Chapter 26 Sengoku: Contact me Colonel Nezumi

Navy Headquarters.

“Ten years, an East Blue island was ruled for ten years, why I haven’t received any news.”

“Check it out for me, which branch is in charge of this matter.”

Sengoku frowned, and because of anger, a tic tac toe popped out of his forehead.

In East Blue, the weakest sea, an island has been ruled by pirates for ten years, but Marine has done nothing.

In the end, it depends on the parties themselves to solve the problem.

To put it nicely, it is understandable that Marine did not know about this.

To put it harder, it is Marine’s inaction.

In ten years, one can imagine how difficult the people living on the islands notified by the Arlong Pirate Group are.

“Report to Marshal Sengoku, we have found it.”

“The person in charge of that area is Colonel Nezumi from Marine’s 16th branch.”

A Marine saluted Sengoku and answered quickly.

“Contact me Colonel Nezumi, I want to listen to his explanation.”

“Yes, Marshal Sengoku.” Marine quickly took out the phone worm and contacted Colonel Nezumi.

At the same time, the battle between Nami and Arlong Pirates also came to an end.

Although Nami’s strength, but the level of Marine Rear Admiral, it is not what pirates of the level of Arlong Pirates can resist.

What’s more, Thunder Breath’s fast swordsmanship made Nami unstoppable.

In just a few minutes, dozens of murloc and pirates were all divided into two by Nami.

Suddenly, Arlong park was full of stumps and broken arms, and blood even stained the pond in Arlong park.

This scene was seen by villagers from more than 20 villages on the island.

All of a sudden, everyone ran towards Arlong Park, they wanted to see their heroes.

“Great, Genzo, Nami did it.” Nojiko looked at Genzo with excitement while running.

“Yes, it’s great.” Even though the image on the gold list has disappeared, the scene of Nami killing the Murloc Pirate has been deeply imprinted in Genzo’s mind.
“Bell-mère, be proud of it.
Your daughter has really grown up.”

At this moment, Li Fan is on an uninhabited island.

–Ding! Congratulations to Host disciple Nami for recovering Conomi Island.
Host can now move the current gym to Conomi Island.

——On Conomi Island, Host can move freely.

——Reward Host has two gymnasiums, which have been randomly placed in two locations.

——Congratulations to the first disciple of Host for officially becoming a teacher, and rewarding Host for time training warehouse.

—— Host disciples train in the time training warehouse, practice for one year, and one second from the outside world.
One disciple can only use it once, and can use it for two years at a time.

‘Finally, it’s blooming and bearing fruit.’

Hearing the prompt from the system, Li Fan’s mouth turned up involuntarily.

‘The system will take the current gymnasium to the island where Nami is located.’

As soon as the voice fell, Li Fan and the gym itself suddenly turned into a stream of light and disappeared from the deserted island.

A second later, a gymnasium appeared out of thin air at the back mountain of Cocoyashi Village.

‘fresh air.
After leaving the gym, Li Fan looked at the crowd running below.

With a thought, Li Fan disappeared and he decided to meet Nami.

With all his strength, Li Fan came to Arlong Park in an instant.

At this time, Nami completely lost the heroic posture of beheading Arlong pirates just now, instead, she knelt down on the ground and cried constantly.

“What’s the matter, revenge and hate, are you unhappy?”

Li Fan walked behind Nami and asked leisurely.

Li Fan?!” Hearing the familiar voice behind him, Nami was taken aback and turned around quickly.

After seeing Li Fan really standing behind him, Nami opened a pair of beautiful eyes and fell directly into Li Fan’s arms.

“Uuuuu… I did it, I really did it, teacher.”

“Now, everyone will not be persecuted.”

“If Bell-mère could see what happened here, that would be great.”

Li Fan raised his hand and patted Nami on the back.

“You will see it, and Bell-mère will definitely be proud of you.”

During one month of teaching Nami, Li Fan has heard about her life experience from Nami’s mouth.

Li Fan naturally knew about Bell-mère.

At this time, Nojiko had also arrived at Arlong Park.

Seeing Nami and Li Fan embracing each other, Nojiko couldn’t help being stunned.

“Who is that person?” Genzo frowned, and planned to walk over to talk to Nami.

“Wait, Genzo!” Nojiko quickly took Genzo’s arm, “That man, it’s Li Fan!”

“Li Fan, Nami’s teacher?!” Genzo’s eyes widened, “It’s really him!”

Although only the side of Li Fan can be seen, it does not prevent Genzo from recognizing Li Fan’s identity.

“Leave it to Nami and Li Fan first, and we will go in later.”

Nojiko smiled slightly and led the villagers out of the gate of Arlong Park.

Li Fan naturally perceives the aura of the high class of Nojiko.
After a while, Li Fan put his hands on Nami’s shoulders and pushed her away slightly.

“Well, don’t cry, your sister has already arrived.”

While speaking, Li Fan raised his finger to Nojiko.

“Nojiko!” Following Li Fan’s hand, Nami saw Nojiko as expected, “Teacher, I…”

“Go first, we have a chance to meet, and we will talk later.” Li Fan patted Nami on the shoulder, “Now, let’s share this joy with your family first.”

“Yeah!” Upon hearing this, Nami nodded heavily and ran towards Nojiko.

Seeing Nami who seemed to be unloading a heavy burden, Li Fan smiled and turned back to the gymnasium in the back mountain of Cocoyashi Village.

Not long after, the reward that belongs to Li Fan alone appeared.

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