Chapter 18 Shanks’s reward, broken arm rebirth

“Mom, do we want to meet that Jinbei.” Looking at Charlotte Linlin, who looked a little bad, Smoothie asked in a low voice.

Smoothie can understand Charlotte Linlin’s anger.

After all, Charlotte Linlin’s fruit ability has never been ineffective, at least in Smoothie’s memory, there has never been a time when it is ineffective.

As a result, now that Jinbei is completely unaffected by the power of the soul fruit, and even attacked Charlotte Linlin, how could Charlotte Linlin be happy?

“Huh! No need.” After taking a few deep breaths and calming the excitement, Charlotte Linlin waved his hand.

“On Jinbei’s side, Marine naturally went to talk to him.”

“Also, that guy has a good relationship with Whitebeard.”

“Compared to that murloc, I still care more about the gold list now.”

To become Four Emperors, Charlotte Linlin is naturally not stupid.
Now that the gold list appears, many things in the future may change.

It is the wisest choice to focus more on the gold list.

‘So, what kind of rewards will other people get?’ Charlotte Linlin narrowed his eyes, and on the gold list, the eighth prize appeared quietly.

——[Swordsmanship Ranking] No.
8, congratulations to Shanks, for getting the healing potion.

——Recovering medicine, after use, can perfectly heal the body, eliminate hidden wounds, and rebirth after a broken arm.

[Golden Lion Shiki:? ! Shanks, give me this thing, I can give you whatever you want!]

[Vista: Shanks, make a deal, give us the recovery potion, and the price is easy to negotiate.]

[Golden Lion Shiki: Hey, junior, there is nothing to do with you here.]

[Vista: Golden Lion, I made the decision on behalf of the Whitebeard Pirates.]

On a suspended island, Golden Lion clenched his fists and stared at the gold list.

‘Recovery potion, recovery potion, if I can get this, my feet will be able to recover.
I absolutely must get this thing.’

Golden Lion rolled his eyes and frantically searched for items that could be traded with Shanks in his mind.

“Sorry, daddy, I spoke without authorization.” Vista looked back at Whitebeard apologetically.
“It’s just that I think if you have this, your hidden wounds can be healed.”

“Goo la la la la, you are interested, Vista.
But I don’t think we can get this potion.” Whitebeard laughed.
“That Shanks still had one arm broken.”

“Now that the gold list appears, the sea may be surging in the future.”

“In order to ensure that he has more power to protect his companions in the future, Shanks will use it himself.”

Sure enough, as soon as Whitebeard finished speaking, a scene of Shanks using the healing potion appeared on the gold list in the sky.

I saw Shanks drank the green liquid in the test tube in one gulp.

The next moment, Shanks’ body trembled violently, and a lot of sweat appeared on his forehead.

Those who saw it quickly saw that Shanks’s broken arm had slowly grown new granulation.

A few minutes later, a new arm with a slightly thinner and pale skin appeared on Shanks’ body.

“Great, the captain’s hands have grown out, and now no one dares to provoke us Red Hair Pirates.”

“Yes, in the future, whether it is Marine or pirates, they will all go around us, haha.”

“Although the captain’s hand can grow out is a happy thing, but don’t underestimate others.”

The pirates of Red Hair Pirates laughed.

“This Red hair…” Sengoku looked gloomy.

“It’s terrible, Red hair in one hand is so terrible, now two hands, I don’t know how strong it will be.” Kizaru shook his head and said.

“Tsk, Damn it’s Red-hair kid.” Golden Lion gritted his teeth, his heart full of suffocation.

Not long ago, he thought that his swordsmanship rankings were pretty good, but when the rewards were distributed, he felt that there was a big gap between these few.

Others get restorative potions, while themselves, some exercise pills.

‘I don’t know if the [Swordsmanship List] will be selected again in the future.

‘Maybe, I should study swordsmanship.

Golden Lion’s idea is very simple.
He feels that his swordsmanship and Shanks’s swordsmanship are just a few terms.
Maybe after a bit of hard work, he can occupy Shanks’s nouns, and then he will be able to obtain healing potions to restore his broken Legs.

At this time, Golden Lion couldn’t help but emit golden light in his eyes.

“Shanks, how are your hands?” Ben Beckman asked as he walked up to Shanks.

“Um… okay.” Shanks shook a fist.
“The newly grown arms are a bit too thin and not strong.”

“It looks like I have to take a good workout recently.”

“Exercise.” Ben Beckman smiled, “Perhaps it won’t be long before someone who helps you exercise will come.”

“You mean Mihawk.” Thinking of his acquaintance with the world’s No.
1 swordsman, Shanks laughed.

On the other side, board the Bharati.

“Woo… it’s great, it’s great.”

“It’s great that Shanks’ arms have grown back.”

Luffy covered his eyes, tears kept coming.

“What’s wrong with you, Luffy, why are you crying?” Usopp looked at Luffy helplessly.

“You don’t know, Usopp, Shanks’ arm was broken because he saved me.” Luffy turned his head and looked at Usopp seriously, “I am so happy to see Shanks’s hand grow out now.”

“Huh?! What did you say?!” Usopp jumped up in surprise.

Not far away, Krieg looked at Luffy in despair.

‘What kind of person is this guy? ’

‘Why are the Four Emperors willing to save this guy? It should be… just kidding.’

Krieg has completely lost the idea of ​​being an enemy of Luffy.

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