Chapter 2 Zoro made the list

“Golden List, what is this?!”

In East Blue, the center of an uninhabited island, a handsome and tall young man stood at the door of a gym.

“This thing, it shouldn’t be a ghost made by the system.”

The young man murmured to himself, looking at the gold list in the sky with some surprise.

“[Swordsmanship List], maybe this is a good thing for me, but I don’t know if the swordsmanship I taught Nami can be on the list.”

The young man named Li Fan came to this world ten years ago and got the sign-in system for apprenticeship.

As long as they sign in every day, Li Fan will be rewarded.
For ten years, relying on daily sign in, Li Fan’s power has reached an extremely powerful stage.

However, because he has not figured out what kind of world the world is in front of him, Li Fan does not know the extent of his power in the world.

Until a month ago, a young girl quietly came to this uninhabited island.

Nami, one of the most popular female characters in the world of One Piece.

Although there are some differences between Nami in the real world and Nami in anime, Li Fan recognized the orange-haired thief cat who sneaked into his gym at first sight.

After being arrested, in order to leave, Nami was asked by Li Fan to become his disciple and accepted Li Fan’s teachings.

At first, Nami didn’t care about it, but after Li Fan used various medicines and taught them carefully, Nami slowly changed.

Until a month, Nami, who had learned a little bit, had completely changed from being on guard for Li Fan to respect.

After that, Nami left the uninhabited island and headed for his hometown, and met Straw Hat Crew on the way.

Although Nami also invited Li Fan to leave, but Li Fan refused.

It’s not that Li Fan doesn’t want to leave, but that he can’t.

The system gives Li Fan a powerful force, but it also gives Li Fan a certain restriction.

He cannot leave the gymnasium provided by the system.
Only when the disciples authenticated by the system have the sovereignty of a certain place, or become the pillar of a certain place, can Li Fan be able to leave the gym.

But it was only able to go to the spot recovered by the disciple.

Moreover, a disciple can only regain one location.

In other words, Li Fan can only go to more places if he keeps collecting disciples and allowing them to keep regaining places.

Because the initial location chosen by the system was an uninhabited island, Li Fan waited for ten years before he got Nami.

This can be regarded as a hope for Li Fan.

‘The gold list has appeared, and it’s interesting now.
If this is really the Pirate World, I will definitely be on the list.’

‘It will be much easier to receive disciples then.’

‘But first, I still have to look forward to Nami’s settlement of the Cocoyasi Village.’

‘With the swordsmanship I taught Nami, it should be able to easily solve Arlong Pirates.’

Thinking of this, Li Fan smiled slightly and turned back to his gym.

‘Now, just wait for Nami to bloom and bear fruit…’

On the other side, IWC, Cake Island.

The captain of the Four Emperors BIG.MOM pirate regiment, Charlotte Linlin slammed his Napoleon knife in front of him.


Napoleon’s broad sword slashed a huge sword energy forward, directly smashing a long piece of building.

“Mom, did you cut the wrong place?”

While panicking and dodging, a pirate crew member shouted to Charlotte Linlin.

“Shut up!” Charlotte Linlin screamed, staring at the gold list in the sky.

To be precise, it was the punishment for Kizaru that emerged on the gold list.

Originally, Charlotte Linlin planned to use her own tricks to hack the gold list, but when she saw the word of punishment, she immediately changed the direction of the attack.

This also caused a large group of members of the BIG.MOM Pirate Group to suffer.

“Huh?! Hawkeye spoke?”

“In other words, the swordsmanship of the eagle eye must have been on the list.”

Charlotte Linlin still remembers that the gold list said that anyone on the list can speak on the gold list.

Although the [Swordsmanship List] has not yet begun to be announced, but Mihawk is able to speak on the gold list, it must be on the list.

“That guy is the world’s No.
1 swordsman after all, and it is understandable to be on the list.”

Charlotte Linlin nodded, tentatively speaking to the gold list in her heart.

[Aunt Charlotte Linlin: Kizaru, whether life is drawn, let’s say something.]

Charlotte Linlin can use Devil Fruit to extract lifespan by herself, so naturally she is very concerned about the system extracting Kizaru’s lifespan.

“Look, mom is talking on the gold list.”

“Mom’s swordsmanship is also very good, she must be on the list, but I don’t know what the ranking is.”

“Huh, mother is Four Emperors, and it is the first noun in how to say it.”

Seeing Charlotte Linlin’s speech, the first person who became excited was the member of the BIG.MOM Pirate Group.

[Redhair Shanks: Ale, can Charlotte Linlin also speak, it looks like you will be on the list later.
By the way, Kizaru, let’s talk about it.
Have you ever been drew a lifespan? If you are not good at swordsmanship, you can’t be on the list.
You can also change to Marine.
You Marines are so talented, you can’t be on the list alone.]

[Vista: That’s not good.
The three Marine Admirals rely on the power of Devil Fruit.
Marine Marshal Sengoku and Marine hero Garp don’t use swords.
Maybe none of Marine uses swords.
Master, haha.]

[Momousagi Gion: Shut up, pirates!]

[Rayleigh: Momousagi? This title is similar to the Marine Admiral three.
Is this Gion a candidate for Marine Admiral?]

[Four Emperors Shanks: Deputy Captain Rayleigh has also appeared, and yes, I can be on the list, and Deputy Captain Rayleigh can definitely be on the list.]

People all over the world looked at the discussion in the sky, and their mouths twitched.

It’s nothing more than the appearance of Four Emperors.
Even in the previous era, Rayleigh, the deputy of One Piece, appeared.

How can it not surprise people that a gold list has exploded characters from the previous era.

——[Swordsmanship List], the hundredth in swordsmanship, [Three Swords Style Profound Meaning.
Three Thousand Worlds].

Suddenly, a striking word appeared on the gold list.

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