Chapter 30 Picture of war on top

If the battle between Teach and Ace is said to be a match, it can barely be said.

The battle between Whitebeard and Teach can only be said to be a death fight.

This made Vista, a group of people who respected Whitebeard so much, how to bear it.

If Teach is really likely to kill Whitebeard in the future, they would rather wipe Teach in the cradle now.

“Wait, everyone, don’t be fooled.”

“I haven’t done anything.”

“Maybe the future on the gold list is deceptive.”

Seeing the look of Vista and others around, Teach waved his hand quickly, beckoning everyone not to mess around.

“Okay, be quiet, little ones.” Whitebeard slammed the hilt of the naginata in his hand on the deck.
“Don’t be embarrassed, Teach, let’s watch the gold list first.”

When Whitebeard spoke, Vista and others would naturally listen.

However, while looking at the gold list, they did not give up their vigilance on Teach.

Almost all people who can use Observation Haki put Observation Haki over Teach to prevent him from doing bad things.

“Teach!” In the future scene, Whitebeard, who was already badly injured, raised his arm and thumped his fist heavily into the air.

Shock Fruit’s ability has cracked the space.

“Teach!” Whitebeard shouted angrily, his ability to whip up a gust of wind and rush towards Teach not far away.

Marines along the way were blown away by this shock wave.

Faced with this situation, Teach pressed his hand to the ground, and a large amount of black fog spread around Blackbeard’s palm.

“Dark hole road!” Teach’s mouth curled up, and the power that Whitebeard urged was swallowed by Blackbeard’s black mist.

Looking at Whitebeard, Teach’s face was full of jealousy.

“Huh ha ha ha… this is the Devil Fruit ability I won after killing Saatchi.”

“The strongest power, Dark Fruit.”

“Father, although I have sincerely admired you, but you are already old.”

“Too old to save a subordinate who is about to be executed.”

Facing Teach’s words, Whitebeard chose the most direct response.

Seeing Whitebeard raised his hand, it was an air shock to Whitebeard, but facing Teach’s Dark Fruit, Whitebeard’s ability was quickly absorbed.

After a while of fighting, Whitebeard’s body got a lot of new wounds.

However, Whitebeard is Whitebeard after all, even though he was seriously injured, he still knocked Teach to the ground.

If it weren’t for Teach to let his subordinates join the war in time, I’m afraid Whitebeard would really kill him.

[Golden Lion Shiki: Whitebeard… just died like this? Oh, it’s ironic enough.]

[Red-hair Shanks: Listening to Teach, it seems that Whitebeard went to Naval Headquarters to save a certain subordinate.
Who would this person be?]

Although it was an interrogative sentence, Shanks thought of Ace who was fighting Teach in the previous screen.

At the same time thinking of this, there are also Sengoku, Tsuru and others.

“If it is to save the subordinates, it is indeed possible for Whitebeard to come to Navy Headquarters.” Sengoku muttered, “In other words, in the future, Marine will publicly execute someone.
As for the purpose, is it intended to annihilate the Whitebeard Pirates?”

Speaking of this, Sengoku’s eyes couldn’t help but flash.

“Looking at this situation, the plan to annihilate the Whitebeard Pirates is a success.”

“I just don’t know what role this Teach plays in it.”

“And those big criminals who were originally imprisoned in Impel down, why would they become Teach’s subordinates?”

“Shiryu, why are you here?”

“Could it be that there is something wrong with the future Impel down?”

“Did these guys run out of Impel down and then joined Teach?”

It’s just a simple fragment of the future, but it has already plunged Sengoku into a super brainstorm.

He couldn’t think of it.
In the future, Teach broke into Impel down and released the big pirates inside.

[Rayleigh: “The King of Evil” Abarro Pizarro, “The Hunter of the Dark Moon” Katrine Butterfly, and the “Big Wine” Basque Choate are some of the legendary figures in the past.
I didn’t expect these people to join Teach’s group in the future.
This Teach is not easy.]

[Redhair Shanks: Whitebeard, have you seen these clips? I hope you can pay attention to Teach, he… not easy.]

[Charlotte Linlin: Boring, Whitebeard was killed by Teach.
Could this Teach become Four Emperors? It’s kind of boring.]

[Golden Lion Shiki: This Teach, what is this to do, why should he surround himself and the dead Whitebeard with a curtain, what does he want to do?]

Not only is Golden Lion curious, but other people who saw this future clip are very curious.

But soon they understood.

With everyone’s surprised gaze, Teach walked out of the curtain, then bombarded the air in a circle.

The hit air shattered like a mirror, and the surrounding earth began to vibrate.

That’s… Whitebeard’s power.

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