Chapter 44 Vibration ability, first try

“Huh?! Are you really going to do it?”

Seeing the Marines raising their guns, Nami frowned slightly, and his right hand was directly on the handle of the sword.

Seeing Nami’s movements, Colonel Nezumi and Marine behind him instantly tightened their nerves.

“Hmph, it depends on whether you obey my orders.”

Colonel Nezumi, with a cold sweat on his forehead, looked at Nami calmly.

The moment Nami put his hand on the handle of the sword, Colonel Nezumi felt that it was not a delicate woman who was standing in front of him, but a cheetah ready to go.

“Huh, why do you want to listen to your orders, Nami is not a criminal!”

Yeah, it’s you guys who make trouble unreasonably.

“I said why Marine hasn’t come to clear Arlong Pirates for so many years.
It turns out that Marine and Pirates are like this kind of trash.”

“Nami, don’t be afraid, we support you.”

“Yes, what about Marine? Finally, Arlong Pirates are gone.
Now there is another group of Marines who want to force us.
We won’t obey.”

“What Marine, I think these guys are no different from the pirates of Arlong Pirates.”

The villagers were very excited, and some even took up the farm tools and kitchen knives in their hands, as if they were about to attack Marine.

“Reversed, you reversed.”

“Dare to attack Marine, fire, fire me and kill them.”

In the upcoming investigation, Nami’s murderous aura, coupled with the anger of the villagers, finally broke the strained nerves of Colonel Nezumi.

At the same time, those Marines who were not much better than Colonel Nezumi gritted their teeth at the same time, and the hand holding the musket was about to pull the trigger.

At this moment, Nojiko suddenly rushed out of the crowd and threw a punch into the air over Nami.


The space shattered, and the power of Shock Fruit drove a hurricane to bombard Colonel Nezumi and Marines on the opposite side.

These Marines had no resistance at all, and flew out directly, and fell heavily to the ground a few seconds later.

“Nojiko, are you okay.”

Nami exclaimed, and opened his hands to embrace Nojiko who fell to the ground.

“I… I’m fine, don’t worry, Nami.”


Before he finished speaking, Nojiko suddenly vomited a mouthful of blood, and her right hand gripped her chest tightly.

“Nokiko, don’t scare me.” Nami was about to cry with excitement.

“Nami, let me see Nojiko, I am a doctor.” At this time, a villager dressed as a doctor stood out from the crowd.

“Yes, doctor!” Nami’s eyes lit up, and she directly picked up Nojiko and rushed towards Li Fan’s gym.

Only the doctor was left messy in the wind.

“Well, the doctor is here.”

After a few seconds passed and Nami’s voice had completely disappeared, the doctor finally reacted and shouted at the place where Nami had disappeared.

“Forget it, Nami has her own consideration.” Genzo patted the doctor on the shoulder, “By the way, you should come and see these Marines.”

“These guys don’t know if they are still alive.”

When did Nojiko become so scary?

“A punch knocked all the Marine away, and by the way, even the surrounding ground was broken.”

Hearing what Genzo said, the doctor nodded and ran to the Marines who had been shot.

A few minutes later, the doctor stood up solemnly, looked at Genzo and said:

“The colonel and most of the marines were killed on the spot.”

“Only one seaman is still alive, but looking at this situation, his head should have received a lot of shock.”

“It may take a few days to be unconscious.”

Regarding the death of these Marines, the doctor did not have any emotional fluctuations.

He was just worried that the death of these Marines would cause trouble to the village.

“That’s it.” Genzo gritted his teeth.
“Doctor, Marine, who is still alive, will be handed to you first.”

“Others, join me in disposing of these dead Marine bodies.”

“Listen well, if Marine asks later, I will kill them all.”

By now, as the elder who watched Nami and Nojiko grow up, Genzo is ready to take responsibility for Nojiko.

However, as soon as his voice fell, the voices of villagers’ dissatisfaction reached his ears.

“Hey, stop kidding, Genzo, just like you, we are the ones who watched Nami and Nojiko grow up tall.”

“Yes, and you really think you said you killed these Marines, would those people believe it?”

“It’s totally unrealistic to kill so many Marines by one person, but if we do it together, it will be fine.”

“In order to save the village, Nami suffered outside for ten years, and finally defeated the Arlong Pirates by himself, bringing hope to the island.”

“Now, it’s time for us to do something for the two sisters.”

The villagers said firmly in their eyes.

“You guys.” Genzo sighed, “I can’t say you guys.”

“Nami, you really have a good group of villagers.”

Li Fan, who had a panoramic view of everything, sighed.

At this moment, Nami’s figure appeared at the door.

Li Fan, please help Nojiko.”

Nami, who came quickly to Li Fan, looked at Li Fan anxiously.

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