Ah, I get it.
That’s why they let the debt as is, or they want to leave it be.

「Now, Horun is also a famous adventurer in the royal capital.
The rumors around her are good, while she’s indeed an idiot her character isn’t bad, and since she’s easy to be deceived everyone thinks she’s docile.
She even got scouted by other teams, she also made connections with many big wigs.

「And, I mentioned this before, there are times when Horun filled the part 『Black Swan』 lacked.
That’s why, if she left the team for too little a reason, 『Black Swan』 might be disbanded.
…Well, it may be just me reading too far into it.」

That, too, is understandable.
The two years after Horun left, the 「hole left by Horun」 in the village isn’t small.
The elderlies who had their work burdened by the other, now they look way less energetic, and the number of children rented by them to do every little chore is increasing.

Horun and Lexton alone did all that much work or something like that.
It was something that everyone noticed at the later hour.
And, apparently, the whole village fell to a dispute to find a way to fill the gap they left.
 Truly, as she is my older sister, she’s someone troubling that has no common sense in her.



「Phew… That was delish.」

Her meal is finished, and Horun is finally relaxed.
That was two helping of goat meat stew and two pints of draft beer.
She could eat, really~.

「And then, Eil, did you come to play in the capital?」

And she suddenly took interest in her relative.
Too late, you.
That kind of question should be asked when you first see my face.

「It’s due to the Ceremony of Determination.
Just like you, Horun」

「Nn? ………Ceremony of Determination?」



「Of course, you’re not forgetting that, right?」

What a face to make when you could not remember.
She won’t tell me that she forgot even the Coming of Age Day, will she?


And there she remembered.

「That’s right.
I was brought to the royal capital because they said my 『Talent』 is rare, wasn’t I? And then I continue to live here after that.」

She’s just as amazing as always.
Did she try to erase the circumstance why she’s here to oblivion? How do I put it… amazing, huh.

「Then, Eil, do you have a rare『 talent』 too? Is that why you’re brought here?」

Here it is.

She nonchalantly asked something that any ordinary people would hesitate and careful to ask.
That’s why Horun is… nah, it’s fine.

Generally speaking, it’s common sense not to ask about 「talent」 lightly.
That’s why Laila never asked me about it so far, that’s also the reason why nobody asked about that to me since I came to the royal capital.
It’s just common sense.
For Horun who has no common sense, asking that isn’t something unnatural.

「I have a little bit of 『Magician talent』.」

「Eh, for real!?」

The one who got surprised was Lexton.
And Laila, as an addition.
Horun only gives out 「Heeh」 kind of indifferent feeling.
Therefore, Lexton and Laila’s responses should be the norm, socially speaking.
Being a magician is that much of rare 「talent」.

「But it’s not some great 『talent』, I received a refusal treatment from the castle.
That’s why I’ll go sightseeing the royal capital for a little while then return to the village.」

I didn’t tell a lie.
Materialization like 「summoning a megane」 means I could use magic.
That’s why that category is also applied to me.
Hiding a truth doesn’t mean telling a lie.

「I see.
That’s unfortunate.」

「Not really.
Conversely, even if my 『talent』 was estimated, I have no intention to work for the castle.
No matter what’s the end result, I just want to go back to the village as soon as possible.」

Now that I’ve met with Horun, I only have to fill the order from the castle, then I’ll have no reason to be in the capital.
Should I say it’s as expected, despite she has difficulties at having a conversation, she’s doing well, so I’ll just tell our parents that.
For how things are currently going… asking Lexton that will be way faster than asking Horun.

The rest is, of course, that huh.

「I want to greet the leader of 『Black Swan』.」

There’s a person who looks after this sister of mine, a task that definitely takes mental fatigue.
As her relative, I want to greet him.
This isn’t a matter I can let slide with the thought that I don’t want to meet or associate with people.
It never is.
I believe with my all that if our role reversed, then he would at least come to greet me.

It’s someone who looks after Horun after all.
Well, I’m heavy-spirited to do that, though.
…As expected, he isn’t someone I can ignore if he spoke of Horun’s faults.

「Rather than that, Eil.」

As I was bummed out, Horun’s upper body approached me.
Her shining olive brown eyes seized mine as if she’s seeing through me.

「That thing that hanging on your head, that’s something good right? Gimme.」

And there she suddenly says something again.

「This is something unnecessary for someone who has a healthy eye.
Horun, your eyes are good, aren’t they?」

I stared back at my sis through the lenses.
Facing with my gaze, sister shows no change at all—most likely, she’ll say 「I just think that’s the case」.

「That thing, it’s not something as simple as that, right? That’s why, gimme.」


Something like 「How did you know」 or 「What gives you the idea」 is a foolish question for my sister.
Generally, it’s all because of 「Because I think it’s like that」 is going in that mind of hers.

By some chance, maybe I’ve learned it sometime before my oldest memory of 「being left behind in the forest」.
Maybe I learned it from my sister, that a creature who lives with intuition and instinct is terrifying.

Mabbo here.

Blame me for the late chapters.
It’s my fault.
I found some good novel that I can’t wait for the translation so I read the RAW.
It got a load of expositions and world building.
Also, I bumped into Azur Lane.
Laffey’s too cute to be abandoned, so I can’t help it.
For my defense though, I’ve preserved future chapters beforehand, including this one, so you can expect the next two chapters to be released soon.

Also, my life; College sucks, I’m broke, phone wrecked.

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