Chapter 25 Ten years of grievances, it’s time to end

[Kizaru Borsalino: That long-nosed murloc, he seems to be Arlong, a former member of the Sun Pirates.
I remember he seems to be on his own now.
He is the captain of Arlong Pirates.]

[Momousagi Gion: A pirate offering a reward of 20 million Berry, does Nami and Arlong Pirates have a grudge?]

[Redhair Shanks: Is the Arlong Pirate Group? I remember I heard about this Pirate Group in East Blue.
Nami is from East Blue.
There should be an irreconcilable problem between the two of them.
That’s why she can’t wait to use the teleport scroll to find trouble with Arlong Pirates.]

“Nami, really came back?!” Looking at the picture in the sky, Nojiko was stunned for an instant, “It’s amazing, the two murlocs were killed directly.”

“Nojiko, don’t be stunned, we have to help Nami.” Genzo took a hoe and ran to Nojiko, “Nami must be here to solve Arlong Pirates, we can’t let her Fight alone.”

“Yes, I have to help Nami.” Nojiko nodded high, picked up a kitchen knife casually, and ran out with Genzo.

On the other side, in the Arlong Park.

Before I knew it, the Nichirin Blades in Nami’s hand were out of the sheath.

The golden blade and the lightning pattern on the blade all prove the identity of the heir of Nami Thunder’s Breath.

“Nami, what are you doing?!”

“How dare you kill my companion?!”

Arlong, who was still laughing just now, became gloomy in an instant and looked at Nami with a ferocious look.

“Very well, everyone is here.” Nami shook Nichirin Blades and cleaned up the blood stains on the sword.

“In this way, I can kill everyone with peace of mind.”

As soon as he came out of the portal, Nami did not rush to do anything, but counted the number of pirates in Arlong Park.

During the ten years when the Arlong Pirates were forced to serve as navigators, Nami knew exactly how many pirates the Arlong Pirates had.

Everyone is there, which means that during Nami’s hands, there will be no murlocs and pirates who slip through the net to attack the villagers.

“Nami, do you want to kill us all?”

“Do you think you have this ability?”

Arlong snorted coldly when he heard Nami’s whisper.

“If you can do it, it’s enough to give it a try.” Nami looked at Arlong, “Arlong, for ten years, you ask everyone on the island to buy their lives with Bery every month.”

“100,000 Berry for adults, 50,000 Berry for children.”

“Because of you, Bell-mère has to sacrifice himself and leave the money to us who are still young.”

“And you killed her cruelly like that.”

“Arlong, it’s been ten years, everything should be over.”

When the words fell, Nami put the knife in its sheath, and pulled her feet back, making her whole body tense.

“Wait, Nami, isn’t there a deal between us?” Arlong said quickly when he saw Nami’s breath of thunder, “I said, as long as you save 100 million Berry, you can redeem the village.
Doesn’t it?”

“We should be able to resolve this matter in a more peaceful way.”

Hearing what Arlong said, Nami couldn’t help but sneer.

“It’s ridiculous.
A pirate who ruled the island in a brutal way for 10 years, and the vicious murloc who destroys the village at every turn, would think of a peaceful way to solve it.”

“Compared to you, I believe what Li Fan said more.
The power to solve problems should be in your own hands, and strength is the key to solving problems.”

“Now I am very grateful to Teacher Li Fan for giving me the power to chop you by myself.”

“Thunder’s Breath·One Type·Thunderbolt flashes!”


In a rage, Nami took out ten times power, and with the thunder, Nami’s body quickly passed Arlong’s body.

Arlong didn’t even have a chance to react, so he was cut off from his head.

“Arlong, how could it be possible, Arlong is obviously so powerful!”

“This woman is a devil, run, everyone, run.”

“Mom, I feel like going back to The fish men island.”

Seeing that the strongest Arlong didn’t even have the slightest room to resist, he was directly beheaded, and the timid murlocs and pirates collapsed directly.

“I won’t let you go, everyone’s ten-year sorrow is cut off by the sword in my hand today!”

After speaking, Nami ran towards the murlocs and pirates with a knife.

[Golden Lion Shiki: Hahaha, it’s just torture.
It’s really interesting.
I never thought that such an immature little girl could have such a side.]

[Momousagi Gion: Hmph, this is also because the pirate brings painful memories to Nami.
After all, it’s the reason for your group of pirates.]

[Golden Lion Shiki: I really dare to say, Marine.
I want to ask you a question, Marine.
This Arlong pirate group has ruled the island for ten years, why didn’t I see you Marine to solve it? East Blue is not New World.
Don’t say anything about it.
You Marines can’t handle the little pirates of East Blue.]

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