ked, holding her carriage door as it were.

“Can I ask where you are going?”

Eugenie let out a sigh.
She guessed they just wouldn’t make it.
Then, all of a sudden, she had a good idea.
The man in front of Eugenie right now was the one who came out of the dragon’s nest.
Was there any other escort as great as this one?

A smile appeared on her face at Eugenie, who liked her own idea.
And a smile came to Elliot’s face when he saw that face.

“Does either of you have a carriage?”

That was the first thing Elliot asked after getting into Eugenie’s carriage and hearing her story.
Two girls going to Holloway? A two-day trip by carriage? If anyone but her had told Elliot that story, he would have answered them it was not his business.
However, if the one talking was Eugenie, the story was different.
If she thought her own cousin had gone to Holloway, he believed it too.


Lauren, of course, and Julia, too, were not wealthy enough to have their own carriage.
At Eugenie’s words, Elliot quickly directed the coachman to the omnibus station.

“Do Miss Escale and Miss Liz know how to ride?”

On the way to her station, Elliot asked Eugenie a question to ease her tension.
Of course, she was putting on a calm expression, saying that the current situation was not a big deal.
But inside, she was so anxious that she was going crazy.
Julia was her relative, like her sister.
She had been seen since she was a child, and as an elder and as a relative of hers, she had a sense of responsibility.

She, of course, also had her responsibilities to Lauren.
About the fact that she forgot that she would be recognized.
A combination of those things was leading her to Holloway.

“I don’t know.
I don’t think any of them know how to.”

Ordinary aristocrats had common wagons that were used in their households, even if they had not personal wagons.
It was used when invited or when the whole family needs to move.
Of course, there was a carriage on the Escalee Home as well.
But she didn’t think Julia had gone to Holloway in her wagon.

“You must be scared.”

Elliot smiled and leaned against his back.
The omnibus could accommodate up to twenty-two people in the largest one.
You literally have to sit close together.

Even if they are not rich, it would be a shocking space for two naive girls who have lived as relatives of aristocrats.

“Is it that bad?”

Eugenie asked out of curiosity.
She knew such a thing as omnibus existed, but of course she had never seen it and had never ridden one and didn’t know how to use it.
All she knew was that the more people there were, the cheaper the public carriages were, because the price was divided in the number of passengers.

“It will be inconvenient.”

Elliot said just that.
To be honest, he wished Eugenie hadn’t known how uncomfortable the omnibus was all her life.

“By the way, if Miss Escalee followed Miss Liz, then why did Miss Liz go to Holloway?”

“Ah, that’s it.”

Eugenie put on a puzzled expression for a moment as to whether she should be honest.
How would Count Burns react if he said that all of this was because of a dream? She hesitated, then she said.

“Miss Liz said she had a dream.”

“A dream?”

Elliot asked without a change in expression.
But German was on his mind.

“That must have been a bit of a strange dream.
What should I say? Could it be said that it was a dream of living her own life in advance?”

To be honest, Eugenie still didn’t understand exactly what kind of dream Lauren had.
She has of course never had a dream similar to hers.
It was a stressful day for her because she had so many things to do the next day.
Perhaps because of her obsession with getting up early in the morning, washing her clothes and going out, she dreamed of washing and changing clothes.
And the moment she climbed into the carriage, she awoke.

It was not possible to know how frustrated she was.
She said in her dream that she washed and changed clothes in such a hurry, and that she had to do it again.
Could Lauren have a similar dream? But can you dream of her whole life? Eugenie still couldn’t understand Lauren’s dream.

“I saw it.
Two young women getting into a carriage to Holloway.”

Arriving at the station, Elliot asks her staff to find out about Lauren and Julia’s whereabouts.
Eugenie, who had been looking inside her role for a while, said she was amazing.

“There are more people using the omnibus than I thought.”

Her mother and Oliver, as well as Elliot just now, were uncomfortable, she said, but she was taken advantage of.
Elliot followed Eugenie around the station.
It’s been a very long time since he came to the station.
Elliot said, looking at the people who were carrying bags and climbing into the wagon with a joyful expression on her face.

“It’s time to go on summer vacation.”

“They’re going on vacation in an omnibus.”

In Eugenie’s eyes, a married couple with her children entered the carriage.
She never even went on vacation with her parents when she was young.
But she never rode with her family in the same carriage.

Always together, her mother and father rode in one carriage, she and Oliver rode in another carriage under the care of their nanny.

“The fact that they can go on vacation means that they are quite fortunate.”

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