Chapter 21 The opponent is determined, the opponent Li Fan

“Hey, hello, hello, kidding, why does Captain Ace fight Teach?”

“Just kidding, although Teach is not weak, he can beat Captain Ace?”

“This… It should be Captain Ace and Teach training.”

“But, for training, you need to use such a killer move…”

“Okay, stop talking.” Hearing the crew’s discussion tends to go wrong, Whitebeard yelled, “It’s just a scene of Ace and Teach fighting.
Don’t think too much about it.
Let’s continue watch.”

“Haha, Dad is right.
How could Teach and I actually do it? There must be some reason for this.” Ace laughed and patted Teach on the shoulder.
“You are right, Teach.”

“Yes, it must be so.” Teach wiped the cold sweat from his forehead.
“It must be like this.
There must be a misunderstanding.”

Even so, Teach is almost certain that he will betray the Whitebeard Pirates in the future.

Teach knows himself.
Teach in the image obviously uses the power of Dark Fruit.
Now that he has obtained Dark Fruit, Teach will definitely leave the Whitebeard Pirates.

Since there is a scene of himself fighting with Ace in the picture, Teach felt that his future self must have done something bad when he left the Pirate Group, so Ace would come to stop him.

Thinking of this, Teach glanced at Whitebeard quietly.
Seeing that he was just looking at the gold list, Teach couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.

At the same time, the battle between Teach and Mihawk began.

At this time, Teach, as if treating Mihawk as the most hated enemy, madly attacked Mihawk.

Although Mihawk struck Teach many times, the damage was completely absorbed by the power of its Dark Fruit.

But even so, Teach, who has not yet won Tremor Fruit, is still far behind Mihawk.

After probing, Mihawk launched a full attack on Teach.

After a few minutes, the black sword passed Teach’s head.

And this kind of damage can’t be absorbed even by Dark Fruit.

For the first challenge, Hawkeye Mihawk won.

On the Moby Dick, Teach’s mouth twitched when his head was cut off.

Although he knew it was not him, Teach couldn’t feel better when he saw someone who was exactly the same as him beheaded.

‘It’s a pity, that guy is not really Teach.’

Shanks frowned.

Having seen the battle between Ace and Teach just now, Shanks, who had been on guard for Teach for a long time, would not naively think that the two were just a simple match.

‘Are you going to start with Ace? Teach, you need to pay more attention.

‘If you can see more of the future and let the guy Whitebeard fully understand what Teach is like, that’s great.

——Congratulations to Mihawk for the first successful challenge, and now the name of Zanpakutō is announced.

-Its name, Zangetsu!

Following the prompt from the gold list, Zanpakutō suddenly appeared in Mihawk’s hands.

The next moment, Zanpakutō aroused a lot of blue and white brilliance.

A few seconds later, the Zanpakutō in Mihawk’s hand has changed drastically.
There is no guard, no pattern, and its shape is like a saber, with a white bandage wrapped around the end of the hilt.

‘What a strong power! ’

Mihawk’s eyes widened, just by holding the handle of the knife, Mihawk could feel the powerful force of Zangetsu.

With a quick wave of Zangetsu, the huge blue crescent flew out.

The crescent swept across the ground, easily splitting the ground in half.

[Golden Lion Shiki: What a powerful knife, this knife is much stronger than the twelve big sharp knives.]

[Vista: I didn’t expect this knife to be so powerful after the name was pronounced, but Hawkeye didn’t use much force just now.]

[Red-hair Shanks: Congratulations, Hawkeye, but if we have to try again in the future, you must be taken out of this sword.
I’m afraid my companion can’t bear it, hahaha.]

——The first challenge is successful.
May I ask if I will continue the second challenge.

——After the second challenge is successful, the real name of the sword will be obtained; after the challenge fails, Zangetsu will be taken back.

——If you give up, you can bring Zangetsu back.

[Hawkeye Mihawk: I continue to challenge.]

Without hesitation, Mihawk made a decision instantly.

——The first challenge, randomly selected opponents… the time is determined, the current scene; the coordinates are determined, the nameless island;

——The opponent is sure, Li Fan!

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