Chapter 22 The real strongest swordsman

[Rayleigh: Huh? ! Am I wrong, is it Li Fan’s name that just appeared?]

[Redhair Shanks: Deputy Captain Rayleigh, I think you are not mistaken, what you see is indeed Li Fan’s name.]

[Golden Lion Shiki: Hahaha, it’s interesting, now I can know who the strongest swordsman is.]

[Momousagi Gion: I was able to choose Li Fan.
If there is life and death in the battle, is it really dead?]

[Charlotte Linlin: Since the time is now, maybe it will really die.
Hehe, I think Hawkeye just gave up is the best choice.]

[Issho: I can see Li Fan make a move.]

‘Unexpectedly, I ran into it so soon.
Mihawk clenched the long knife in his hand.
At this moment, Mihawk only felt passionate.

——Hawkeye Mihawk, please prepare.
After ten seconds, you will enter the battlefield.
10,9,8… 3,2,1, start transmitting!

After a golden brilliance flickered, Hawkeye Mihawk’s figure was on a spacious and silent island.

Opposite Mihawk is Li Fan’s gym.

“Li Fan…” Mihawk walked into the gym and looked at the man standing in the middle of the gym.
Mihawk’s eyes gradually became serious.

“I didn’t expect Gold List to send you to me, Mihawk.” Li Fan turned around and looked at Mihawk with a smile on his face.

“Your swordsmanship is great.” Mihawk walked to Li Fan’s side with a knife in his hand, “Let me see, among us, who is the world’s strongest swordsman.”

Although in the demo, Li Fan’s swordsmanship was very good, but Mihawk didn’t think it would definitely be effective for him.

You will know only after you have really seen it.

After speaking, Mihawk put Zangetsu aside and walked to Li Fan with his original black knife.

“Don’t you use Zangetsu?” Li Fan raised an eyebrow and asked.

“That weapon is too strong, and I haven’t got it yet.” Mihawk shook his head, “So, shall we try this place, maybe we should change place.”

“This is also for the sake of your gym.”

Upon hearing this, Li Fan shook his head, and a golden ripple opened next to him.
One of the long swords glowing purple slowly poured out, and was finally pulled out by Li Fan’s hand.

The Babylon Treasury, this is the treasure of the hero king that Li Fan has obtained during his long signing career.

Although there was no collection held by the Hero King, Li Fan was given an item to store his sign-in.

“This sword… Yan Fan?” Hawkeye narrowed his eyes.

He has seen this sword.
In the screen of Li Fan’s demonstration [Yan Hui’s], the sword in Li Fan’s hand is this long sword about 1.5 meters long.

“Swallow it back, it’s all right.” Li Fan casually put a dry pole on his shoulder, “Go ahead, Mihawk, hurry up and end it all.”

“Are you underestimating me?” Mihawk looked at Li Fan unhappy, “What I really want to see is your [Sword Twenty-Three].”

“Okay, don’t get excited, if one day in the future, if your strength reaches the level that allows me to use Acura [Sword Twenty-Three], I will use it, but now, don’t have to.” After that, Li Fan Then put on a posture.

Immediately, a stern sword aura pounced on Mihawk, holding back what he wanted to blurt out.

At that moment, Mihawk seemed to see the picture of his artery being severed.

“Put your posture, tighten your nerves, keep your eyes away from my figure, I’m going to attack.”

Li Fan reminded with a smile.

Hearing Li Fan’s voice, Mihawk immediately focused on guard, and Observation Haki played to its extreme.

The picture that seemed to be beheaded just now made Mihawk not dare to look down upon [Yan Fan].

After a second, Li Fan’s figure moved, and three sharp swordsmans accompanied Li Fan.

“Yan Fan!!”

Even faster than the demonstration, the more fierce sword aura swept towards Mihawk.

Mihawk’s eyes widened to the limit, and his body sank, trying to avoid Li Fan’s attack and slashing his own slash.

However, it was nothing after all.


Three blood stains emerged from Mihawk’s chest, and a large amount of blood fell on the floor.

[Golden Lion Shiki: It seems that the winner is decided.
Yan Fan is a trick more difficult to deal with than imagined.]

[Rayleigh: It’s not so much Yan Fan can’t handle it, it’s better to say that Li Fan is too strong.
But in this way, the name of the world’s number one swordsman belongs to Li Fan.]

“Li Fan? You will be my target from now on.” Zoro clenched his fists and stared at Li Fan’s figure.

“Huh, you’d better beat Mihawk and think about other things first.” Nami looked at Zoro with disdain, hands on hips.

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