Chapter 47 Nojiko, now I am older than you

Before entering the bathroom, Nami was even more mischievous and compared a scissor hand to Li Fan.

After a while, the sound of rustling falling into the water came from the bathroom.

“This guy, really doesn’t treat me as an outsider.” Li Fan shook his head, picked up Nami’s swimsuit, and then put a set of clean clothes at the door.

After doing all this, Li Fan walked to the kitchen door.

Opening the door, Li Fan appeared in front of a vast space the size of two football fields.

On one side, there are a variety of rare ingredients, such as vegetables and fruits side by side, meat side by side, and aquatic products side by side.

From a distance, the small half of the space is covered with exquisite ingredients.

There are many ingredients that are not available in Pirate World.

Li Fan walked to the ingredients area, carefully selected some ingredients, and started cooking.

In the bathroom, Nami puts his ear to the door.

After sensing that Li Fan was getting farther and farther to his forehead, Nami couldn’t help pouting.

“Really, he didn’t come in, even when I’m all like this?”

“It’s been two years, I should be more attractive than before.”

“This leg and this face should all look good.”

“Why can’t I attract that guy.”

Under the cool water, Nami complained a little bit in her heart.

After two years of getting along day and night, Nami has already regarded Li Fan as the most important person.

As a result, Nami is completely defenseless against Li Fan.

However, what makes Nami regret is that although Li Fan cared for her during this period of time, most of the time was devoted to training Nami.

So Nami did not find many opportunities to get close to Li Fan.

Finally, on this last day, she mustered up the courage to try to seduce Li Fan, but she didn’t expect Li Fan to leave directly.

This makes Nami complain.

Thinking of this, Nami didn’t have much thoughts about taking a bath.
After simply washing her body, she changed into the clothes Li Fan prepared for her.

She came to the kitchen.

In this short period of time, a table full of delicious and exquisite dishes has been placed.

“Come on, sit down.”

“After training, it’s important to eat to replenish physical strength.”

“I have prepared your favorite food for you, let’s try it.”

Li Fan smiled.

“Yeah.” Nami nodded slightly, stepped to Li Fan’s side and sat down.

“Well, sure enough, Mr.
Li Fan, your cooking is the best.”

At the entrance of the food, the little bit of complaints in his heart disappeared instantly, and Nami’s face was full of enjoyment.

“This is also thanks to these ingredients.” Li Fan smiled, “The effect of cooking with these ingredients is much better than the physical training pills issued by Gold List.
You can eat more.”

“I don’t want it.” Nami shook his head.
“If I gain weight, what will beauties like to do in the future.”

With that said, Nami glanced at Li Fan with a blushing face.

“Don’t worry, my food is balanced in nutrition and won’t make you fat so easily.”

“You haven’t gained weight in these two years, have you?”

“Even if you gain weight, you can exercise for a while, you can lose weight.”

Li Fan said with a smile.

“Although you said that… By the way, Mr.
Li Fan, since these dishes are better than physical training pills, it will be good for Nojiko to come and eat this soon.”

“Unfortunately, these ingredients are also only for my formal disciples.” Li Fan shook his head.

“Oh, that’s it.” Hearing this, Nami lowered his head, feeling a little pity in his heart.

‘Sure enough, you still have to make Nojiko an official disciple of Teacher Li Fan.’

‘It’s just a pity that the teacher doesn’t tell where the other gyms are.’

‘Otherwise, you can go directly to the sea with Nojiko to find the gym.’

Seeing Nami’s thoughtful look, Li Fan shook his head and said:

“Eat first, Nami, we should almost leave.”

Hearing Li Fan’s words, Nami patted her cheek and increased her eating speed.

About twenty minutes later, Nami’s training time finally ran out.

The next moment, Nami and Li Fan returned to the hall of the gymnasium together.

At this time, the outside world had just passed two seconds.

“I’m back, I always feel like a world away.”

Nami sighed.

“Okay, don’t sigh.” Li Fan said, “Next you are free to move around.
I’m going to other gyms.”

Just now, the system informed that two people had entered the gym on the side of Cactus Island.

One of them is Li Fan’s second disciple, Princess Vivi.

“Other gyms, could it be that Vivi!”

Nami turned around nervously, but there was still Li Fan behind him.

“Really, he ran so fast.” Nami stomped his foot.
“Do you want to see that Vivi so much?”

Sighing, Nami walked to the hospital room and opened the door.

“You are…” Hearing the sound of the door being opened, Nojiko raised her head suspiciously, “Wait, are you Nami?”

“Well, it’s me.” Nami smiled, and sat down by Nojiko’s bed.
“Now, my age is a bit older than you.”

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