man bawling while apologizing, I could not bring myself to say that out loud.

And that is how that incident drew to a close.

——Leaving behind just one problem.

Was it because I hit my head?
Or was it because I had injured my eyes during that fall?

After that incident, my eyes became just a little bit worse.

I can still see close things clearly, but faraway things I can no longer see as clearly as before.
What I could see normally before, I now can only see vaguely.

Well, it’s not that serious a problem, so it’s fine, I suppose.

I, Eil, apprentice hunter of the village of Albat, became 15, and came to greet my Day of Determination.
And I gained a Talent that I don’t know how to make heads or tails of, ‘Megane.’

I can’t make heads or tails of it, but I can just think about it simply.

For me, whose eyes had gotten worse after the farting incident, this was perhaps, above anything else, the power that I would be most grateful for.

In the city, there is indeed a sight corrective item called ‘megane.’ But for a poor child of a poor family living in a poor village, it is as far away as the physical distance to said city.

Could this be, exactly as it reads, that ‘megane’?

“…… Megane?”

I remove my hand from the Stone of Determination, look at that hand, then murmur softly.

At which——

A whole bunch of strength abruptly drains out of me, while at the same time a mysterious item appears on my hand.

——I can tell instinctively.
——The strength that was drained from me just now is contained within this item.

I suddenly remember seeing a traveling merchant from the outside wearing something that looked exactly like this on his face.
It was troublesome so I didn’t ask him what it was, though.

But for sure, that was ‘megane.’

If that’s the case, then the way to use this item in my hand is——

“…… Oh.”

The two stems are supposed to rest on my ears.
The clear lens settle right in front of my eyes.

Then what I see through the lens, is a brilliant world.

The cloudy sights, the world, that I had been seeing vaguely up to now, suddenly appears so very vivid and clear through the glass.

“M-, materialization……?!”

“Eh?! That was Materialization?! But it’s megane!!”

The soldiers are bewildered, and that spreads to the villagers.
Everyone is repeatedly murmuring ‘megane’ with question marks almost visible above their heads.

While clearly and vividly and distinctively looking around my surroundings, I come to terms with it.
So what I had is ‘the Talent to create glasses.’


What is with that.
What is the point of that.

I mean, I needed glasses, so I welcome it though.

With ‘a magical Talent’ as the base requirement, it is a form of magic.
Just as the word says, it is the power to create something material.

In terms of the Ceremony of Determination, it’s jackpot.
Materialization is ‘a magical Talent,’ after all.

The issue, however, is that the item being materialized is glasses, an item that has very narrow application.

The soldiers, Village Chief, and all the villagers too.
Even if it was just ‘a small knife,’ or simply ‘can produce fire,’ then everyone would surely have leaped with excitement.

The fact that a magician has been born in this entirely unremarkable village would have been honestly received with joy.
Just as it did for my sister, Horun.

But, it’s glasses.

My Talent is glasses.

To be even more specific, it is the birth of a magician who can create glasses.

Even I can’t bring myself to blame them for their bewilderment.

Probably the only person who is honestly happy about this is me.
Because I needed glasses.

A so-so ability?

Perish the thought.
It is what I wanted beyond anything else.

At first glance, I might appear to be calm, but I am very happy right now.
The happiest I’ve been in years.
As happy as I was when I hunted my first rabbit.
As moved as the moment I ate the first rabbit that I brought down by myself and thought it delicious.

With this, I can now aim for prey at mid-range and even long distance.
I no longer have to get close enough to prey to see clearly.
My hunting is going to be way more effective than it ever has been.

——It seems that an air of bafflement has been cast over the village.
Nobody seems to know whether to be glad about the birth of this shabby magician or to just make a joke out of me.

But I am happy.

Even if I may not look like it on the outside.

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