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Luffy: “It’s amazing, it can be ranked, but why is it swordsmanship? If it is martial arts, I will definitely be on the list.”

Zoro: “Swordsmanship… can I be on the list? Hawkeye will definitely be on the list… By the way, is this thing reliable?”

With that said, Zoro glanced at Mihawk as if seeking his opinion.

However, Zoro soon saw Mihawk lift up the black sword in his hand, and swung a very powerful sword energy towards the sky gold list.

The sword gas is hundreds of meters long, and the hurricane it brings even makes the waves start to roll.

However, this kind of sword skill, when approaching the gold list, directly shattered.

“Huh?!” Mihawk narrowed his eyes and looked a little serious.

Only he knew that with the sword just now, he had already used nearly five points of his power, but such a power was directly smashed by the gold list.
One can imagine how terrifying the gold list is.

——Warning, Hawkeye Mihawk attacked the gold list.
For the first time, it is forgiven for the time being, and there can be no second time.

——Warning, Marine Admiral Kizaru attacked the gold list.
This is the second attack.
The penalty draws Marine Admiral Kizaru’s ten-year life span.

Mihawk: “?!”

On the other side, Navy Headquarters.

As soon as the sound of bell fell, Kizaru snorted and fell directly from the sky, hitting the ground heavily.

“What’s wrong, are you all right, Borsalino?” Marine Marshal Sengoku hurried to Kizaru’s side, his face extremely serious.

He also heard the voice of machine just now.

Taking a 10-year lifespan, if it is really as the gold list said, then the loss to Marine will be too great.

In the peak period of a person, only a few years, if Kizaru is drawn out of ten years of life, it is very likely to fall out of the peak, so Marine is likely to lose an Admiral level of combat power.

“No… it’s okay, but it seems that the body is suddenly hollowed out.
Rest and rest should be fine.”

Kizaru clutched his chest and stood up.

Even so, Sengoku can clearly see the gray hair on Kizaru’s hair, and even Kizaru’s face has a lot of wrinkles.

‘Damn it, it turned out to be true!’ Sengoku squeezed his fist.

Thinking that it was him who made Kizaru go to the sky to attack the gold list, Sengoku couldn’t help but feel ashamed.

“Did that guy Hawkeye also attacked the gold list?”

“It’s a pity, if I can attack the gold list one second in the morning.”

“Could it be him who was punished?”

Kizaru scratched his hair and sighed secretly.

[Hawkeye Mihawk: Kizaru, are you really punished?]

Suddenly, in the lower right corner of the gold list, a text with the eagle-eye Mihawk stripe appeared.

Kizaru: “Huh?!”

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