Chapter 41 Nojiko: I’m sorry to disturb you

“Yeah!” With an exclamation, Nami quickly turned around and looked behind him.

When he found out that it was Li Fan, Nami breathed a sigh of relief.

“Really, Teacher Li Fan, don’t scare me.”

Nami patted his chest, and the already slightly scaled human heart trembled with Nami’s breathing.

“By the way, Teacher Li Fan, what’s the matter with that newly added brand?”

“You said Vivi.” Looking in the direction of Nami’s finger, it was Vivi’s disciple brand.

Although there are two gyms, as long as Li Fan accepts disciples, all gyms will show their disciples’ brand names.

“Vivi is a disciple I received in other gyms, and I will learn some fighting skills with me in the future.”

“So that’s the case.” Nami nodded.
Li Fan, Vivi, is this a woman?”

“Yeah, is there any problem?”

“No… no problem.” Nami pouted.

However, even though he said nothing, Nami had a little regret in his heart.

Two disciples, plus the other disciple is female, doesn’t this mean that the time to monopolize Teacher Li Fan will be reduced?

Li Fan gave Nami a strange look.

“Nami, the problem in Cocoyashi Village has been resolved.
Do you have any plans next?”

“Planning?” Nami blinked.

“Arlong pirate group has been settled.
You don’t have to steal the pirates’ treasures in the sea like before, so what kind of life do you plan to live in the future?”

“Yes, Arlong Pirates have disappeared, and everyone is free.
I don’t have to live the same life as before.” Nami smiled and felt relieved.

Li Fan, as for you, it’s more than a month to get along, and I have never asked what kind of life you plan to live.”

“I… of course I am teaching a disciple like you.” Li Fan raised his hand and flicked Nami’s forehead, ignoring his complaining expression, and said with a smile, “Originally, I was planning to train you into top power on the sea will let you leave my gym.”

“As a result, you were anxious to solve the problem of Arlong Pirates, so I had to let you leave first.”

“If you don’t have any plans afterwards, I plan to continue training you.”

“At least, when you really have one side, let you go.”

“There are many capable people in the sea.
I don’t want to hear the news that my disciple was killed by someone one day.”

Hearing what Li Fan said, Nami smiled slightly and said:

“Then… If I were really killed by someone, would you avenge me, teacher?”

“I will, but ah… what’s the use.” Li Fan shook his head, “Even if I help you get revenge, you can’t come back anymore, don’t you.
So, I still hope you can exercise well.
At least to the point where others can’t kill you.”

“Well, since Mr.
Li Fan, you have said so, for your sake, I will reluctantly continue to stay in the gym, hehe.”

Nami’s hands on hips, an expression that you have earned.

Regarding this, Li Fan just smiled and didn’t say anything.

“By the way, I almost forgot to ask, Teacher Li Fan, when did you build this gym?”

“And, why is it exactly the same as the gym on that island?”

Nami asked curiously.

“This is the gym.”

“It’s just that I moved the gym here.”

“Why, you are not welcome?”

Li Fan smiled.

“Why? Of course welcome.” Nami’s eyes lit up when he heard Li Fan’s words.

It turned out that Teacher Li Fan said that I wanted to solve the problem of Arlong Pirates by myself.
In fact, I had already come to Cocoyashi Village a long time ago.

If I really encounter any danger, Teacher Li Fan will definitely help.

Really, Mr.
Li Fan, you are so kind to me.

While thinking about it, Nami’s eyes looked at Li Fan full of moving light.

What is this silly girl thinking? Li Fan tilted his head and looked at Nami strangely.

“By the way, I almost forgot.” Nami knocked on his head and stuck out her tongue playfully.
Li Fan, everyone in the village wants to see you.
You can go out to the banquet with me.”

“I won’t attend the banquet.” Li Fan shook his head, “I have something to do in a while, you can go by yourself.”

“Really, it’s just a delay of your time.
Are you going to refuse such a cute request of me?” As he said, Nami hugged Li Fan’s hand directly and dragged it out of the door.

However, how can Nami’s weak strength compare to Li Fan.

Under the force, he couldn’t help not letting Li Fan move a step, but made his clothes a little messy.

“Nami, you guys… I’m sorry, the timing of my visit seems a bit wrong.”

At this moment, Nojiko’s voice sounded outside the door.

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