Chapter 11 Hawkeye swordsmanship, destroying meteorites

“Huh?! Is Deputy Captain Rayleigh seventh, one place higher than me.” Shanks just put down his glass and noticed the change in the ranking of the gold list in the sky.

“Hahaha… deserves to be Deputy Captain Rayleigh, even when he is old, he is still so strong.”

“It seems that if I want to surpass your swordsmanship, I still need to exercise well.”

Shanks was not at all unhappy about losing to Rayleigh.

‘Rayleigh, you can’t underestimate the veteran strong.
“Red Hair Pirates Deputy Captain Ben.
Beckman narrowed his eyes, thinking in his heart, “However, if Shanks didn’t break that hand, maybe it’s better than Rayleigh in swordsmanship.” ’

[Hawkeye Mihawk: Pluton Rayleigh is indeed a legend of the last era.
If possible, I really want to compete with you.

[Rayleigh: Haha, I’m old and I can’t compare to your young people.
Moreover, I am only 7th, compared to you who have not yet announced the swordsmanship rankings, but still a bit worse.
As the world’s number one swordsman, you should be ranked number one in swordsmanship.

[Brook: Hehehehe, this gold list is really interesting.
The top rankings are really amazing.
Compared to you, my sword skills are really bad.]

[Redhair Shanks: Brook, I remember the one who ranked 90th, by the way, are you really a skeleton? ]

[Brook: Yo ha ha ha, I am indeed the one with only bones left.]

[Charlotte Linlin: Skeleton? That’s really interesting.
There are no bones in my world… How about it, Brook, do you want to come to me? ]

[Brook: I’m sorry, because of some kind of relationship, I can’t leave where I am now, so I can’t join your camp.

After leaving a message on the gold list, Brook looked at the Devil’s Triangle he was in and couldn’t help sighing deeply.

Because Gecko Moria captured the shadow, Brook couldn’t survive in the sun, so he could only wander in the devil’s triangle where there is no sunlight all day long.

On the other side, Li Fan couldn’t help squinting his eyes after seeing Brook’s speech.

‘Is this guy finally talking? Swordsmanship [Nose Song Sanding·Arrow Tail Slash] can be even stronger than Zoro’s Three Thousand Worlds.’

‘Is it because Zoro has not yet been able to develop a higher three thousand worlds.’

‘That’s right, Zoro has just started now, and it’s far from what it will be two years later.

——[Swordsmanship List]No.6, Unnamed Swordsmanship, User, Hawkeye Mihawk.

——Swing a big sharp black sword to form a strong wind pressure, so strong that it can directly smash the meteorite.

On the gold list, the picture turned, and there was a picture of Hawkeye Mihawk holding a sword in both hands and staring at the front.

“Gosh, is that really a meteorite?”

“Mihawk, is this going to cut a meteorite with a sword?!”

“That’s for sure, you haven’t seen the special introduction of Mihawk’s swordsmanship on the gold list that can crush meteorites.
But why is Hawkeye’s swordsmanship an unnamed swordsmanship?”

“In other words, why is this meteorite divided into two parts? Wait, is there a person in the middle of the meteorite?”

“That guy is… Pirate Hunter Zoro?!”

Seeing Zoro in the air between the two meteorite halves on the screen, everyone on the Bharati stared at Zoro with rounded eyes.

Sanji: “This guy, shouldn’t you split the meteorite into two parts, right?”

At this moment, Mihawk in the gold list screen moved, and he saw his hands swing the knife forward.

Immediately, a hurricane was triggered from the tip of Mihawk’s sword and flew quickly towards the meteorite.

As soon as the sword gas touched the meteorite, the meteorite shattered directly into countless stones, and Zoro in the middle of the meteorite sank and landed steadily on the ground.

[Hawkeye Mihawk: The scene I haven’t experienced before, is it also a scene in the future? ]

[Kizaru Borsalino: Hmm… That Zoro also appeared.
Will he be a great swordsman who can unfold meteorites in the future? ]

[Red-hair Shanks: Haha, to be able to be on the list, the potential is definitely good, maybe in the future I will become a great swordsman.

[Issho: The meteorite is very similar to the trick below, can it be said that I am attacking Zoro? ]

[Golden Lion Shiki: Huh? Your trick? Can you still pull down a meteorite? ]

[Issho: With the ability to do this, it is indeed possible to do such a thing.]

[Brook: Just kidding, it’s too exaggerated to pull down a meteorite or something.]

[Red-hair Shanks: Haha, I don’t think this uncle is joking.
His swordsmanship on the list is “Gravity Knife.
Perhaps Issho Devil Fruit ability is related to gravity.
If it is developed properly, it is possible to drop meteorites.]

[Kizaru Borsalino: It’s really scary.
If you can do such a thing, you really have the qualifications to be an Admiral.

[Rayleigh: Hmm… Hawkeye’s swordsmanship is 6th.
Something is wrong.
Could it be that you have other swordsmanship that can be on the list?]

[Hawkeye Mihawk: That should be my strongest swordsmanship.]

[Kizaru Borsalino: Hey, hey, isn’t it? Could it be that there is someone who has better swordsmanship than you?]

Up to now, everyone is very concerned about the gold list, and they want to know whose name will appear after Mihawk.

Slowly, on the gold list, the picture belonging to Mihawk disappeared.

Swordsmanship ranking, No.
5, gradually emerged its name.

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