Chapter 34 Li Fan Vs Kaido

‘Hateful gold list, why did I encounter such a thing.

On the rescue boat, Teach’s face was extremely gloomy.

‘Dark Fruit was eaten by that bastard Saatchi, am I going to give up my dream?’

‘Wait, there is a Dark Fruit in Li Fan’s place, and the Dark Fruit is not afraid of the sea.’

‘If I can get it… But, is there any way to get Dark Fruit from Li Fan.’

Looking at Li Fan on the gold list, Teach’s eyes gradually deepened.

‘Um?! That is? ’

‘Damn it, the bastard Vista!’

Suddenly, another message appeared on the gold list.

Seeing this message, Teach immediately fell into a state of anger.

[Vista: Teach has been expelled from the Whitebeard Pirates.
What he will do in the future has nothing to do with our Whitebeard Pirates.]

[Golden Lion Shiki: Hmph, just expelled him from the Pirate Group.
Whitebeard, you are such a good man, facing such a traitor, you didn’t even kill him.]

[Charlotte Linlin: If you change to me, you must take away his entire lifespan.]

[Shanks: Anyway, Teach’s departure is a good thing.
What I am more curious about now is who Li Fan will fight next.]

[Rayleigh: I am also very curious about this.
The gold list mentioned earlier is the future time period.
The location is Wano.
I remember that this place seems to be a country of samurai, and it is also a blocked country.
Could it be said that this time? Will Li Fan fight a certain samurai?]

[Shanks: Wait, is that guy Kaido? Luffy is there too?!]

In the future scene, Luffy made a jump and slammed Kaido’s head in the dragon state with a heavy punch.

The powerful destructive power rolled up waves of wind and waves.

[Kizaru Borsalino: This kid is really everywhere.
Fought with Golden Lion and clashed with Charlotte Linlin, and now knocked Kaido to the ground with another punch.
It’s just… terrible!]

[Shanks: Luffy… You are really messed up in the future.]

[Rayleigh: Hahaha, I am more and more interested in this Luffy now.]

Wanokuni, where the Beasts Pirates are based.

Kaido looked at the picture in the gold list with a gloomy expression.

“This kid, who will come to Wano in the future, and have a fight with me?”

“However, this guy shouldn’t be qualified to fight with me.”

Sure enough, after a while, Kaido in the screen shot Luffy out with thunder and Eight Trigrams.

[Golden Lion Shiki: This kid is also considered a legend.
I am now curious if he was shot to death by Kaido with a mace.]

[Kizaru Borsalino: This duel seems to be Li Fan and the future Kaido of the future.
I am curious if Li Fan has this ability to kill Kaido.]

[Shanks: I am also quite curious.]

Kaido, known as the strongest creature, has always been a troublesome figure.

Not only Marine, but even Whitebeard, who is the Four Emperors, found Kaido trouble.

This guy once challenged Marine and Four Emperors alone with his strong physical ability and was sentenced to more than forty deaths.

However, because of his strong physical ability, not a single death sentence was successful.

In people’s eyes, Kaido has long become an unkillable monster.

Now, Li Fan and the future Kaido decisive battle, Four Emperors, Marine are extremely interested in the outcome of this decisive battle.

Of course, Kaido himself is included.

‘Kaido’s Devil Fruit… who should I use it for in the future.

Seeing Kaido turned into a dragon and rushed towards him, Li Fan not only didn’t feel a trace of tension, but was thinking about how to deal with this Devil Fruit.

As for eating it by himself, Li Fan had no such idea.

With his power, Devil Fruit seems redundant, even Shock Fruit, the same is true.

Just as Li Fan was thinking, Kaido had already arrived in front of Li Fan, and his sharp claws surrounded Armament Haki and grabbed Li Fan fiercely.

Li Fan stomped on the ground with both feet, and came to a place several kilometers away from Kaido.

‘It’s not a monster Kaido.
After today, people won’t think you can’t kill you.

The corners of Li Fan’s mouth cocked, and when he raised his hand, the strong sword aura overflowed from Li Fan’s body, forming a sharp long sword.

In a blink of an eye, thousands of long swords appeared behind Li Fan.

[Hawkeye Mihawk: That is… the return of ten thousand swords!]

[Shanks: Do you want to use this trick, an endless sword.
Interesting, is the shield stronger or the spear stronger?]

Doflamingo: “Fufufu… Whether Li Fan can beat Kaido, it is really curious.”

Gekko Moria: “Kill Kaido!”

Facing Li Fan’s return of the sword to the sect, Kaido seemed to perceive the danger and shook his dragon’s tail abruptly, rushing towards the sky.

He wanted to come to a distance, and waited for the right time to launch an attack on Li Fan.

“Can you run…” Li Fan put his fingers together and pointed at Kaido.

In the next second, the countless swords behind Li Fan turned into streamers and rushed towards Kaido.

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