Since Fu Ping'An left Lingtai, she has either been in contact with servants or elders.
It will be inevitably be lonely later; if it wasn't for the barrage to chat with her, she would have been depressed long ago.

Now it is the first time that she has talked so much with her peers.
She is a little excited and looking forward to it; she didn't notice the crime of Yunping County Master at all and only asked, “How old are you?”

Yunping County Master pursed her lips.
After a long while, she also answered: “Eleven.”

Fu Ping'an was surprised: “True or false, you seem to be as old as me.”

Yunping County Lord glanced at her: “Believe it or not.”

She put it again.
Turning to the other side, Fu Ping'An hurriedly said, “I believe; you teach me to read, elder sister.”

“Sister” was spoken softly and her voice was lowered but Yunping County Master was stunned and looked up.
It took her a long time and after a while, she lowered her head and gave a soft “um”.

 [Wang Ami after the out-of-tune song: I got it.]

 [Insomnia day by day: Two children, don't think so much.]

 [Whether Wei and Jin: Hehehe, but it's really cute.]

 [Ping An baby is so cute: the baby has made friends!]

 [Hebei Qingshan: Two very cute children.]

The next day, Fu Ping'An went to Tianlu Pavilion again.
This time, the teacher changed.
It was said that he was the teacher of Taixue but he still taught “The Chronicle of Shengwu”.
He read in the morning and wrote a few big characters in the afternoon and was done.

This time, it was confirmed in the barrage that neither the Queen Mother nor the prince regent wanted to teach Ping’An properly, so they cursed in anger.
Fu Ping’An returned to the main hall and saw that Yunping County Master was already at the door had seen her coming and the servants who served her salute together.

Fu Ping'An said: “Let's ignore the ceremony.
If you see me in this palace in the future, you don't need to bow.”

Yunping County Master said with a straight face: “At this time, the ceremony is not suitable, Yunping dare not.”

Fu Ping'An said “Oh”, turned around and entered the hall feeling a little unhappy for some reason but when the palace servant was sent back, Yunping County Master suddenly said: “I have neither merit nor identity, if you ask me not to salute; then let Bo Jiaoer not have to salute; and Fu Lingxian, you should tell her not to salute.”

Fu Ping'An sat on the ground with her head down, and said after a while, “Anyway, I can't do anything.
Go ahead, mama used to say that if you become the emperor, everyone in the world will listen to me but that's not the case at all.”

Yunping County Lord sneered: “How can there be such a good thing.
But if you want me to this say, you now eat well and dress well, you are better than most people in the world; you are greedy and unhappy.”

Fu Ping'An glared at her: “You are talking about yourself; you eat well and dress well and it looks like everyone owes you and you actually call the regent by the name of the regent, she is your mother.”

Yunping County Master suddenly changed his face, and came forward to pull Fu Ping's clothes: “Then tell her now and kill me.”

Fu Ping'An pushed her away: “You are sick, right?”

Yunping County Master said: “You are sick, all of you nobles are sick.
She killed my whole family; I have to call her mother, why?”

Fu Ping'An was stunned and stayed where she was; this sentence suddenly slapped her like a basin of cold water: “Kill your whole family, what does this mean?”

Yunping County Master also stopped talking but her face was red and white; tears rolled down like pearls and soon the front of her clothes was wet.
She suddenly fell to the ground, hugged her knees and cried bitterly but buried her face tightly on her knees, dare not make a sound.

So the voice seemed to come directly from the chest through the fabric and flesh, and it was even more mourning, as if it was about to cry blood.

Fu Ping'An didn't speak, and the barrage didn't speak.
After a while, “Baby Ping An is so cute” and gave a gift, saying-

 [Baby Ping An is so cute: go and comfort her.]

Fu Ping'An didn't know what to do.

Her heart was blocked but she couldn't tell why, she moved to the Yunping County Master's side and hugged her: “My father and mother also died, they said that my mother committed suicide, I still don't know why.
I know…”

Princess Yunping's body froze for a moment, and then the cry became even more mournful.
Fu Ping'An's nose was sore, but she didn't cry.

Strange to say, in front of the Queen Mother and the Prince Regent, she cried and cried but now she has held it back.

Although she tried his best to suppress it, the cry finally attracted the palace servants.
The palace servants separated the two and repeatedly asked what was wrong.
Fu Ping'An remained silent and Yunping County Master cried out of breath.

This incident quickly disturbed the Queen Mother and the Prince Regent.
The two came overnight.
When the Queen Mother saw the Prince Regent, she said, “I said earlier that Yun Ping could leave.
She is obviously a commoner girl, but I don't know why she is so squeamish.”

The Prince Regent heard the words.
The face is extremely bad: “She is my daughter.”

The Queen Mother said: “I know you treat her like your own daughter, but after all the parent who raised her…”

The Queen Mother stopped talking.
The Regent sneered and said: “The Empress Dowager, why don't you continue talking? What is the difference between the born and the fostered? As far as this matter is concerned, the experience of the minister is indeed not as rich as that of the empress.”

The Empress Dowager strongly advocated sending Yunping County Master away, but the Regent did not answer.
She only asked Yunping County Master directly and Fu Ping’An did not know what Yunping County Master said.
In short, she stayed but needed to recuperate in the side hall.

After being raised like this for three days, in the evening of the third day, after Fu Ping’An finished class; she saw Yunping County Master again in the main hall.

Fu Ping’An stepped over the threshold and entered the hall, and Yunping County Master turned her head when she heard the sound.

The setting sun was falling on the ends of her hair, and it was the first time that Fu Ping'An looked at her seriously.
The other party had a round oval face, with thin eyelids and dense eyelashes so the eyelids drooped slightly as if they could not support the eyelashes; looking tired and sad.

Now Fu Ping'An knew what the other party was mourning.

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