I heard that he was pure-hearted and filial.
He was expelled from the house by his stepmother, but after his mother fell ill, he still served soup and medicine personally and it's better to have a stepmother reunited than a biological one.”

The Queen Mother raised her eyebrows and said, “Oh? There's another matter.”

Fan Yi said, “I've heard about it before, and it's indeed an anecdote.”

The Queen Mother smiled and asked Fu Ping’An: “What do you think, Your Majesty?”

Fu Ping’An circled Chen Yan's name and said: “Chen Yan treats his mother with pure filial piety, which is an example.
I will ask him for advice.”

The Queen Mother patted her hand: “The emperor is already very filial.”

For this reason, a few days later when the new captain took up his post, Fu Ping’An announced Chen Yan alone, which became a matter of course.
Fu Ping’An sat in the hall and saw Chen Yan coming towards the backlight.
A little darker, but more heroic.

 [Yan Jinghan: Ah, it's actually a woman.]

[Boiling eggs in hot pot: It should be said to be dry.]

It is indeed heavenly stems, at least eight feet high.
Fu Ping’An wanted to stand in front of her, but when she got closer, she found that she seemed to have just reached her back.
Sit down on the seat.

Because He Fang was right next to her, Fu Ping’An couldn't directly ask “Are you for Zhen?” So he just pretended to ask: “I heard you are from the Chen family of Boling.”

The Chen family of Boling is a big family, There are many people who are officials in the court.

Chen Yan saluted and said: “It's just a side branch of the Chen family.
There are several acres of Susukida in the family.”    

Fu Ping’An asked again: “How is your sword skill?”

Chen Yandao: “It's just a few sword skills, it's nothing to worry about, and it’s still far from real swordsmanship.”

Chen Yandao: “My mother is the closest person to my servants, how can I not be filial?”

Fu Ping’An felt that it was reasonable to choose such a person, and felt a little weird, so she chatted again.
After a few words, let her go.    

She turned her head and saw He Fang looking at her with a smile, and asked, “He Shangshu, did I say something wrong just now?”

He Fangdao: “Your Majesty is very dignified, and every question is on point.”

Fu Ping’An yawned, “That's good.
I'm tired.
I don't want to read in the afternoon.
Let's take a nap.”

Behind Fu Ping’An, He Fang secretly showed a look of disdain.

The barrage immediately complained –

 [Ping'an baby is so cute: This person rolled his eyes again.]

 [Humph! I am not arrogant! : If you don't care about this kind of ancient people, how would he know that he can study safely in the system.]

 [Lin Yi: But the anchor is also an ancient person.]

Fu Ping’An returned to the palace, and Bo Jiaoer immediately clung to her.

Now that she has Qin He's message, she knows why Bo Jiaoer is so clingy to her.
This is because Nanny Sun keeps telling Bo Jiaoer that as long as she pleases her, she can be a queen in the future.
Fu Ping’An thought of her desire to be the emperor when she was not enthroned, and felt that it was understandable for Bo Jiaoer to want to be a queen.

What's more, looking at Bo Jiaoer now, Fu Ping’An will feel a little guilty, because last time, after all, she used Bo Jiaoer, although to Bo Jiaoer, it may be nothing to worry about.

But no matter what, her attitude towards Bo Jiaoer was much better.
Bo Jiaoer probably sensed it, beat her up with a stick, and entangled her even tighter.
Even if she had nothing to do, she insisted on dozing off beside her.

The cicadas were buzzing outside the window, and the window was covered with blue gauze, so that the outside scenery could be vaguely seen, and some wind could leak in.
However, the summer was sultry and there was not even a trace of wind.
Fu Ping’An was afraid of the cold, so she did not put any ice However, Bo Jiaoer was so hot that she was sweating, and kept turning over on the mat.

Fu Ping’An sighed, picked up a fan and gently fanned her.

Bo Jiaoer went quiet again.

Fu Ping’An looked out the window.

It would be nice if she could live such a quiet life in this palace all the time.

But it's just a thought.

She remembered that at the beginning, people often asked about Ah Ying's whereabouts, and asked if they had dealt with her and avenged Ah Zhi.
Realize that people also forget.

Fu Ping’An originally wanted Qin He to contact Chen Yan, but just as she was about to order, she suddenly remembered the situation when A Zhi and the guard were arrested that night, so she withdrew her words and asked Qin He to inquire about the schedule of the captains every few days, I used the excuse of taking a walk to pass by Chen Yan when she was on duty.

Usually at this time, the captain would salute Fu Ping'An, and Chen Yan was not even qualified to speak a word as a professional.

Fu Ping'An was a little anxious.

She urgently needs to confirm Chen Yan's identity to give herself some confidence, but she knows that there is no rush.

Amidst such anxiety, good news came from South Vietnam.
The regent Fu Lingxian was invincible, and now she has suppressed the South Vietnam rebellion and will return to Beijing soon.

The wind direction in the court began to become subtle.
Someone took advantage of the incident in the first half of the year to impeach Prime Minister Fan Yi for being ungrateful.
Fan Yi then wrote a letter to resign, but was rejected by Her Majesty—of course, Her Majesty's idea was actually the Queen Mother's idea, everyone knows this.

In such a delicate atmosphere, the Queen Mother celebrated her birthday.

The Queen Mother's birthday is called Qianqiu Festival.

This is naturally the meaning of the ages, but it just so happened that the Empress Dowager's birthday happened to be in late summer and early autumn, and after the Qianqiu Festival, the weather became cooler day by day.

The weather was cooler, and Fu Ping'An began to feel a lot more comfortable.
Although she had to dress thicker than ordinary people, the problems of chest tightness and shortness of breath in summer were gone.


Fu Ping'An felt that she was well, but something bad happened in the world.
It was the time of autumn harvest, but there was a plague of locusts in Liangnan. 


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