Aiming for a place to rest when the wave of customers had stopped, Alme quickly withdrew into the kitchen in the back.

She entered the kitchen and call out to Falk, who is idly pecking at the ice cream bowl on the table.

What he is eating is cookie soft serve ice cream.
He has been totally addicted to it since that day they reconciled.

“I’m sorry, Mr.
Falk…for pushing you into the back of the shop and kind of leaving you alone.”

“No, no, it’s good that the shop is busy.
Or rather, I’m sorry for all the strange rumors floating around.”

Falk smiled with a troubled look on his face.

He has now undone the magic of disguise.
He removed the chain of the necklace that wet with sweat, he doesn’t like the way it clings to his neck in this hot weather.

He had already revealed his identity to Alme, so now he is relaxing in his original appearance.

Silver-white hair and golden eyes. A man who looks like a beautiful male god is in the kitchen of a messy commoner’s shop, it’s like a strange collage painting, and it’s a bit amusing.

As she smiled, the bell on the counter rang.
It seems that another customer has come.

When she was about to leave the kitchen while saying “Welcome”, she realized that it was not a customer.
It was Ena who came to the shop.

“Hello, Alme.
It’s crowded today as well! It’s a little early, but I came to help.”

“I’m saved~ there are many customers today.
Come on in.”

She exchanged greetings with Ena and invited her into the kitchen as usual.

She’s been getting Ena’s help from time to time, but since she’s been particularly busy lately, she decided to have her work here on certain days.
Of course, she also paid her a good salary for her time.

That’s why she asked her to enter the back as usual, but she forgot that there was a previous customer inside.

“Oh, that’s right, Ena, there’s something I wanted to tell you…”


Ena let out a short scream and came out instantly, as if rewinding, just as she entered the kitchen.
Her eyes widened and her face scrunched up.

“Hey, there’s something…! There’s something…!”

Her reaction was like finding a black bug.

–A black bug is an insect that looks like a cockroach from her previous life.
They are the ones that often appear in kitchens and other places.
In the year-round warmth of Luorio, the black bug is a troublesome neighbor.

“Sorry ……! I forgot to tell you! Um, he’s Mr.
Falk…you met him in the underground palace the other day, right?”

“… huh!?”

After hurriedly adding an explanation in a whisper, Ena looked into the kitchen with her eyes wide open and confirmed Falk’s appearance.

Falk? Are you kidding me ……? Because that figure ……”

“Hello Miss Ena.
Um, I apologize for the delay, but my real name is Falkert Raltoze…”

Falk put his hand on his chest and greeted her with a beautiful Shirotaka-like gesture.

Ena’s blue eyes rounded and she muttered to herself.

“Is this for real?”

“Ena, it’s rude to scream as if there is a black bug in here.”

“Black bug…?”

Falk had a puzzled look on his face.
It seems that there are no black bugs in the northern towns, so it’s possible that Falk has never seen one.

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