Chapter 9 Big Mom Four Emperors cut Luffy with a sword

Ace squinted his eyes and stared at Sabo on the screen.

“Black hat, steel pipe, black clothes, this dress… Is it him?!”

“Impossible, he should be dead?”

Seeing Ace’s reaction, Whitebeard lowered his head and asked:

“Ace, do you have some impression of this person?”

“Daddy, he looks like a brother I died many years ago.” Ace looked at Whitebeard, “However, he died when he was young, and we even held a funeral for him.”

“It’s just…” Ace glanced at Sabo again.

Although Sabo grew up, his appearance has changed a lot, but Ace can still feel some familiar feelings.

‘Isn’t Sabo dead? ’

‘Speaking of which, Sabo’s body was not found.

‘Will he be saved by someone? ’

‘But, if that’s the case, why hasn’t he come to me and Luffy for so many years? ’

Thinking of this, Ace was both excited and confused.

“Father, I hope everyone can do me a favor.” Ace raised his head and looked at Whitebeard very seriously.
“Perhaps, this man is really my brother who has been dead for a long time.”

“I hope everyone can help me find him.”

“Even if I can’t figure out why he has the power of Mera-mera Fruit in the image, but if he is really Sabo, that would be enough to make me feel at ease.”

Hearing what Ace said, Whitebeard smiled and nodded.

“Since he may be your brother, he is also our family.”

“Don’t worry, Ace, everyone in the Whitebeard Pirates will help you pay attention to this man named Sabo.”


On the other side, New World, the revolutionary army base.

A similar thing to the Whitebeard Pirates is happening here.

I saw the revolutionary army in a circle around them, all looking at their partner Sabo curiously.

“Sabo, I didn’t expect you to be so good in the future.”

“Yes, and also got the power of Logia Mera-mera Fruit.”

“Sure enough, our future must be given to young people like you, haha.”

Revolutionary army laughed loudly.

Instead, it was Sabo’s troubles on his face.

“Really, now, Marine will notice me.”

“Fighting with a Marine Admiral, there will be a reward from me soon, right?”

Sabo sighed.

“Next, Sabo, your actions should be more secretive.”

At this time, the leader of the Revolutionary army, Dragon walked out.

“After this incident, Marine will focus on you.”

“In addition to Marine, the Whitebeard Pirates will also look for you.”

“After all, the current owner of Mera-mera Fruit is Ace from the Whitebeard Pirates.”

Hearing Dragon’s words, the rest of the Revolutionary army nodded in agreement.

“Ace?!” Sabo frowned tightly.

“What’s wrong with you, Sabo?” Long asked.

“Sorry, boss, but I always feel that this name seems a bit familiar…”

“So… maybe you’ve heard of it before, after all, he is also a big pirate.”

“Is that so…” Sabo shook his head and cast his eyes on the gold list in the sky.

On the gold list, there are new changes again.

——[Swordsmanship List] No.
10, [Emperor Sword·Breaking Blade], user, Charlotte Linlin.

——The slash issued by the big sword wrapped in flames is powerful and extremely hot, and ordinary people will die if they touch it.

[Big Mom Charlotte Linlin: Hahaha… It’s finally here for me, what kind of rewards will I have?]

[Kizaru Borsalino: As expected of Four Emperors, it’s terrible, it’s actually in the top ten.
However, I am a little curious about why you are attacking Jinbei with this trick in the screen.
Is this something that has actually happened, or is it something in the future.]

[Red-hair Shanks: As far as I know, Jinbei and Charlotte Linlin have no intersection.
There shouldn’t have been a fight.]

[Kizaru Borsalino: So, it is something that will happen in the future.
It is really curious.
Why does Charlotte Linlin conflict with Jinbei?]

In this regard, not only Kizaru is curious, but the parties Charlotte Linlin and Jinbei are also curious.

Even Jinbei, who is far away in The Fishmen island, has left a cold sweat.

“Boss Jinbei, are you so brave that you can resist Four Emperors?”

“It’s amazing, worthy of being our boss.
In the future, will Jinbei boss be able to defeat that Big Mom?!”

Sun Pirate and his members immediately started booing.

“Stop talking nonsense, haven’t you seen me? In the picture I was knocked into the air by the Big Mom.” Jinbei turned his head and yelled at the pirate crew behind him.

“Really, I shouldn’t, I shouldn’t have a conflict with Charlotte Linlin.”

——[Swordsmanship List], No.
9, [Elbaf’s Gun], user, Charlotte Linlin.

——Originally it was a giant’s move, but Charlotte Linlin mastered it perfectly, blasted it out, forming a huge sword aura, wherever the sword aura is directed, it is invincible.

[Big Mom Charlotte Linlin: It’s me again, so happy, haha…]

“Tsk, what’s so happy? If it’s not the [Swordsmanship List], but the [Martial Force List], I should be on the list.”

Kaido, who is also the Four Emperors, looked at the message on the gold list and poured a sip of spirits into his mouth unhappily.

[Golden Lion Shiki: Wait, what did I see? In the screen, the object of Charlotte Linlin’s attack was that Luffy?!]

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