Chapter 19 Zanpakutō to be unlocked

‘Recovery potion, Roger, you left too early.

‘If you are still there, your swordsmanship will definitely be in the top ten.

‘With Gold List, you will definitely be cured.’

Seeing Shanks’ arm recovering, Rayleigh was both happy and sad.

How much he hopes that the gold list will appear soon, and if there is a gold list, Roger will not make a decision to surrender to Marine.

——[Swordsmanship List] No.7, congratulations to Rayleigh for his 20-year Youth.

——After use, the life span is increased by 20 years.

Rayleigh: “?!”

“Haha, this is really… Roger, I really hope this reward is for you.”

With a whisper, Rayleigh shook his head and used the gift.

A warm current poured into Rayleigh’s body, visible to the naked eye, Rayleigh’s originally white hair gradually turned golden.

That was Rayleigh’s hair color when he was young.

At the same time, a stronger aura burst out from Rayleigh’s body.
At this moment, Rayleigh seemed to wake up as a sleeping tiger.

“It’s really good to feel young.” Rayleigh made a fist and fully felt the strength in my body.
“The rewards of the gold list are really exaggerated.”

“However, I can get a life span of 20 years for the 7th place, so what kind of rewards will the higher-ranking people get.”

With this thought, Rayleigh looked at the gold list, wanting to see the rewards of the next ones.

But as soon as he saw the gold list, Rayleigh was taken aback by the message that looked like a screen swipe.

[Rayleigh: It seems that everyone is very interested in increasing longevity.
But after this incident, I can be sure that the punishment Kizaru received before must be true.
I don’t know if any of the lifespan I get comes from your vitality.]

Seeing Pluton Rayleigh’s message, Kizaru’s mouth twitched.

One lost just lost his life, and one easily gained life.

Murder and condemnation, but so.

[Kizaru Borsalino: Don’t be too happy, Rayleigh.
In addition, don’t do any bad things just because you have become younger.
You have to understand that you have retired.

[Rayleigh: I am not retiring, it is up to me to decide, not to let you Marine decide.

[Hawkeye Mihawk: Rayleigh, who has become younger, doesn’t know what his strength is.

[Redhair Shanks: Hey, Hawkeye, I advise you not to trouble with Deputy Captain Rayleigh.
He is terrifying.
Thinking back to the days when he was exercising, my body couldn’t help shaking.

[Rayleigh: Hey, hey, do I have such a horror, Shanks.]

[Red Hair Shanks: Sorry, Deputy Captain Rayleigh, I just talk about it casually, haha.]

[Rayleigh: Really, I’m all hesitant to go to you to talk about the past, anyway, I plan to try my current strength.
However, what I am more curious about is that I have won 20 years of life.
What will the Hawkeye who rank higher than me get?]

Not only Rayleigh, Mihawk himself is also very curious about what kind of reward he can get.

——[Swordsmanship Ranking] No.
6, Congratulations to Hawkeye Mihawk for winning Zanpakutō——? ? ? .

—— Zanpakutō——? ? ? , The name is to be unlocked, and two challenges are required to fully unlock the name.

——May I ask if Mihawk is willing to accept the challenge.
After accepting the challenge, he will choose people from the past, present and future to fight with him.

[Red-hair Shanks: Hey, this reward is interesting, Hawkeye, do you want to challenge it? ]

[Rayleigh: Is the reward this time a weapon? It’s still a heavy knife.
You have to unlock the name.
After unlocking the name, the sword will become more powerful? ]

[Vista: This knife, just looking at the display on the gold list, is no less inferior to the knife in my hand.
If it can become stronger after liberating the name, I don’t know what kind of knife it will be.

[Golden Lion Shiki: Mihawk already owns one of the twelve sharp knives.
If this knife cannot surpass the twelve sharp knives, then this reward is useless.

[Momousagi Gion: But even if it is a weapon that surpasses the supreme sword of twelve craftsmanship, if you don’t use it smoothly, your strength will drop.

[Golden Lion Shiki: Hmph, I think you are worried that Shichibukai becomes too strong and you can’t control it.

[Hawkeye Mihawk: I accept the challenge.

After a little thought, Mihawk ignored the quarrel between Golden Lion and others and made a decision.

As the great swordsman of the first world, if he dare not accept the challenge here, he is not Mihawk himself.

‘Sure enough, he accepted it.
When I saw the message, I knew that the corners of Mihawk’s Shanks’ mouth turned up involuntarily.

——The first challenge, randomly selected opponents… the time is determined, the future scene; the coordinates are determined, Banairo Island;

——The opponent is determined, Marshall · D · Teach!

Teach: “???”

Seeing the words appearing on the gold list, the future Blackbeard Teach is full of question marks.

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