While talking, Xu Weiqing and Fang Yunli came over.

The expressions of the two were completely different, Xu Weiqing was full of ambition and eager to try, and Fang Yunli lowered her eyebrows and looked worried.

Just outside, Xu Weiqing chatted with Fang Yunli, asking her what her name was, where she worked now, and which ministry she was from.

Fang Yunli was vague and didn't dare to say anything more.
If she said it, although her official position was higher than Xu Weiqing's now but she didn't dare to rely on her status in front of Xu Weiqing.
In the past few months, even though she had obtained an official position, she was horrified to find that Her Majesty seemed to know her true identity.

There are standards for going to the deer feast that day, the minimum standard is to be a scholar, Fang Yunli belongs to a merchant class, and to get this opportunity to participate, she had bought an identity.

To be honest, she didn't think she could gain anything from the deer feast, she just went there with the idea of ​​increasing her knowledge, and the poem was written very sloppily; not so much as a poem, but as a description of her overseas experience for a moment.

Unexpectedly, not long after the deer feast, everyone was still trembling about the rebellion of the Three Kings.
She was summoned to the palace and obtained the status of Shanglin Zhongguan.
This Zhongguan is a full-time central minter of copper coins.
She sees whether the pattern of this coin is done correctly, and whether the copper used is correct.
It is small but it is still official.

She was terrified, especially for her family members.
At first, she was assumed she was lucky, thinking that she would be fine if she was not discovered but once Her Majesty called her to speak and suddenly asked her about the way of doing business, and asked her where she had been, but had she been to other places? The more she was asked about her country, the more her heart became colder, and she felt that Her Majesty must have known about her buying the identity.

She didn't dare to tell her family about this, for she was afraid that one day she would wake up and be dragged to Ting Wei Prison.

From then to today, it seems that it has been three months, and Fang Yunli has not had a good night's sleep, thinking that if she still has the chance to see Her Majesty, she must confess and be lenient.

Today, this opportunity finally came, but the situation looked a little wrong.
She met the saint together with this well-known young talent from the Xu family.

This Xu Weiqing is now famous because of the deer banquet.
Those who like her say that she is upright, and those who don't like her say that she has no sense of proportion.
Fang Yunli has no feelings for her, but she suspects that if she confesses in front of her, she will not be lenient.
She will ask Her Majesty to confiscate her home.

I dare not say it again.

Thinking of this, she saw Her Majesty again.

Nowadays, some people out there exaggerate Your Majesty, thinking that she is the birth of an emperor star because she was enthroned at a young age and because she managed the country well.
In addition, those who have met Her Majesty all say that she is beautiful and has a good temperament unlike ordinary people.

Later, the poem about drinking a deer feast was published, with beautiful words and profound meanings, it didn't look like the work of a thirteen-year-old girl at all, and all kinds of rumors became more and more clamorous.

Fang Yunli is in her thirties, and she traveled all over the world.
She probably knew in the past that the current situation in the country is stable, and it should be credited to the regent, but after seeing Her Majesty last time, she is not so sure.

Your Majesty is a little unusual.

“…In addition to the transfer orders and imperial edicts on the surface, I will also give you a secret decree, indicating that under special circumstances, you can dispatch troops and generals.
No matter what the situation is, I still hope that you will give priority to protecting yourself.”

At that time, Her Majesty was talking to a court official, and the woman was wearing a dark red court dress – which meant that the other party was already a public minister.
She felt a chill in her heart and became nervous again.

Her Majesty looked over, with a smile on her face, but seemed a little worried.
Fang Yunli once again sighed in her heart that Her Majesty's beauty was as beautiful as a fairy, and then immediately bowed her head and saluted along with Xu Weiqing.

“This is the helper I found for you.
Both of them are talented and prudent, and they are quick-witted when they encounter problems.
I wish you a helping hand.”

Fang Yunli thought, who is prudent?

Xu Weiqing thought to herself, who is the most talented?

The two looked at each other and then lowered their heads again.

Her Majesty said: “Two dear ladies, please, this is Taifu Bo.
If you want to work together in the future, you can get to know her in advance.”

It turned out that this was the famous Taifu Bo.
Fang Yunli hurriedly saluted and said hello, but Xu Weiqing did not.

Her Majesty smiled and asked: “Why didn't Xu Qing say hello to the superior.”

Xu Weiqing said: “I just don't know how to address it.
Can Taifu Bo still be called Taifu now?”

The atmosphere became cold.

Fu Ping’An was also a little unhappy, but she didn't show it, because if she showed it, she would have to punish Xu Weiqing.
But she doesn't want to punish Xu Weiqing now, as long as the other party is willing to go to South Vietnam, Fu Ping’An is willing to give her a certain amount of tolerance.

Fu Ping’An cast her eyes on Bo Mengshang, and Bo Mengshang's expression was slightly condensed, and then she said: “Although Bo is not famous, she knows that the imperial edict should be issued by Her Majesty, and today Her Majesty said that I am still Taifu.
Does Dr.
Xu have any other opinions?”

Xu Weiqing hurriedly said: “I didn't mean that, but…
I just thought about it, Your Majesty, forgive me.”

Fu Ping’An pretended not to understand the plot, generally speaking, she said with a smile: “Tomorrow, I will give Bo Qing the post of Nanyue State Shepherd at the court, and the two of you will go to South Vietnam with her for the job.
You two are willing.”

Fang Yunli's face turned pale, and Xu Weiqing's blacken.

In short, it looks like they don't want to.

Fu Ping’An said: “This matter is related to the century-old plan of the Wei Dynasty.
I have already discussed it with Mr.
Bo, and the two of you can discuss it together.
If you have any ideas, you can bring them up.”

Bo Mengshang took the book “South Vietnam Reform”

“Pilot Five-Year Development Plan” was handed to Fang Yunli, Fang Yunli took it, turned the first page, and felt dark.

 [The purpose of the reform pilot is to show an effective development direction to other state capitals across the country and develop a streamlined and efficient management model.

The current plan is to ensure a 50% increase in population within five years, double the increase in food crops; over half of the natives in South Vietnam will surrender, develop domestic and foreign commerce, and ensure a steady increase in tax revenue…]

The text is written in plain language and is very easy to understand but also very scary.
That's South Vietnam!

In the minds of most people in Wei Jing, it is a place where people drink their blood.

But looking back, she found that the plan was detailed enough.

From land measurement methods to clothing, food, housing, and transportation solutions to trade directions, it can be called hands-on teaching.    

Fang Yunli was doubting life, Xu Weiqing felt a little surprised when she touched the pages of the book: “Is this paper? Does Your Majesty have such paper?”

Fu Ping’An said: “When you finish talking and leave the palace, you can take some out.”

She doesn't know if it is the temptation of paper, and then the three began to discuss seriously, sometimes falling into suspicion, sometimes there was a heated argument, and Fu Ping’An allowed the three of them to discuss until they needed it.
As a result, the three of them discussed until late at night, and finally fell asleep in the warm pavilion of Xuanshi Hall.

The next day, Bo Mengshang woke up in the warm pavilion, and she was in a daze for a while, not knowing where she was, and it took her a while to come back to her senses, deeply moved.

She originally thought that she would not be able to sleep all night last night, but she didn't expect that because of the intense discussion, she was so tired that she fell asleep at some point.

The palace people asked her to get up and go to court, and she was fully awake, put on her clothes, and went to Chaoyang Palace.

When the officials saw that she came out from the palace, many of them were shocked and talked a lot.
When someone came to ask, Bo Mengshang smiled and said nothing.

She hasn't been in court for a long time, and standing in the palace today, she just feels like a world away.
Someone impeached her, but she didn't move.
She just looked at Her Majesty.
Finally, Her Majesty let out a long sigh, dismissed her from the position of Grand Tutor, and relegated her to Nanyue as the state shephard.

She already knew that what she was going to do was an important thing, but outsiders didn't know it, and all cast her sympathetic or gloating eyes.

But she straightened her back because she knew she had a clear conscience.

There are only two things that make her hard to let go, one is that she doesn't know how to explain to her parents who are proud of her, and the other is that after many years when she comes back, Miss A Zhi may not even know her.

Fortunately, after the court was over, Her Majesty called her back to Xuanshi Hall, and Bo Mengshang thought, this time, she must remember to stop Miss Azhi when she came out, and express her feelings before leaving anyway.

Xu Weiqing and Fang Yunli were also there, and Her Majesty put some paper in a box and gave them to them, saying: “The output is not much now, but when the output increases in the future, I will give you more.”

After saying this, she was quite moved and said: “South Vietnam is hot and humid, miasma is rampant, Ai Qing must take care of her body, from now on, you will go thousands of miles, and you will cherish it.”

Her Majesty held her hand and stared into her eyes as if she had a thousand words to say to her, but she didn't say anything.
At the exit, Bo Mengshang felt her heart surging and her mind went blank.
After expressing a lot of determination, she left Chaoyang Palace.

When she arrived at Suzaku Gate, her IQ finally came back, and Bo Mengshang remembered that she forgot to stop Azhi to talk again.

That probably has no chance.

Bo Mengshang was a little frustrated, but at the same time, she felt that it was a good thing that she didn't have a chance.
After all, she didn't know if she would have a chance to come back, so what if she told Miss Azhi? Could it be that others waited for her??

Not good.

With such a long sigh, she was about to go home when a voice that she had been thinking about day and night came from behind him—

“Master Bo? Is it true?

A Zhi trotted up to her, panting, and said: “Master Bo, today I just take a rest and you are about to go on a long journey.
Let me treat you to a meal.
Thank you for your care all this time.”

Mengshang said: “No, no, let me invite you.”

Azhi said: “Let me invite you.
Haven't we known each other for a long time, and we still need to be so polite?”

It was hot, and she thought to myself: Fortunately, my hair was a little messy yesterday, so she can cover my ears.

But then she changed my mind and thought: Oops, the hair is messed up.

Fu Ping’An naturally didn't know that her ex-teacher was a hidden love brain.
Now that there is no grand tutor, she has a new problem.

Who will be the next Imperial Teacher?

There are currently two choices before her, one is to choose a young puppet like Bo Mengshang, and the other is to choose a famous Confucian.

All the powerful emperors must choose one, but for her, the second is not a bad idea, because choosing the second can win her the favor of Confucian scholars in the government and the opposition, which is very important to her.
In the past, because the regent was very fond of Confucian scholars, they have a very high degree of favorability for the regent.


But this has led to the fact that if you want to choose a great Confucian who has nothing to do with the regent, the range of choices is not very wide. 


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