Even I don’t want to fight against such a person.
I just don’t know if Marine and World Government dare to ask others to hand over the teleporting scroll.]

[Issho: Your Excellency Li Fan is not a criminal, even if he gets a reward, it is his own thing.
I think Marine should not force His Excellency Li Fan to surrender the teleportation scroll.]

Seeing Issho message, Sengoku, who was about to tell Gion something, couldn’t help being taken aback.

Yes, Li Fan is not a criminal, not a pirate.

Just a powerful swordsman.

If Marine forces Li Fan to call out the reward he has received, what is the difference from the Pirate.

Although it is necessary for Marine to control the teleportation scroll for the stability of the sea, but to leave a message on the gold list for the world to see, does it seem that Marine is very overbearing.

This can’t help but make the pirates look at jokes, and it will make civilians feel dissatisfied with Marine’s approach.

What worries Sengoku even more is that such an approach may make the future Marine Admiral dissatisfied with Marine, so that he does not join Marine.

If such a situation is really caused, then Marine will really be at a loss.

“Let’s talk to this Li Fan in person, Sengoku.” Tsuru looked at Sengoku and said.

What Sengoku can think of, Tsuru can naturally also think of it.

“Moreover, the strength of this Li Fan is really terrifying.”

“Able to defeat Hawkeye with one move, we’d better get the teleportation scroll in a peaceful way.”

Tsuru’s idea is simple, that is, he can’t establish a strong and terrible enemy for Marine.

The Four Emperors of New World are already troublesome enough.
If there is an extra Li Fan, Marine’s departure will be even more uncomfortable.

“Huh, what about defeating Hawkeye? The teleportation scroll is too dangerous.
Marine has to get it anyway.” Akainu snorted coldly.
“If someone gets Roger’s treasure, it will definitely bring a great deal of insecurity to this sea.”

“Compared to this, it’s nothing to offend a Li Fan.”

“Although that guy has great swordsmanship, it doesn’t mean that he can’t be deal with it.”

“The more powerful the trick, the greater the consumption.
Whether it is [Yan Fan] or his other swordsmanship, it will definitely consume Li Fan’s physical strength drastically.”

“As long as we are properly prepared and use the usual military power of Buster Call, it will be enough to consume Li Fan to death.”

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