Chapter 55 – Glasses boy receives a verdict


“Cheer up, Eil.
Here, this is a farewell gift.” Chace gave me a familiar small bottle.

It was something with a delicious seasoning that could be sprinkled on meat.

It’s a bit rare and expensive though.
In fact, Chace said it was the most expensive thing he owned, but he just kept it with him without actually using it.

However… “It is a bit past its expiration date, and it smells a bit weird, but the taste should be okay.” Chace told me.

… Chace seems to be the type to waste food without actually eating it, because he feels like it would be a waste to eat something this expensive.

I do understand the feeling, as I did that in the past, but whenever that happened, my sister always ate the expensive food that I got.

I regretted all the occasions where this happened, so I started eating my favorite foods first.

As for this seasoning that Chace gave me… If I eat it, I think it’ll do something terrible to my stomach.

But it’s an important seasoning that Chace gave me…

I’ll put the thought on it aside for now.
To throw it away or use it… I’ll figure it out later.
Maybe it can still be used for cooking.

“Come back healthy.
This is my farewell gift.” Florentine held out a carved wooden statue.

It looked familiar… It was the so called ‘cute’ evil god statue, that she finally completed.

… It’s definitely an evil god statue now.
I can no longer use that as a tentative name for it, because it is in its supremely evil final form now.

“I’ll be waiting for your return, Meat Guy.” Florentine told me.

Don’t call me meat guy… Also, I don’t need your evil god statue.

… Well, maybe I can make a memorial service for it along the way.
I can’t help thinking that this is something that shouldn’t exist in this world.
I don’t want to touch it any more than I need to, so let me just throw it in my luggage backpack already and take it out of my sight.

“Have a nice trip.
This is from me.” Cherry then took a pendant that was hanging from her neck and hang it around mine.

This too was familiar.
It was a simple wooden tag held in place with a leather strap, but it was something that Cherry showed to me on that rainy day, while she talked to me about magic.

Cherry said that it was thanks to this amulet that she survived the carriage accident on our first trip.

“I’m just lending it to you.
Please return it when you come back.” Cherry told me.

On the back of the wooden tag, there is a magic circle that she drew back when she was still a child.

It was a memento made together with her father, Weiss Leavant, and it seems like its effect is sustained by infusing it with magical power from time to time.

Although its effect is weak, it seems to be a magic circle that protects you from incoming attacks.

Therefore, it may not be wrong to say that it was thanks to this that she was not seriously injured in the carriage accident.

After all, I heard that Cherry was thrown out of the carriage in that accident.
It wouldn’t be strange for her to suffer some major injuries from that, especially as she was stuck under the carriage… And yet, she didn’t suffer anything major, so the amulet must have surely done its part.

And so, I picked up the seasoning with questionable expiration date, the evil god statue that I really didn’t want to carry, and an amulet.

“Then, I’ll be going.” I said.

Then, while taking those unique farewell gifts that may or may not be heartfelt, I left the assassin’s village.


It was last night that things changed dramatically.

After all the hard work, I had finally got out of the bath, and was currently in the changing room, wearing only my underwear.

The night breeze felt nice after spending a while on the hot water.

After all, a bath really is good.
I’m glad that we made it.

I wiped my forehead while thinking it would be nice to enter it every day from now on, and looked up at the sky for no reason in particular.

“Eil.” Someone suddenly called out to me.

I didn’t notice him approaching.
I heard no footsteps.

I was quite surprised at it, even if I may have looked calm on the outside.

That’s what I have always been training for.
I have been taught many times that, if you lose your sense of normalcy while in the hunting grounds, then your life will be at risk.

“Old man?” I asked as I recognized the voice.
It was the coachman that drove us to the assassin village.

I don’t know his name, but I can remember his face.
He looks like an ordinary villager without any distinctive features.

But I’m sure he too is an assassin.

“I have something to tell you.
Come to my house after you get dressed.” He told me, then left without even hearing my reply.

And I could still hear no footsteps.
Even my glasses, which were supposed to make things easily visible at night, could not follow the old man as he moved away.

If this was something related to Chace, I think I would have rather ignored it, but this is probably something important.

Or rather, if I ignore it, it’s likely that this old man might come to my room in the middle of night.

It would be way too creepy to have this bald old man sneak up on me.
My lifespan would be shortened by that.

It’s better to just quietly follow him then.


“The cat came too.” I said as I entered the house.

For some reason, that giant cat which is often near our dormitory, followed me as I moved.

“You don’t need to worry about that.” The coachman replied as he invited me and the cat into the house and closed the door.

“I guess I should just ask this, but this isn’t really a cat, is it?” I asked as soon as we got inside.

Or rather, it can’t be a cat.
It’s too big to be one.

The old man calmly replied, “It’s a Demon Beast called the ‘Sand Walker’.”

That was shocking.

I knew it wasn’t a cat, but to think it’s a Demon Beast…

… Well, if you look at it calmly, you can notice that it’s definitely not a cat, but a dangerous carnivore instead.
That’s certainly the case, so why would anyone think it is a cat? It’s strange.

“There is someone in the village who has tamed the Sand Walker.
It won’t attack people unless it gets very angry.” The old man told me.

So it was tamed by a villager? Is this even possible? Well, more than that, then this means the ‘cat’ definitely has a home here.
Why doesn’t it live there?

And this ‘cat’… Or rather, the Sand Walker, just laid there uninterested.
It really sleeps a lot, just like a cat, even if it really isn’t a cat.

“Why would someone call it a cat? No matter how I look at it, it’s not a cat…” I muttered to myself.

Yet Cherry and Florentine refer to it as a cat anyways…

In any case, I sat down at the table like the old man asked me to, and he sat down across from me.

“Eil, you should leave the village.” The old man gave me a direct verdict.


* Translator’s Note: Weiss has been referred to as both Cherry’s father and grandfather on previous translations.
The correct translation is Father.

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