freshing sensation originated from Vivi’s hunger, and then flowed around the body.

The comfortable feeling made Vivi couldn’t help but let out a low groan.

But in a moment, Vivi thought that Li Fan was still with him.

Seeing Li Fan’s interested gaze, Vivi’s face immediately turned red.

“Okay, don’t be shy.”

“It’s just awakening power.”

Li Fan took out a small note and handed it to Vivi, saying:

“Try to pour the power you just awakened into this Chakra test paper.”

“After that, you will know what kind of Chakra you have awakened.”

Upon hearing this, Vivi nodded and took the Chakra test paper.

Soon, water stains appeared on the surface of the originally dry Chakra test paper.

Li Fan, this test paper is wet!”

Well, this shows that your Chakra attribute is water attribute.
Li Fan nodded slightly, “I have determined how to guide you next.”

“Next, I will invest your time in the training warehouse and retreat for two years.”

“The outside world? That’s two seconds.”

“If you are fine, we can start now.”

Although he hasn’t started training yet, Li Fan has already appeared in his heart when Vivi used Water Style ninjutsu to attack Crocodile, his face looked ashamed.

As for Vivi’s talent is too stupid to learn such a thing, Li Fan never thought about it.

In Li Fan’s eyes, even the clumsy student can at least master a skill in his hands.

What’s more, Vivi’s talent is not necessarily bad.

“Wait, Mrs.
Li Fan.”

“I want to say hello to my partner first.”

“After that, I will come to receive your training, can I?”

In addition to himself who sneaked into the Baroque workshop with Vivi, there was Icarem, the captain of Alabasta’s Kingdom Guard.

Although Li Fan said it only took a moment, but just in case, Vivi felt that he still had to say hello to him.

And in order to avoid the suspicion of the Baroque Job Club, she still needs to make some preparations.

“Of course you can.” Li Fan nodded, “When you finish dealing with things here, come to this gym, I will perceive your existence.”

“Well, thank you Li Fan.” Vivi bowed again.
“Let’s go, Karoo, we must hurry up.”

After speaking, Vivi took Carew and left Li Fan’s gym.

Seeing Vivi leave, Li Fan smiled, and his figure gradually turned into a phantom and disappeared in the gym.

At the same time, in the gymnasium of Cocosia Village, Nami was looking at the newly-emerged brand on the disciple column in confusion.

‘Who is this Vivi? ’

Then every brow furrowed tightly.

“What are you thinking about, Nami?” Suddenly, Li Fan’s voice sounded behind Nami.

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