Megane-Kun, Think about the Living Environment

“It’s delicious!”


“How delish!”

The meat of the Sky Lizard was scrumptious.

Just like chicken meat, it had protein, but it was also tender and juicy.

According to the encyclopedia, the best cooking method would be to slice it thinly, before grilling it several times, rather than slicing it thickly, causing the meat to harden as it was baked.

After baking it as per the instructions, I ate it—and it was totally delicious.
The juice was very sweet.
The taste of the sprinkled salt was also irresistible.
Because the meat was roasted on a fire, there was a harmony of sweetness and saltiness.

Also, even though it was a lizard, the meat itself had a refined taste.




Before I knew it, Cherry, Florentine, and I had grown silent.
In the end, we surrounded the fire and silently grilled the meat, before eating silently.
Meanwhile, the cat had already finished eating, and was rummaging around.

At the end of such a lunch, Cherry raised her hand.

“—Then, as promised, please clean up afterwards.”

“Of course! No, wait, I’ll do it, but I’d like to ask your opinion about something.
Therefore, please sit down! Sit down, please!”

When I stood up, Cherry pulled my hand and urged me to sit.

…Opinion about what?

If possible, I’d like to avoid any trouble…

In exchange for the meat, I asked Cherry to clean up after lunch.
As for Florentine, she helped me with preparing the lunch.

As for the cat, I felt bad and ended up giving it some meat.
After all, it kept staring at me.
It kept staring at me, I repeat.
But never again.
I’d never be such a softie again, absolutely.

“Since Eil-kun did his best with the food, I believe that we’ll manage in the future.”

Ah, about that, okay…

It had only been two days since I started this life, but she probably had a point.
Except that we ignored the law of survival.
But still, I thought that food wasn’t a problem.

I had explored the mountains.

As such, I had experienced the difficulty first-hand.

Hence why it was too early for me to start hunting in that mountain.

From now on, I’d do my best in a different hunting ground.
If possible, I hoped that I could start hunting in the mountains again after half a year.
Hence, I’d like to train hard until then.

…I was sure that there were people in that village that’d make me stronger.

After all, it was ‘that’ kind of village—

—But well…

Suddenly, I saw a spiky, blue-haired thug single-mindedly brandishing a wooden stick at a distance.

He’d been having a fit that morning.
Probably, he was letting his anger dissipate with such gestures.

If I could work together with Sash, I’d probably be able to venture into the mountains right now.
Perhaps, even with Florentine.

Ah, but I wonder if what she’s aiming for is slightly different from me.

Most probably, the next issue was the daily necessities.

Well, maybe.

We had just arrived in the village.

Each of us was substituting daily necessities with travel tools, but in a week, we’d be unable to do so.

I’d need a candle and a change of underwear.
I’d like to do some laundry, as well.
The salt was getting scarce.
I wanted some seasonings…

The daily necessities themselves could surely be obtained by bartering in the village for games.

If that wasn’t possible, one way to go about it was to go shopping in a nearby town.

I was told that I could spend my time freely.
Not only that, they also didn’t advise me against leaving the village.
The magic core of the Sky Wizard itself should sell well.

Even for training, the foundation was important.

Moreover, training would require nutrition and rest.

If I didn’t eat, I wouldn’t get stronger, and if I didn’t rest, my body wouldn’t last.

At the same time, I considered a life without inconvenience as important.

“Are you talking about buying some stuff? We don’t have any money, though… Will this cute doll sell?”

Florentine picked up the cute wooden statue of the evil god (provisional) beside her.

If it had a menacing appearance that’d intimidate the viewers, it was likely to sell well, but I felt like selling it in itself was a problem.
Even if it came from a strange religion, it was still a huge deal.

“Don’t sell it.”


“Yes, don’t.
You also can’t hand it to someone else, isn’t that right?”

Cherry, who seemed to be thinking the same thing, asked for my consent.
Well, there was no reason not to nod.

“Yes, if possible, it’d be better not to sell it.”

In all actuality, I wanted to fling it into the fire at this very moment.
Since it was made of firewood, I’d like it to fulfill its original purpose, while also providing a memorial service.

Better that than waiting for an actual evil soul to dwell in it…

“But why? I carved it with all my might…”

No, in the first place—

“What is it exactly that you carve? How can you call it cute? What is it specifically? What kind of cute thing has six arms? Last but not least, why does it look like a carnivorous plant-type monster with tentacles?”

At last, I blurted it out.

Maybe, because the statue of the evil god was nearing completion, my curiosity was piqued.

I dared to say that I was very curious.

…In a bad way, anyway.

While the wood carving itself was rough, the shape itself was easy to tell.
Hence why I said that it was full of evil.
I hadn’t seen or heard of it, but if they said it was one of the evil gods slumbering in the depths of the abyss, I wouldn’t doubt it.


However, the artist herself admitted that she didn’t know.

“I carved it willy-nilly, hoping that it’d become a cute doll.
This wood wanted this shape, if I dare say so myself.”


“Aren’t you talking like a first-class craftsman?”

When asked if it was an old hobby, she said no right? Wasn’t that strange that she already spoke like that when it was only her first carving? Besides, if what she said was true, then the devil made her do it.
Carving such an evil god like that… Then, was it really an abomination? It wasn’t just its look?

“Uh, uhm…”

Even Cherry smiled wryly at that—no, it was a bitter smile.

Apparently, she couldn’t even laugh.

“For now, let’s keep an eye on the progress… Right, we were talking about daily necessities.”

…We’re already so far off from the original subject that I don’t care anymore.

“Let’s keep talking!”

As if to change the atmosphere, Cherry raised her voice.

“For the time being, may I ask about your future plans?”

“I’ll keep carving this cute doll.”

While I seriously wanted her to stop, we decided to just let Florentine do as she pleased for the time being… After all, the shape itself might be a coincidence.
Although it was also scary to think that it happened by chance…

“I’m thinking of looking for an archer or a hunter.”

I thought that in order for me to become stronger, I still needed someone to teach me.

As such, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to learn from a hunter other than my Shishou.

Shishou said that depending on the region and surrounding environment, the skills and methods of hunters differed considerably.

Surely, I’d learn a lot.

“A, as for me, I’d like to take a bath…”


A bath.

A bath…?

Oh, I see, a bath?

It reminded me of the time when I used to stay at the inn in the royal capital.

At that time, I could take a bath whenever I could.
As such, I’d bathe every day.
Recently, all I could do was wipe my body with a damp cloth like I used to…

If it was possible, I’d like to take a bath too.
However, if it didn’t exist, then there was no choice but to create it.

“Cherry, I want to take a bath, too.”

I see.

Cherry must’ve wanted a collaborator.

A collaborator that’d make a bath together.

Florentine didn’t seem to care about it, but in that regard as well, Cherry and I agreed.

I tightly grasped her extended hand.

—Now, the alliance of two people who’d like to build a bath had arisen.

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