Chapter 32 The fruit is in hand, someone proposes!

[Rayleigh: Haki is released outside… No, this is internal destruction, or super powerful internal destruction! Li Fan, not only has the swordsmanship reached the top, but even Armament Haki is already at the top?]

[Kizaru Borsalino: It’s really scary.
The speed just now appeared behind Teach in an instant.]

Kizaru stared at Li Fan solemnly.
At the speed just now, Kizaru is confident that he can do it, even faster than Li Fan.

But that is when using Yata Mirror to make yourself move into a beam of light.

This greatly depends on the characteristics of Sparkling fruit.

And Li Fan simply uses his own pace to move.

Seeing Li Fan’s ease, Kizaru always feels that Li Fan has not yet played the fastest speed.

[Shanks: Top swordsmanship, top Armament Haki, maybe there are other unshown powers.
There will be people like His Excellency Li Fan on this sea.
If we meet in the future, I must find you for a drink.]

[Momousagi Gion: Your Excellency Li Fan, that red hair is just a pirate, please don’t get too close to him.]

[Golden Lion Shiki: What happened to the pirates? Maybe Li Fan likes the pirates.]

[Charlotte Linlin: That’s right, keeping your mouth closed is like tying Li Fan to you.
Li Fan, come to me, you seem to be the age of marriage, come to me, my daughter will let you choose.
If you really don’t like it, you can marry me.]

[Rayleigh:…] [Golden Lion:…] [Nami: Teacher Li Fan will not marry any of you! !]

In Cocoyashi Village, Nami, who was celebrating with the seniors of Nojiko, immediately became excited when she saw Charlotte Linlin.

Waving his hands and left his own words on the gold list.

“Nami, don’t you like Li Fan?”

Seeing Nami’s excitement, Nojiko looked at Nami with interest.

“Huh?! What are you talking about, I don’t like that guy.” Nami tilted his head to the side.

“I don’t know him at all, he trained people and are extremely strict.”

“Obviously they are girls, can’t they be better, even if they have more rest time.”

“Ah, really, even if he pretends to fall down, that guy doesn’t care about it and still insists on exercising.”

“Huh, that Li Fan is an annoying teacher anyway.”

Hearing this, Nojiko’s mouth turned up involuntarily.
Looking at Nami, whose face was reddish, Nojiko asked:

“In that case, why don’t you leave Li Fan’s place, Nami?”

“If you haven’t been training, Li Fan will abandon you, don’t teach you swordsmanship.”

Nami panicked when he heard Nojiko’s words.

“This… this.” Nami turned around and turned her back to Nojiko, preventing her from seeing her expression.

“Although… although that guy is very strict in training, he does teach very well.”

“If you are really injured, he will seriously help with the treatment.”

“Also, when tired, he can still play music.
By the way, he sings very well.”

“And his cooking skills, those dishes are really addictive.”

“Right, there’s that…”

Seeing Nami on the side with a smile, Nojiko and Genzo, who kept talking about Li Fan, looked at each other.

“Hehe, it seems that Nami has really found his prince charming.”

Nojiko smiled and said in a low voice.

“Hmm… Your Excellency Li Fan taught Nami’s swordsmanship, so Nami was able to eliminate the Arlong Pirates.
Therefore, Your Excellency Li Fan is also the benefactor of this island.
If Bell-mère knows, she will agree that Nami and Li Fan are together.” Genzo nodded.

On the other side, after completing a challenge, Shock Fruit and Dark Fruit appeared in Li Fan’s hands.

Li Fan, who was waiting for the second challenge, looked at the sky casually, and Charlotte Linlin’s extremely bold speech immediately caught Li Fan’s eyes.

‘Marry Charlotte Linlin, I’m afraid it’s a brain problem that will marry her.’

Li Fan twitched the corner of his mouth and left a message on the gold list for the second time.

He felt that in this matter, he still needs to be clear about his own proposition.

[Li Fan: Charlotte Linlin, I am not interested in you!]

[Golden Lion Shiki: Hahaha, you were rejected, Charlotte Linlin.
But it’s also right, how can a strong like Li Fan look up to an old woman like you.]

[Charlotte Linlin: Bastard Golden Lion, you dare to say that I am an old woman and have the ability to come to the world, I want to teach you a lesson.
In addition, Li Fan, if you think I am not suitable, you can come to IWC to see my daughter.
With so many daughters of mine, there is always one that suits you, or more.]

[Rayleigh: …, it seems that Charlotte Linlin is a little crazy, so actively promoting her daughter.]

[Momousagi Gion: Hmph, His Excellency Li Fan is the world’s number one swordsman, how could he become your son-in-law? As a woman, I feel sad for you, Charlotte Linlin.]

[Charlotte Smoothie: Don’t say anything too absolute, Gion.
Feelings, but no one can tell.]

[Shanks: I said, we still focus on Li Fan’s challenge, okay? In other words, after Li Fan defeated Teach, he got two Devil Fruits.
In other words, Teach really took the fruit of Whitebeard.
Moreover, now that you have already obtained two Devil Fruits, can you still challenge them next?]

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