The unfortunate incident was that the business the Liz and Mastersons were working on had failed very badly.
She heard it was a great blow.
Even as a child, she remembered her mother and father worrying about her.
At the time, he said, he did not know that Leeds Corporation would go bankrupt like that.
As one could tell just by looking at the name, Liz Firm was a business owned by the Leeds family.

If the two families that worked together were staggered by bankruptcy and neither was recovering, it will be difficult for the two families to get along well.
In the meantime, Loren was being looked after by Sir Masterson, so everyone would think that Sir Masterson was very lenient.

“I went to a ball with Uncle Roost a while ago and was introduced to Lord Sekei.”

By the way? She waited for Lauren’s next words.
Uncle Rust was Sir Rust Masterson.
With her uncle, Sir Sekei couldn’t have done anything strange to Lauren.

“This is just, so I’m just asking because I feel so weird.
Actually, I had a dream a few days ago.”

“A dream?”

At the word dream, she opened her mouth unconsciously.
A dream? A dream she had came into her mind.
There’s no way they’ve had the same dream.
However, being worried about people you see for the first time because of your dreams was a situation similar to hers.

“In my dream, I lived as the mistress of that, Lord Sekei.”


At the unexpected words, she let out a sound without even realizing it.
What did she live for? As a mistress? Those were horrible words to come out of the mouth of an 18-year-old who hasn’t even graduated from the academy.
And besides, she never saw a paramour, she dreamed of becoming one? Lauren was quick to make excuses for how distorted her expression was.

“It is a foolish dream.
It won’t make any sense.
I may have had such a dream because I had been reading the Current Whispers so intently the few days before.”

“It will.
But it’s so embarrassing.
That’s why I came.”

Julia barged in, comforted Lauren, and she turned her head to her.
The afterword seems to have been spoken to her.

She was staring blankly at Lauren, unable to comprehend what was going on.
Her situation was similar.
The only difference was that her dream was for Count Burns to kill her entire family and Lauren to become Lord Sekei’s mistress.

“Yeah, that’s right.
You must have been reading Current’s whispers too intently.”

She said as she lifted her teacup to lighten the mood.
But it felt strange.
Did she have a dream similar to hers? Was that just a coincidence?

“I feel like it’s just a nightmare.
The dream was so realistic.
Besides, being introduced to Lord Sekei was just like a dream.”

So she wanted to know what kind of person Lord Sekei was? She thought she’s really going to be Sir Se Kay’s mistress?

She couldn’t understand, so she tilted her head.
Becoming a mistress was Lauren’s choice.
Was she what she shouldn’t do?

“You want to know if Lord Sekei is worthy of being a mistress?”

Julia nodded her head at her question.
But Lauren didn’t say anything.


She asked, looking at the silent Lauren.
She had a different look on her face when she said her dreams were her mere nightmares.

“Actually, it doesn’t really matter what kind of person Lord Sekei is.”


Julia exclaimed in surprise at Lauren’s words.
It seemed that it was not Lauren’s request for her to find out about Lord Sekei.
She sipped her tea and watched Lauren and Julia.

“I think it is a foolish dream.
I tried to think it was just a nightmare, because I read a very provocative article a few days ago.
By the way…”

But she said she couldn’t.
The moment she was introduced to Lord Sekei by Lord Masterson at the ball, she thought she was dreaming.
To that extent, she said, the sight was identical to the sight she had seen in her dream.

“If it is a precognitive dream, I know how my life will go.
Lord Sekei’s mistress will blow me up in my twenties, and when I’m in my thirties, Lord Sekei will hand me over to Count Mando.”

“Count Mando? Wait, Count August Mando?”

She interrupted in surprise at the familiar name.
Count August Mando was the same age as her father.
Even she was invited by Countess Mando.
It was an invitation to the ball to be held at the Mando Mansion in a few days.

“He’s a grandfather in his 70s with a mole on this side.”

That was accurate.
No, the age was a bit different.
Count Mando was now fifty.
But if Lauren was in her thirties, Count Mando would be in her seventies.


Lauren’s face went white at her reaction.
She knew that look.
She did too, the first time she saw Count Burns.

“I don’t care what kind of person Lord Sekei is.
I don’t even want to be involved with him.
Originally, I was going to quit the academy.
By the way…”

“I dried it.
It’s just a nightmare.”

That’s why she came to find her.
To ask what kind of person Lord Sekei was.
Because unless she’s a mistress, Lauren’s dreams weren’t precognitive dreams, they’re just nightmares.

She looked back and forth between Lauren and Julia, not knowing what to say, and spoke carefully.

“Lauren, I don’t know you very well.
But if you worry this much, I don’t think you’ll be anyone’s mistress.”


Translator Note:

What a dream! I really hope that doesn’t happend!

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