Chapter 20 Future Teach, the collision of flame and darkness

On the deck of the Moby Dick.

At this moment, not only Teach, but Whitebeard, Marco, Ace and others are all question marks on their faces.

Ace: “What’s the situation? Don’t you say, wait for this gold list to call Teach to that island to fight against Hawkeye?”

Marco shook his head and said, “It shouldn’t be.
The gold list said it is the timeline of the future.
It should be a future Teach to fight with Hawkeye.”

“Goo la la la la la, interesting.” Whitebeard laughed.
“Teach, since we have been chosen as the opponent of the Hawkeye, don’t shame us Whitebeard Pirates.”

The members of the Whitebeard pirate group on the side also roared loudly.

“Yeah, Teach, give a good lesson to that guy Hawkeye.”

“Yes, what the world’s strongest swordsman, I’ve long seen that guy upset.”

“That is, why don’t you come to a ranking of the strongest men in the gold list? By then, Dad will definitely be the number one.”

At this moment, Ace came over and patted Teach’s shoulder vigorously.

“Yeah, Teach, don’t lose the face of our second division team, teach Hawkeye a lesson.”

Hearing this, Teach’s face was bitter.

“Captain Ace, father, and everyone.”

“You don’t know my strength, how could I be the opponent of the Hawkeye Mihawk.”

“This gold list should be a random person to be the opponent.”

“Hawkeye is also very lucky.
If he is looking for a future father, I believe that he can defeat Hawkeye with one move.”

“Also, since it is the future me, it must have nothing to do with the present me, thief hahaha…”

On the other side, the deserted island where Red Hair Pirates is located.

Seeing that Gold List had selected Teach, Shanks frowned.

[Redhair Shanks: Hawkeye, you better be careful with that Teach.
So far, I have suffered countless injuries, but the scar that Teach left on my face is still aching.
Moreover, when I confronted Teach, I didn’t care about it.
That guy’s strength is definitely not weak.
Since he is the future, he will definitely be stronger.]

Seeing the message from Shanks, Teach’s smile instantly froze.

[Kizaru Borsalino: It’s terrible.
The wound on the Four Emperors Shanks’s face turned out to be brought by a little-known person from the Whitebeard Pirates.
It is indeed the Whitebeard Pirates.
Anyone can make Four.
Emperors Shanks’s memories are still fresh.]

[Vista: Red hair, what do you mean by that.]

[Rayleigh: Teach? I am a little bit impressed by this name.
I remember that I was a trainee pirate of the Whitebeard Pirates.]

[Hawkeye Mihawk: No matter who the opponent is, I don’t care about it.]

To put it succinctly, since facing the rewards of the gold list, Mihawk never thought of underestimating the enemy, especially the opponent from the future.

In the future, maybe a weak person has become a strong person.

——Hawkeye Mihawk, please prepare.
After ten seconds, you will enter the battlefield.
10,9,8… 3,2,1, start transmitting!


A golden light suddenly shot down from the gold list, covering Mihawk’s body.

A second later, Mihawk’s figure disappeared on the deck.

Zoro, Luffy and others immediately raised their heads and looked into the air, and they saw Mihawk’s figure.

In addition to Mihawk, there are two figures in the picture.

“Hey, isn’t that me?” Ace looked at the gold list in the sky with a little surprise, “Isn’t the eagle eye going to fight the future Mihawk? Why I will be there, and I still kneel on the ground, as if he is still injured.
Teach, what do you think?”

“Ah, that, I don’t know.” Teach shook his head abruptly, and then stared at the gold list closely.

‘The future me, the black breath on my body, can it be said that I will get Dark Fruit in the future? I really succeeded? ! ’

‘Wait, I won’t be the one who hit Ace’s body, right?!’

Teach’s heart fell into ecstasy, but the next moment, his mood suddenly dropped to a low point.

While floating in the air, Mihawk tried to move his body, but found that he couldn’t move even a finger at all.

‘Can’t move, do you have to wait until the exchange between the two of them is over?’

‘But, is this the future of the Whitebeard Pirates, Ace and Teach? ’

‘If that’s the case, it’s really interesting.’

‘When Whitebeard saw this picture, he didn’t know what his expression would be.’

According to Mihawk’s understanding of the gold list, he felt that the scenes that happened here must have been fully shown by the gold list.

While Mihawk was thinking about it, the conversation between Teach and Ace also entered sanitation.

Teach: “In the face of darkness, all abilities are powerless.
Even a strong man like you is the same.”

“However, I feel a pity more and more, Ace, be my partner.”

Ace: “I choose to support Whitebeard as king.”

After speaking, Ace rushed towards Teach holding a huge fireball.


The flame collided with the darkness, and the last one standing was… Teach.

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