She has forgotten where she saw this sentence.
Maybe it was in a certain novel.
The barrage does not allow her to read novels, and feels that those novels are not suitable for her to read, but Fu Ping’An still reads them occasionally.


She still remembers how A Zhi was still hesitant to say A Ying's name even if she was questioned by herself that day.
If A Zhi had asked herself to deal with A Ying at that time, wouldn't this incident not have happened?

Fu Ping’An couldn't bear to make this assumption.

There is no doubt that Azhi's soft heart hurt her, but what Fu Ping’An originally admired was Azhi's soft heart.
What's more, even if Azhi decided to take revenge at that time, Fu Ping’An might not have punished her too harshly.

The outcome is likely to remain the same.

She murmured: “Why?”

She was just talking to herself, but Qin He heard it, but said in a low voice: “Your servant can make a guess.”

“Tell me.”

“After today's banquet, this servant got drunk.
Ying, Ah Ying said in words that Ah Zhi and she entered the palace at the same time and chose to serve Her Majesty at the same time, but Ah Zhi did not know what method she used—the servant just repeated what Ah Ying said, and she didn't mean it.”

“I know, continue.”

“She may be unconvinced, but also a little jealous, and a little greedy for money.
The servant heard Wanfeng say that Ah Ying's hands and feet are a little dirty, and she often steals other people's things.
She doesn't admit it when she is found out.
She said that she took it wrongly by accident.”


Fu Ping’An wanted to find a word to describe Ah Ying, but she couldn't think of it for a while, probably because the swear words in the barrage are usually blocked, and the swear words in her mind are insufficient in capacity.

But she really wanted to curse, it was an instinct brought about by anger, but her anger quickly turned calm, it might also be an instinct, she looked at Qin He and said, “Then you go and investigate again.
If it is true, I will deal with her.”

Qin He showed hesitation.

Fu Ping’An saw that this hesitation was part of acting, perhaps because she often performed, and she could easily see that it was more like trying to elicit something she wanted to say, so she said, “Say it straight.”

Qin He said “Your Majesty, this servant should not have said these things, but this servant is devoted to Her Majesty, so I dare not hide my secrets.
This servant just feels that it is not appropriate to deal with Ah Ying when the limelight is on.
Ah Ying, it's hard for you to guess the reason, Her Majesty is the master of the world, but now is not the time…”

Qin He said this, while sneaking a look at Fu Ping’An's expression, seeing that Fu Ping’An met her eyes, hurriedly lowered her eyelids, her heart pounding.

Her Majesty showed no expression, but this made people even more nervous.
After all, saying these words is really risky.
Some masters are willing to listen, but some masters are not willing to listen.

It's just that after getting in touch these days, Qin He thinks that although Her Majesty is young, she is not an ignorant child.
On the contrary, she is very smart and will definitely understand what she means.

Fu Ping’An really said: “I know…”

Then she changed the subject and asked again: “Before I treated you like this, don't you have any resentment in your heart?”

Qin He immediately became terrified, and knelt down on the ground again: “It was the servant who offended Tianwei.
How dare she complain, Your Majesty must not think of slaves like this.”

Fu Ping’An looked at Qin He with a strange feeling in her heart, she felt that Qin He was herself in front of the Queen Mother.

The bullet screen said that Qin He was too servile, but Fu Ping’An didn't think so.
The other party was obviously the most suitable person for this court.

In the past, it was the fact that she did not discover talents.

Fu Ping’An imitated the Queen Mother's tone: “Get up, I know what you want, so in your opinion, what should I do better?”

Qin He got up and lowered her voice: “Of course it's very simple…”

After Qin He opened the hall door and came out, she deliberately looked around to see if there was anyone around, but when she got down the stairs, someone grabbed her arm.
She was startled, took a breath of cold air, and exhaled again when she saw someone coming up.

“Nurse Sun, you surprised me.”

Nanny Sun was specially appointed by the Empress Dowager to take care of Bo Jiaoer.
Because of Bo Jiaoer's special status, her nurturing mother was also highly respected on weekdays.

Qin He has long been familiar with how to deal with all the affairs in the palace.
When she was in charge, she used to please Sun Nanny in many ways.
Naturally, Sun Nanny also likes Qin He, a court lady who knows things well.
In her opinion, she doesn’t looks like A Zhi and A Ying; they are completely ignorant, one is high-spirited and clean-minded, and the other is harsh and stingy; if we talk about getting along with each other, Qin He is easy to get along with.

Masters naturally have their own preferences, but communication between servants always exists, and it is absolutely unavoidable.

Nanny Sun smiled and said: “I see you girl, you seem to have turned over again.
I have seen that you have some skills – what is your Majesty summoning you alone for?”

Qin He smiled and said in a low voice: “But it cannot be said that Her Majesty ordered it privately, but if you want to talk about it, this one will have to ask Nanny for help…”

While she was saying this, she stuffed some coins into Nanny Sun's hands, and Nanny Sun beamed with joy.
Said: “Where did it come from?”

“Your Majesty rewarded you.”

“Your Majesty will reward people?”

Qin He chuckled and said, “Yes, our Majesty has grown up.”

She remembered that Her Majesty was turning around all over her body.
After digging through it, she found a piece of jade pendant in the end, but she still found it funny.
Although the other party already had means, it was difficult to detect her emotions, but occasionally she still showed a childish appearance, but this made Qin He feel at ease.

She used to think about what she needs to do to live in this palace for a long time and safely.
She has done a good job, and she herself thinks so, but the one who has done better than her is only the Queen Mother.
In one thought, she lost her life.

For a while, she felt that if she could control Her Majesty, win her favor, and become a Zhaoyi in the future, it might be a good way to get out of the current situation, but now she changed her mind.

Being Her Majesty's loyal servant is a more lucrative business than being the Empress Dowager's.

Your Majesty is of course still too young, but it has only been a year since he knew nothing.

It took Qin He a month to confirm that the second whistleblower was indeed Ah Ying.

In this month, she has flattered Ah Ying as if she were pleasing her master.
She can even please the Queen Mother, not to mention Ah Ying, everything follows Ah Ying.
Ah Ying hates Ah Zhi, so Qin He naturally follows along her for a long time until A Ying introduced Qin He as her confidant—or she really wanted to go offline, so she revealed to Qin He that she was actually the empress dowager’s.

This result can be said to have been expected long ago, but Ah Ying couldn't help but say it directly, which can be regarded as her ineffectiveness.

She immediately told Her Majesty, but Her Majesty was very calm, and said slowly: “I know.”

Qin He took a peek at Fu Ping’An, and saw that Fu Ping’An was wearing a light yellow skirt and a piece of satin on a scorching summer day.
She wore a cloak on her face, but her muscles and bones were white and there was not a single drop of sweat.

She sighed in her heart that Her Majesty is really icy and beautiful, but Fu Ping’An was very depressed.

It's getting hot, but Fu Ping’An can't feel the heat.
She doesn't even wear a gauze dress, but a skirt made of thin satin.
Yesterday there was an ice mirror in the room, but today Fu Ping’An asked the manager to withdraw.
Because she even felt a little cold.

The imperial doctor came to see, and finally saw that there was still poison in the body, but she didn't dare to say it when she wiped off her sweat.
The Queen Mother also guessed it, and said with a gloomy expression: “Perhaps the body is a little weak.
Let's prescribe some nourishing prescriptions.”

Ping’An looked at the “slightly abnormal physical condition (slight poisoning)” in the upper right corner and was in a daze.
The Queen Mother thought she was not feeling well, so she said, “If you feel uncomfortable, you should rest more, the body is the most important thing.”

Someone in the barrage didn’t believe in ancient medical skills; and worried that the more they ate, the worse it would be, so they asked Fu Ping’An to take a look at the prescription.
Fu Ping’An looked at it as a curiosity, and found out that it was all “angelica wolfberry” and the like.
There will be no problems but nothing useful, and I am relieved and a little embarrassed.

Speaking of which, she is the emperor, but even the people in the Imperial Hospital are unwilling to seriously treat her.

She was very depressed; at this moment Ah Ying came in, brought a bowl of lotus seed soup, and told Fu Ping’An to relieve the heat.

Fu Ping’An's eyes dimmed slightly, and she closed her eyes and said, “Let's put it down, I'm a little tired, take a nap for a while, you can go out.”

Ah Ying stepped back after bending, and when she walked to the edge of the screen, she saw a vase in the corner of the wall.
There is a hairpin on the small table.

The hairpin was probably made of silver, polished smooth and bright, and decorated with green jade.
Although it looks simple, the details are exquisite, which cannot be seen from the outside.

She was taken aback for a moment, and then remembered that Her Majesty was picking up gifts for Princess Yunping recently, and often sent those jewelry out of the warehouse, but often put them away, and couldn't remember them afterwards.
Only when they put them away did they suddenly realize, and said, “Oh, accidentally forgot one.”

She raised her head slightly, and saw that Her Majesty had already leaned on the bed and closed her eyes, she couldn't help swallowing, her heart was beating wildly, and she put the hairpin into her arms as soon as she stretched out her hand.

Just, just put it away first.

Although she thought so at the moment, she still put it in her locked jewelry box at night.

She soon discovered that there were many such opportunities, because Her Majesty always had headaches, and her memory seemed to be getting worse and worse…

On Princess Yunping's birthday, Fu Ping’An was finally allowed to visit her in Qingquan Palace.

She prepared gifts in the wooden box, besides a golden step shaker, and the “Fundamentals of Astronomy” that she copied by herself, because she remembered what Princess Yunping said before, that she likes things like astronomy.

When Bo Jiaoer saw Fu Ping’An giving a gift to Princess Yunping, she made a fuss and said she wanted a gift too.
Fu Ping’An was so entangled that she also gave Bao Jiaoer a gold hairpin, and put her own hand on her head.

Bo Jiaoer was satisfied, and this small banquet was enjoyable until the next day, when Bo Jiaoer burst into tears in the room.

“The hairpin that your majesty's sister gave me yesterday is gone.”

This day, she made a mess that turned upside down, and it went all the way to the Queen Mother's palace.
In Ying's room, a pile of jewelry that she shouldn't have was found—including Bo Jiaoer's hairpins.

The Queen Mother was too lazy to deal with these thefts and the like, she just said to make Bo Jiaoer vent her anger, and Bo Jiaoer ordered the spine of the stick to be one hundred.

For the punishment on the back of the rod, twenty blows can bring half-death to a person, fifty blows can surely kill a person, and a hundred blows are actually just rushing to beat people into mud.

Fu Ping’An didn't know if Bo Jiaoer had this idea, she looked at the window for a while, and couldn't bear to listen to the sharp cries, and couldn't help thinking that it was fortunate that the live broadcast was turned off in advance today, otherwise she might have lost many viewers.

She closed the window, and saw Qin He beside her, standing upright like a green bamboo, without any fluctuation on her face.

Fu Ping’An said: “Your strategy is very good, the Queen Mother shouldn't care about it.”

She just saw a sentence a few days ago – if the sky wants to die, it will make it crazy.

Qin He may not know this, but the strategy she thought of was like this, Ah Ying's hands and feet are not clean, so give her more opportunities to steal things; after the initial fear is gone, she will steals even more.

In the end, she just asked Grandma Sun to put the hairpin that Bo Jiaoer picked off somewhere in the palace, and Ah Ying really took it away.

But there was a touch of sadness in her heart, she was the emperor, but she had to use tricks to deal with a servant.

Qin He said: “It's a servant's honor to be able to share Her Majesty's worries.”

Fu Ping’An smiled: “From now on, in this palace, you will be in charge of the entry and exit of the palace people, and you will be in charge of the internal affairs at night, but no matter what you do, you have to give the nanny a look…”

Before the words finished, someone suddenly said outside the door: “Your Majesty, Your Majesty, please save Ah Ying.”

Qin He said: “It's Ah Qing, should I tell her to go?”

The crying outside the window gradually subsided, and after a while there was no sound except the beating of sticks, Fu Ping’An said: “No, tell her to come in.”

Qin He was stunned for a moment, but then hurriedly opened the door; Ah Qing staggered and threw herself at Fu Ping’An's feet, sobbing so hard that she couldn't speak.

Fu Ping’An sighed: “Ah Qing, do you know how many things Ah Ying has stolen? I also want to save her, but I can't do anything about the Queen Mother's decree.”

Ah Qing was at a loss for a moment; her eyes were red and swollen.
She started to cry, choked up and said: “Azhi is gone, Aying…Aying is also gone…”

Fu Ping’An sighed and nodded: “Yes, you will raise the three rabbits from now on.


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