Chapter 37 Colonel Nezumi acted without authorization

After leaving this message, the gold list suddenly turned into a light and dissipated.

The sky was clear again.

Although the gold list disappeared, its impact is far from over.

In particular, the [Sword List] that it said at the end is even more exciting.

Mihawk: “Isn’t it on the ranking list? I don’t know where my black sword can be ranked.”

If you change to the previous one, Mihawk is confident that his black sword-Ye will definitely be able to occupy the first position in the [Sword List].

But after knowing that there is Li Fan in the world, Mihawk has no such idea.

As Li Fan is a strong swordsman, Mihawk feels that Li Fan is very likely to hold a sword that is stronger than his own black sword.

There may even be more than one, just like Li Fan can surpass himself with five styles of swordsmanship.

“Ten days, hehe, then I will wait quietly.”

Navy Headquarters.

Seeing the gold list finally dissipated, Sengoku sighed.

“[Sword List], is that the list of weapons?”

“This gold list seems to favor the swordsman over the sword.”

First is the [Swordsmanship List], and then the [Sword List].
Anyone with a discerning eye knows that swordsmen are very dominant in these two lists.

[Swordsmanship List] Needless to say, the [Sword List] also has a great advantage for those swordsmen who hold good swords.

“Well, Marshal Sengoku, since we know in advance that the second list is the [Sword List], can we try our best to collect excellent swords.”

Kizaru said.

“It’s not that easy.” Sengoku shook his head.
“The twelve great swords are almost extinct.
Now it is known that Hawkeye and Whitebeard each have one in their hands.
The other positions are unknown.”

“As for the twenty-one work of the big swords and the 50 work of the good swords, everyone in this world has their own masters.”

“As Marine, it’s impossible to grab it.”

“Unless the person who holds the sword is a pirate, there is nothing we can do.”

Hearing this, Kizaru rubbed his stubble and turned to look at Sword in Gion’s hand next to him.

“I remember that your sword in Gion is also a famous sword.
You should be able to get on the list as well.”

Gion touched the handle of the sword with his right hand, and the corner of her mouth was slightly tilted, and said:

“Perhaps, but I am even more curious about what kind of sword that Li Fan will hold.”

“A such a powerful swordsman, it’s impossible to not even have a decent weapon.”

Sengoku nodded in agreement.
Just as he was about to say something, a communications soldier ran over quickly.

“Report, Marshal Sengoku.”

“Huh?! What’s the matter?”

“The 16th Branch of East Blue Marine, Colonel Nezumi is driving warship to Cocoyashi Village!”

“What?! Why did that guy go to Cocoyashi Village? Didn’t I let him stay in the branch until the investigation?”

“No… I don’t know.”

“Forget it, you go down.” Sengoku rubbed his slightly aching forehead, “By the way, let Smoker not go to the 16th branch to investigate, and go directly to Cocoyashi Village.”

“By the way, go see that Nami too.”

Hearing that, the correspondent saluted Sengoku and ran to execute the order.

Soon, Sengoku’s order was passed to Smoker’s hands.

On the other side, the warship where Colonel Nezumi is located.

Looking at the coast of Cocoyashi Village, which was getting closer and closer, Colonel Nezumi looked gloomy.

Colonel Nezumi naturally saw what appeared on the gold list.

Originally, the destruction of Arlong pirate group was also annihilated.

For him, it is just a source of income missing.

But the problem is that the Navy Headquarters came out with news that it was planned to let Smoker stationed in Logue town to investigate him.

This made Colonel Nezumi feel a little bit unable to sit still.

Over the years, what he has done can’t help but investigate.

Even if no direct evidence of his cooperation with Arlong can be found, he can still be convicted of being indifferent to the pirates.

At that time, let alone one’s own official rank, he might even go to jail.

In order to avoid this situation, Colonel Nezumi felt he had to do something.

“Colonel, let’s go find that Nami like this, is it really okay?”

“That woman is too strong, if she shoots at us…”

A soldier and a seaman came to Colonel Nezumi and asked with some worry.

“Hmph, we are Marine after all.
If she doesn’t want to be wanted by Marine, she won’t take action against us.” Colonel Nezumi snorted coldly.
“Hurry up and get the ship over.
We must find Nami and find out where Li Fan is.”

“Only in this way can we offset the deeds.”

“Don’t forget, you and I were both tied to a jump boat.”

Hearing the words of Colonel Nezumi, the marines looked a little depressed.

Just as Colonel Nezumi said, these sixteenth branch marines are just as guilty as Colonel Nezumi.

Although it was Colonel Nezumi who led the deal with Arlong, these seamen who knew that they did not report to it were also unavoidable.

Thinking of this, the seaman sighed and turned to carry out the order of Colonel Nezumi.

At the same time, the back mountain of Cocoyashi Village.

Nami carried a plate of fresh fruits into Li Fan’s gym.

Li Fan, are you there?” Nami shouted while looking at the empty gym.

“Strange, what a beauty, where has he gone?”

Nami, who didn’t find Li Fan, put the fruit on the table and walked under the wall where the disciple’s name tag was hung.

There was only one disciple’s name tag with Nami’s name written on it.

Looking at this brand of his own disciple, the memory of being practiced by Li Fan automatically appeared in Nami’s mind.

Before he knew it, the corners of Nami’s mouth rose slightly.

“Huh? That’s it?”

Just as Nami was indulging in memory, she suddenly noticed that beside her disciple’s name tag, a disciple’s name was suddenly added.

Above, the word “Vivi” was written impressively.

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