Chapter 48 The two disciples met for the first time

“Vivi, is this what you call Li Fan’s gym?”

“There seems to be no one here.”

The captain of Alabasta’s escort, Igaram who sneaked into the Baroque workplace with Vivi, looked around cautiously, for fear that Li Fan would suddenly appear next to him.

“Strange, it was here not long ago.”

Vivi frowned slightly.

“Are you looking for me?” Suddenly, Li Fan’s voice rang beside Vivi.

“It’s really you, Li Fan.” Turning his head in the direction of the voice, Igaram opened his mouth wide as he looked at Li Fan who appeared in front of him.

“Great, you are still there.” Vivi trot to Li Fan with joy.

“Igaram, you should believe it now.”

Li Fan really accepted me as a disciple.”

Igaram nodded in a daze, then slapped his face with a slap.

“Ok…it hurts, is this true?!”

“Hee hee, Igaram, you are the same as I was before.” Looking at the slap marks on Icarlem’s face, Vivi smiled.

“Igaram, just wait for me here for a while.”

“It won’t be long before you will be able to see a completely different me.”

“Right, Teacher Li Fan.”

Vivi still remembers the magical use of time training bins that Li Fan said before.

Li Fan nodded, turned and walked to the door of the time training cabin.

“Let’s go, Vivi, let’s start as soon as possible.”

“Okay, Teacher Li Fan.” Vivi hurried to Li Fan’s side.

“Then Igaram, we’ll see you later.”

As soon as the voice fell, Vivi followed Li Fan and walked into the door.

Seeing this scene, Igaram hurried to the door.

But in the next instant, Li Fan and Vivi walked out of the door.

“This… are you Princess Vivi?” Igaram was surprised when he saw Vivi wearing a ninja tight-fitting suit and a bandage wrapped around his back.

“Igaram, I haven’t seen each other for two years.
No, for you, I just left for a while.” Vivi smiled.

Two years have passed?! Your face seems to have matured a lot.”

“After two years of cultivating, it will change a little bit more or less.” Vivi shook a fist.
“Now I should have the power to defeat Crocodile.”

“It’s better not to be careless.” Li Fan said, “Although you have practiced Chakra to a qualified level in the past two years.”

“All kinds of water system ninjutsu are also well mastered.”

“But your actual combat experience is too little.
I suggest you practice for a while in my secret realm before returning to Alabasta.”

Upon hearing this, Vivi nodded and said:

“Well, I listen to you, Teacher Li Fan.”

For two years, Vivi trusted Li Fan very much, so he agreed to Li Fan’s proposal without hesitation.

“Igaram, I plan to do my best to practice with Teacher Li Fan recently.”

“During this period, please conceal my whereabouts from the Baroque Work Agency.”

“After I have enough strength, I will return to Alabasta to solve the threat of Crocodile.”

While speaking, an aura that belonged to the strong came out from Vivi.

Feeling this momentum, Igaram nodded.

“I see, Princess Vivi.”

“Don’t worry about cultivating here, Li Fan.
During this time, I will try my best to conceal your whereabouts.”

“Your Excellency Li Fan, Vivi is pleased.”

After speaking, Igaram left the gym and went to make preparations.

After learning that it was Crocodile of Shichibukai that caused the civil strife in Alabasta.

Igaram and Vivi are equally desperate.

Now that Vivi has really become a disciple of Li Fan and has the power to fight Crocodile, how could Igaram not be excited.

Li Fan, let’s start now.”

After Igaram left, Vivi immediately looked at Li Fan and said.

Li Fan nodded and said, “Before that, I will take you to meet Nami first.”

“Nami, Li Fan’s first disciple!” Hearing Li Fan’s words, Vivi felt a little nervous for some reason.

“Don’t worry, in general, Nami is still a nice person.” Li Fan patted Vivi on the shoulder, “As your senior, she can also give you some pointers.”

After that, Li Fan directly activated the system’s authority and took Vivi back to the gymnasium in Cocoyashi Village.

“Okay, it’s here.”

“Arrived?” Vivi looked around, “It seems that nothing has changed?”

As soon as the voice fell, the door in the corner of the gymnasium was opened, and Nami’s figure came out from it.

“Are you Vivi?” Nami’s eyes flashed as she looked at Vivi who was standing next to Li Fan.

“Um, you are Nami-senior, hello, I am Vivi.” For some reason, when Nami watched, Vivi felt a little alert.

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