Chapter 36 After 10 days

——Congratulations to Li Fan, who successfully challenged twice, and obtained Shock Fruit, Dark Fruit, Fish Fruit, Fantasy Beast Species, and Azure Dragon Form.

——The three fruits are not afraid of sea water and will not conflict with other Devil Fruits.
Devil fruit power can also be taken.

[Vista: Huh? ! This… this is all right? !]

[Shanks: This is really terrifying.
Picking one of these fruits is enough to create a strong and powerful person.
If these fruits do not conflict with each other, that is to say, Li Fan can directly eat these three fruits.
Have three Devil Fruit abilities?!]

[Rayleigh: And not afraid of the sea.
In other words, someone who wants to use things like sea prizm stone against Li Fan, it will not be effective.]

[Golden Lion Shiki: It should be said that there are four kinds of fruits.
Li Fan can eat these three fruits, and he can also eat one other fruit from the outside world, although this will create a weakness for fear of the sea.
But with Li Fan’s strength, this is not a shortcoming at all.]

In fact, for the truly powerful Devil fruit power, there is no need to worry about sea water or seastone at all.

For them, each has a set of methods to deal with seawater.

[Shanks: Hey, Li Fan threw Devil Fruit into his golden ripples again.
Could it be that he really didn’t intend to eat these Devil Fruit?]

Seeing Li Fan put away Devil Fruit and returned to his gym, Shanks was quite surprised.

Others get the powerful Devil Fruit, just in case, they can’t wait to eat it.

Instead, I went to Li Fan and did put Devil Fruit away one after another, and there was no expression of eating them at all.

Shanks thinks that even he can’t do that.
After all, it is Devil Fruit that is not afraid of sea water.

[Vista: I can’t understand this a bit.
If he don’t want to be a land duck, I can understand it, but Devil Fruit clearly has no such shortcomings.]

[Rayleigh: Hahaha, maybe we still underestimate Li Fan.
I think Li Fan should be extremely confident in his own power, so he disdain to consume Devil Fruit.]

“He really can’t even look down on the power of Shock Fruit.” Sengoku sighed, “If these fruits can be given to Marine, we can cultivate several powerful Marines.”

“Sengoku, maybe we can trade with Li Fan.” Tsuru said, “After we find him, even if he is unwilling to take out the teleportation scroll, we can still get these Devil Fruits on favorable terms.”

“You are right, Tsuru.” Hearing Tsuru’s words, Sengoku nodded in agreement, “However, maybe we should be a little bit faster.
People all over the world can see this picture and want to do business with Li Fan.
It must be more than Marine.”

In fact, it is exactly as Sengoku said.

On this sea, many people have already started to take action, many of them are big pirates, of course, there are also figures of World Government.

At this moment, almost everyone turned their attention to Nami and Mihawk.

After all, one of them is a disciple of Li Fan and knows the specific location of Li Fan Gymnasium.

One was sent to Li Fan’s gymnasium and duel with Li Fan.

What people don’t know is that Li Fan’s gym on that uninhabited island has long since been transferred to Cocoyashi Village.

Even if they found the deserted island, they could no longer find where Li Fan was.

——【Swordsmanship List】 No.
1, Congratulations to Li Fan for winning his 100 years of life.

——After use, it can increase the life span of one hundred years.

[Rayleigh: Haha, the life span of one hundred years is five times higher than my life span of twenty years.]

[Golden Lion Shiki: If I can live a hundred years longer, I will be able to do a lot more.]

[Kizaru Borsalino: It’s really enviable.]

[Charlotte Linlin: Of course you will be envious.
After all, you have been deprived of ten years of life for attacking the gold list.]

[Shanks: It’s really poor Marine.]

‘One hundred years of life, this gold list finally gave me something I need.

Holding the Hundred Years pill in his hand, Li Fan’s mouth turned up involuntarily, and he swallowed the pill without hesitation.

Although his system has given Li Fan a lot of rewards, whether it is abilities or weapons, it only does not provide Li Fan with items that can increase lifespan.

It can be said that this 100 years life pill is exactly what Li Fan needs.

After all, who would dislike his long life.

[Rayleigh: In other words, the rewards of the swordsmanship list have been distributed, will this gold list disappear like this?]

[Red-haired Shanks: Probably not, I always feel that it has other lists.]

Just after Shanks left a message, the gold list suddenly changed.

The golden light of ten thousand meters scattered, the big three words “Swordsmanship List” dissipated, followed by a new announcement.

——【Swordsmanship List】The ranking is over, and a new list will be announced after 10 days.

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