I know that it’s something obvious, but as someone who has known Horun since infancy, that’s a big step for her toward adulthood.

「I eat them after I wash them.」


I wonder if it’s okay to stop taking her seriously.
I’m tired.

Let’s report this to our parent; 「Horun is doing fine and being carnivorous.
Some small footsteps towards adulthood are showing.
Maybe in a few years, she’ll understand the common sense of normal people」.



「Thanks for the hard work.」

I’ve confirmed that she’s doing good, and I’ve heard her current circumstance from the person herself as well.
I also have heard our childhood friend’s story.

I no longer have business with her.

「Return my 『Megane』」

I collected my 「Megane」 that she took from me, then I leave my seat.

I thought she’ll get mad at me, but my sis just looked at me as if nothing happened.
If she did get mad though, I’ll run away right then and there.

「You don’t change, Eil.
You never cared about onee-chan even for a little bit.」

Caring about you will only tire me out, after all.
That’s from long ago.


If my sister doesn’t change much, then perhaps I too don’t change that much either.
I can’t accept it, but maybe you can say it’s because brother and sister are similar to each other.


Either way, sister has an arrangement, and it seems she’s about to leave soon.

「It’s a request to attend on some newbie adventurer team going through the One Star promotion exam.」

It’s just yesterday she returned from a job that took her several days, and today she’s going to go for a job again.

Her nature of can’t settle down is unchanged as well.

By the way, it seems Lexton is planning to accompany her.
Apparently, he’ll recover his armor and sword that were under maintenance today, then go together after having it equipped

「Thank you for the treat.」

You’re still in the capital for a while right? Let’s meet up when we have the time.」

As your senior, leave this one to me, said Lexton as he paid our bill, so I gave him my gratitude and see him off outside the diner.

「Then, little brother.
Next time give me that Megane, okay.」

Ou, good luck sis.
I won’t give you 「Megane」 though.

I also saw off my sister who doesn’t show growth more than I expected.

Now then, I turn over to Laila who’s there next to me.

「I want to greet the leader of 『Black Swan』, can I ask you to guide me?」

「 …Guiding you is fine and all.」

Laila shows me a difficult expression on her face.

「Rather than that, why you didn’t tell me you’re Horun-oneesama’s brother?」

So she’s still stuck there.

Well, I haven’t explained to her anything in regard to that after all, so she must want to hear why.

「First of all, I don’t know if you really are Horun’s acquaintance or not.
I don’t want to tell the public I’m Horun’s acquaintance nor want to declare it out that I’m related to Horun.

As long as I’m not familiar with the current circumstance of my sister, I don’t want to get rolled up with some funny business if they learned of our relationship.
I could bring trouble to my sister as well, so that’s also a reason for it.

Do you think that sounds unnatural? Even a country bumpkin knows how to be vigilant, you know.」


「…So, you understand yet? 」

「S-, surprisingly, you have a proper reason there…」

Is that proper, though? I think that’s just normal.

I also think that making a fool out of myself and going around announcing 「I’m Horun’s brother~」 won’t bring anything good.
Both for me, and for my sis.

「I thought you did that because you’re not interested in me.」


「Eh? Why are you going silent? …Oi, wait.
Why are you not saying anything?」

Well, yeah.

「90% of the reason is as you said, so I think I don’t need to answer anymore.」

「Like hell that’s okay! Answer me! ….Eh, so that proper reason only makes up 10% of the whole reason!? And the 90% of it is because you’re not interested in me!? Is that much you hold no interest in me!?」

「I’m interested in you.」

「No, that’s a lie! That has to be a lie!」

「That’s partly the reason.
By the way, isn’t it about time for you to guide me?」

「What the hell with “partly the reason”?!!  I know enough that your responses become half-hearted whenever the topic doesn’t concern you, four-eyes!!  Have more interest in me!!」



Interest is not something people can tell me to have.

Though she’ll get angry if I told her that, so I won’t.

I don’t want to make a racket and draw attention anyway, so I decided to move first and calm this raging redhead down.


Okay, this is tricky.
“Ochiteiru” means the object is in the state of “falling”.
Not “currently in the mid-air”, but “fallen and hasn’t picked up yet”.
For example, your eraser is fallen from the desk.
The “normal” state of the eraser is “being on the desk” or “aboveground”.
If the eraser falls, it’s “ochiru (present tense)”.
If you picked the eraser from the ground, it’s “ochita (past tense)”.
But, if the eraser hasn’t picked up yet, still on the ground (not in the “normal state”), then it’s “ochiteiru (continuous present tense)”.
Incidentally, if the eraser was fallen and you picked it up then tell your friend about it, you’ll say the eraser was “ochiteita (continuous past tense)”. 

Confusing, I know.

So, here Horun said the vegetables are fallen to the ground (ochiteiru), meaning she thinks vegetables are not meant to be on the ground.
Perhaps she thinks vegetables grow on trees or maybe walk with feet (considering how big an idiot she is), that’s why she associates vegetables that grow from the ground with meats from animals and think they’re from the same source/have the same “normal state (of not being on ground)”.

Anyway, Mabbo here.

No, I won’t pull any April Fools joke.
I’m sick of it, and I bet you guys are as well.

That’s it.

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