Chapter 10 One-armed swordsman, Shanks

Seeing Golden Lion’s message, everyone stared at Charlotte Linlin.

There, on a running tree stump, the leader is surprisingly Luffy.

And behind Luffy, there are Nami, Jinbei, Sanji and others.

“Hey, it’s me again, hahaha, it looks like I will challenge the Four Emperors in the future, hahaha.” Luffy laughed.

“Idiot, is this something to be happy about? It’s too dangerous.” Usopp’s tears of excitement were about to stay.

At this time, Usopp even felt that he might have been on the wrong boat.

“Strange, why would I be with this guy…” Sanji took a puff of cigarette and looked at Luffy suspiciously.

[Golden Lion Shiki: I have fought with Charlotte Linlin separately, the potential of this Luffy is not simple.]

“Garp, you are going back to East Blue now.
You can’t wait anymore.
You must take Luffy to Navy Headquarters to train.” Sengoku pretended to look at Garp, “Your grandson is too high-profile.
If this continues, Golden Lion might Find Luffy directly.”

Such a potential person, or someone who competes with Golden Lion and Charlotte Linlin, will definitely become an excellent Marine in the future.

Now that Luffy hasn’t grown up, Sengoku felt that there might be dangerous pirates looking at Luffy.
In order to avoid such a thing, Marine must act immediately.

Hearing Sengoku’s words, Garp nodded, turned and walked towards the Navy Headquarters port.

At this moment, a new message appeared on the gold list.

[Golden Lion Shiki: That guy named Luffy, you can see what I said.
How about joining me, I let you be my cadre, and we conquer the world together.
Hawkeye, you are by his side, help me tell his decision.]

Seeing this scene, Garp staggered and almost didn’t fall to the ground.

Good guy, even invited the grandson of Marine hero to be a pirate.

The Marines looked at Garp, and they saw Garp’s face in a state of anger.

“That Golden Lion, don’t let me meet, otherwise, I must send you into Impel down again.”

Garp yelled up to the sky.

On the other side, the sea restaurant Baratie.

“Hey, who wants to be your partner with you, I want to be the man of One Piece!” Luffy yelled amidst everyone’s shocked eyes, and then looked at Zoro.

“Zoro, you can speak, you help me tell him that I am not his partner, and that I am the man who wants to be the One Piece.”

“If that’s the case, you can say it yourself.” Zoro twitched his mouth.
Even though he said that, as a team member, he still left a comment on the gold list.

[Zoro: Luffy said that he refused to be Golden Lion’s partner, and that he was the man who wanted to be the One Piece.]

“What, pirate?!” Garp, who had just walked a few steps, widened his eyes and looked at Zoro’s message incredulously.

“Wait, Luffy said this before.”

“Now that he has gone to sea, can it be said that he has become a pirate?!”

“No, I have to stop him quickly!”

At the end of the speech, Garp directly took the fastest speed and ran to the port, staring at the other Marines for a moment.

[Golden Lion Shiki: Hahaha, it’s really interesting, do you want to be the One Piece? With that said, you will compete with me and Charlotte Linlin as a pirate in the future.
Very good, I can’t wait to see you.]

“Boss, isn’t it too good? Luffy is now being targeted by Golden Lion and Four Emperors.” Somewhere in New World, Red Hair Pirates cadre Lucy Roo looked at Shanks with worry.

“Hahaha, it’s okay, if it’s Luffy, there must be no problem.” Shanks waved his hand, “Moreover, the world is so big, it is not so easy for them to find Luffy.
Luffy will not come to New World now.
Worried about Four Emperors.”

“However, I did not misunderstand the wrong person.
Luffy’s future can actually come to this point.”

Thinking of Luffy and Charlotte Linlin contending, Shanks couldn’t help but feel relieved.

“Captain, look, you are on the list!” Suddenly, Laki Lu yelled and pointed to the sky.

On the gold list, it was a scene of Shanks practicing one-armed sword skills.

“It’s the eighth, worthy of being our captain.”

“Awesome, long live Red Hair Pirates.”

The pirates of Red Hair Pirates shouted in excitement.

“Eighth place? Not bad.” Shanks stood up and held up the wine glass in his hands.
“Little ones, for me to get the eighth place, come and have a banquet.”

“Oh!” shouted the pirates.

‘Shanks, even if he has only one arm, his swordsmanship is so good.
Perhaps, you can go to him to compete.
Mihawk’s eyes narrowed slightly, and the corners of his mouth cocked.

Once upon a time, because Shanks lost an arm, Mihawk, who often tried swordsmanship with Shanks, gave up and continued to compete with Shanks.

Now that Shanks is still extremely powerful in swordsmanship, Mihawk has once again raised the idea of ​​competing with Shanks.

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