Chapter 43 Reward order warning

“Li Fan, this is the powerful Shock Fruit.”

“You want to give it to me?”

Nojiko’s eyes widened, she looked at Li Fan incredible, and then at Shock Fruit.

“This thing is of no use to me.”

“As for Nami, I hope she can concentrate on the path of kendo.”

“Although I seem to be occupying the position of the world’s number one swordsman, I hope that Nami can at least defeat Hawkeye Mihawk in the future.”

“If you give her Devil Fruit, I’m worried that guy will put extra energy on developing Devil fruit power.”

“Didn’t you say that you want to help Nami? It just so happens that this fruit will be given to you.”

Li Fan said with a smile.

“So that’s the case.
Forget it, I won’t be polite to you anymore.”

“However, you must never regret it in the future.”

Nojiko smiled slightly and took Shock Fruit.

‘Hee hee, Nami will marry you anyway.
In this way, we will be a family.

‘If you’re a family, you don’t need to be polite.

With this thought, Nojiko opened her mouth wide and bit Devil Fruit.

“Um… so terrible.”

“Devil Fruit is unpalatable in the first place.” Li Fan raised his hand, and the orange on the side table flew into Li Fan’s hand automatically.

After removing the orange skin and the orange network, Li Fan picked out a piece of orange pulp and handed it to Nojiko’s mouth.

“Eat it, this should be the orange grown in your family.”

Seeing the orange near her mouth, Nojiko was slightly taken aback, then opened her mouth and put the orange into her mouth.

‘This guy, is that how you get along with Nami? ’

‘If that’s the case, it’s no wonder that Nami will like him.

While eating oranges, Nojiko thought in his heart.

“Do you want more?” Li Fan handed a piece of orange to Nojiko again.

“Thank you, you can eat the rest.” Nojiko shook his head, “I’ll go to see the situation on Nami’s side first, and leave.”

“Hey, I haven’t told you Devil Fruit’s precautions.”

“After Nami’s problem is resolved, I will come to you again.” Nojiko turned his head and showed a big smile at Li Fan, waving his hands and ran away.

“The two sisters are really alike, the same turmoil.”

Putting the orange into his mouth, Li Fan walked to the side and sat down on the chair.

As for the situation on Colonel Nezumi, Li Fan didn’t need to go out to understand.

After ten years of signing in, Li Fan’s Observation Haki and Armament Haki are both top-notch.

Needless to say, the distance covered by Observation Haki is wide enough.

If Li Fan wants to, he can “see” everything on the entire island.

“This orange is not bad, very sweet.”

After quickly eating the orange in his hand, Li Fan picked up another orange and peeled it.


At the entrance of Cocoyashi Village, two teams stood opposite each other.

One is a villager from Cocoyashi Village, and the other is Marine, headed by Colonel Nezumi.

And standing in front of the villagers is Nami holding Nichirin Blades.

“So, you really intend to be an enemy of Marine, don’t you tell me where Li Fan is?”

Seeing Nami aggressively in front of him, Colonel Nezumi looked gloomy.

He knows the power of Nami, but on the gold list, he broadcasted Nami’s killing of Arlong Pirates to the world.

If it weren’t for Marine’s identity and the upcoming investigation, Colonel Nezumi would never come to trouble Nami.

Originally, Colonel Nezumi wanted to persuade Nami with good words and ask her to tell the whereabouts of Li Fan.
It is better to tell Li Fan to call out the teleportation scroll and three Devil Fruits.

However, when Nami had just arrived at the villager’s place, he didn’t show Colonel Nezumi a good face.

This made Colonel Nezumi, who was already mentally strained, unable to control his temper.

You know, not long ago, Smoker contacted him with a phone worm and told him not to act rashly.

This kind of Jedi, Colonel Nezumi can no longer take care of that much.

“I’ve said it many times, please leave this island.” Nami frowned and didn’t let the way go.
“Since you haven’t taken care of this island for so many years.”

“Then please leave this island alone.”

“I will use my own method to protect everyone.”

Hearing this, Colonel Nezumi gritted his teeth, his eyes filled with bloodshot eyes.

“Nami, don’t you worry about being wanted by Marine?”

“Even if Li Fan is strong, it is not you.
Once wanted by Marine, you will definitely be taken to prison.”

“Moreover, Marine’s power is not as simple as it appears on the surface.
Even if Li Fan really wants to fight against Marine, he will only be defeated.”

“I’m warning you once, telling Li Fan’s whereabouts, and asking him to call out the rewards given by the gold list, or don’t blame me for being rude.”

After speaking, as soon as Colonel Nezumi raised his hand, Marine behind him immediately raised his gun and pointed it at Nami and the villagers standing behind Nami.

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