Chapter 16 The difference between a place, the reward is different

——Rewards will be distributed now.
100 to 11 people will receive 1 to 90 physical training pills.

——After using the Pill, the training effect doubles within 24 hours.

[Golden Lion Shiki: Huh? Physical training pills, that’s it? ! ]

[Bistar: The pill that can double the training effect is good for some newcomers, but the strong after reaching a certain level of strength has no effect.]

[Red-hair Shanks: Indeed, after the strength reaches a certain level, training alone can no longer be effective.
Compared with training, a death fight with the enemy can bring about improvement in strength.

[Rayleigh: This gold list is so powerful, it shouldn’t only give out such rewards, I think the important rewards should be concentrated in the top ten, after all, now only the 100th to 11th rewards are announced.

Seeing Rayleigh’s message, everyone nodded in agreement.

The gold list that can cover the whole world is definitely not a simple thing.
Now that 10 to 9 are separated separately, there will definitely be great rewards.

——10th place, congratulations to Charlotte Linlin for getting the Observation Haki seed.

——After using the Observation Haki seed, you can immediately awaken Observation Haki.

[Redhair Shanks: Hey, hey, is there still such a thing? Is it too cheating? ]

Shanks’ eyes widened.
You know, he was able to awaken Observation Haki because he awakened after Rayleigh worked hard to practice.

In addition to himself, it is a pity to believe that many people have also experienced hard practice, even the test of life and death, to awaken Observation Haki.

Now, the rewards of the gold list can directly awaken one person to Observation Haki, how can it not surprise Shanks.

“Sure enough, after you get to the tenth place, your reward will increase significantly.”

“If this reward is given to Marine, another good Marine will grow up.”

“It’s just a pity that in the huge Marine organization, no one has made the top ten in swordsmanship.”

Sengoku sighed deeply.

“Although I haven’t made the top ten, but Gion, Borsalino, and other Marines have already got a lot of training pills.”

“It can definitely help recruiters’ training.”

Tsuru said.

“A seed of Observation Haki?” Charlotte Linlin frowned as she watched a red seed suddenly appeared in her hand.

Just with naked eyes, Charlotte Linlin didn’t see anything special about her at all.

After a little thought, Charlotte Linlin collected the seeds and turned to look at the children next to her.

“Listen well, you guys.”

“If anyone finds Li Fan and invites him to all nations, I will give this seed to someone.”

Observation Haki, which Charlotte Linlin already owns, does not need to use this seed.
In this case, it might as well be used to urge the pirates to work.

Sure enough, after Charlotte Linlin’s words were over, many people showed interest.

This is normal.
Although the BIG.MOM Pirate Group is strong, not everyone has awakened Observation Haki.

Many of them rely on Devil Fruit’s abilities and are not good at Haki’s abilities.

——[Swordsmanship List] No.
9, congratulations to Charlotte Linlin for getting the Future Card.

——You can specify a certain point in the future and watch the detailed future picture of this point.

——Excuse me if you use it now, if you give it up, it will be regarded as giving up the reward.

[Kizaru Borsalino:? ? ? ]

[Vista: In other words, the gold list can really show the future]

[Rayleigh: This is interesting.
Watching the gold list means to show the future picture directly on the gold list? In other words, can we also see? ]

[Golden Lion Shiki: Use it, Charlotte Linlin, are you not curious about the future? I remember when I was demonstrating swordsmanship before, there was a scene of you fighting against one of Shichibukai, Jinbei.]

At this time, everyone was watching the gold list with enthusiasm.

After the gold list took out the future card as a reward, people finally affirmed that the gold list can indeed see the future.

Now everyone is curious about what Charlotte Linlin’s future looks like.

[Charlotte Linlin: Gold list, use the future card, I want to see why Jinbei and I fight! ]

Within a few seconds, Charlotte Linlin made a decision.

Soon, the gold list began to broadcast related events in the future as Charlotte Linlin had hoped.

Jinbei in a kimono stepped forward and walked to the unusually tall Charlotte Linlin.

—— Jinbei: “I want to quit the BIG.MOM Pirate Group and join the Straw Hat Crew.
I will give you as much life as you can get.”

—— Luffy: Hey, what are you talking about, Jinbei!

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