Chapter 17 Jinbei: Just Four Emperors

“Huh? What’s the situation? Shichibukai’s Jinbei joined the Four Emperors?” Kizaru rubbed his chin, “Can this be understood as the future Jinbei betrayed Marine?”

“It looks like I need to have a good talk with Jinbei.” Sengoku said while looking at the gold list, “Straw Hat Crew, tut, did the grandson of Garp really become a pirate in the end, and it is still possible for Jinbei to join Pirate?”

“Isn’t Garp already set off for East Blue, maybe he can stop Luffy.” Tsuru glanced at Garp, “However, I’m curious why Jinbei, who is Shichibukai, abandons Shichibukai’s identity, doesn’t he know Is the title of Shichibukai good for The fish men island?”

“With Jinbei’s cleverness, it should be impossible.” Sengoku shook his head.
“There must be some major change in the future for this picture to appear.”

——Pirate: What’s the matter, why did my mother use the fruit power, but Jinbei’s soul did not appear?

While Sengoku and others are talking, the picture of the future continues.

——Pirate: Could it be that Jinbei is not afraid of his mother?

——Jinbei: Of course, I am a man who wants to be a crew member of One Piece in the future, how can I be afraid of the mere Four Emperors!

[Golden Lion Shiki: Four Emperors? This murloc is not bad, he can say such a thing.
But that guy in a straw hat was able to let Jinbei join voluntarily, and he deserves to be someone who can fight me in the future.]

[Pluton Rayleigh: Golden Lion, you don’t seem to mind the future of Luffy fighting with you.]

[Golden Lion Shiki: What does it matter? Even if this kid will become stronger in the future, if he fights with me, he will definitely be defeated by me.
Although there was no result of my fighting with him in the swordsmanship demonstration, you have also seen that I suppressed him from fighting throughout the entire process.]

Golden Lion himself is a legendary pirate.
He is confident that Luffy is definitely not his opponent when he meets him.

[Redhair Shanks: Ha ha, will things really be like this?]

“Damn it, that Golden Lion was talking nonsense while I couldn’t leave a message on the gold list.” On the Bharati deck, Luffy exclaimed in dissatisfaction, “Nami, you can leave a message for me, saying that I will definitely do it in the future.
Beat him up.”

“You should say this after you become stronger.” Nami looked at the excited Luffy and sighed deeply.
“With your current strength, if you are targeted by Golden Lion, you will definitely die.”

“Nami is right.
Let’s keep a low profile, a low profile.” Usopp stepped to behind Luffy, holding Luffy’s mouth tightly with both hands, not letting him continue talking.

At the same time, the picture of the future also stopped on the picture of Jinbei and Charlotte Linlin fighting.

“That guy Jinbei was able to make Charlotte Linlin so embarrassed.
He will really become stronger in the future, hell la la la.” Moby Dick, Whitebeard saw Jinbei drench Charlotte Linlin directly with water.
Falling down, I couldn’t help laughing.

“That guy Jinbei is really amazing.
It looks like I’m going to work hard.” Ace stroked his hat with a smile on his face.

Once, before joining the Whitebeard Pirates, Ace had fought with Jinbei, and they were not acquainted with each other, and then they became good friends.

“Yes, Ace, you have to work hard.” Vista handed over a pocket of physical training pills he got to Ace.
“Although the black hat may be your brother, I don’t want it either.
Seeing that your Mera-mera Fruit becomes his strength one day in the future.”

“It’s just a pity that I didn’t get the future card, otherwise, maybe you can know why that man can use your power.”

“Ace, you are still young and your strength can still grow.
With so many physical training pills, you should be able to change your destiny.”

After speaking, Vista stuffed all the training pills into Ace’s hands.

“Hey, Vista, don’t need to be so exaggerated, this is your reward.” Ace shook his head quickly.

“Well, we are family, don’t be so polite.” Bista pressed his hands down to prevent Ace from returning the Pill.

After knowing that Ace might die in the future, let alone this physical training pill, even if there is a better reward, Vista will not hesitate to give it to Ace.

“Ace, just accept it.” At this time, Whitebeard said, “This gold list seems to be able to predict the future.”

“Although I don’t think anyone can hurt you under my eyelids, just in case, you still have to exercise recently.”

Whitebeard has decided that recently, he has to practice Ace personally.

“Yeah, Captain Ace, just accept it, and I beg you.”

“Yes, we don’t want to be without you in the future.”

“We still want to sail with you all the time.”

The members of the Whitebeard Pirate Group shouted in unison.

Seeing everyone saying this, Ace couldn’t help but accept the training pill.

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